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28. Well, she didn't say anything either, for a long time.
Sun Nov 19, 2017, 02:00 PM
Nov 2017

Do you think there's anything significant about that? If you don't, then I'm not sure why you think there's anything worth saying about the first point.

But it's OK if you're a Republican...and straight men just LOVE being grabbed by women Glorfindel Nov 2017 #1
Unfortunately it's not just Rs defending her. Duppers Nov 2017 #27
Oh, dear. Baitball Blogger Nov 2017 #2
It's about power HopeAgain Nov 2017 #4
Sometimes MFM008 Nov 2017 #29
Using Robin for this is crossing a line. moriah Nov 2017 #3
He is also pretending to zip up his pants. LisaL Nov 2017 #6
Exactly. Seriously, this is getting out of control. moriah Nov 2017 #7
How was he supposed to "sound unwilling" after the fact? Demit Nov 2017 #9
You are just trying to score points here. moriah Nov 2017 #12
I'm just trying to express my skepticism of Ms Tweeden here, is what I'm doing. Demit Nov 2017 #16
I'm saying we don't know. He's, sadly, not here to say. moriah Nov 2017 #17
Oh for heaven's sake. It is still possible to critique a performer's performance after he is dead. Demit Nov 2017 #22
Here's a video of Robin Wiliams USO performance from 2004. Demit Nov 2017 #37
I think that the OP is being ironic to prove a point. yardwork Nov 2017 #13
And many are unintentionally feeding patriarchal stereotypes by doing so. moriah Nov 2017 #14
I agree, and I've said so here on DU. yardwork Nov 2017 #18
Exactly. Not to sound like Moore supporters here at ALL, but... moriah Nov 2017 #20
But many supporting Franken are "being just like him" kcr Nov 2017 #24
No one's accused her of molesting them, either, have they? moriah Nov 2017 #26
Well, she didn't say anything either, for a long time. kcr Nov 2017 #28
We can ask them now, though. We can't ask Robin. moriah Nov 2017 #30
Wow. You know, you'd have a point if it was only Robin Williams. kcr Nov 2017 #32
.... I'm wrong for thinking you should interview the living? moriah Nov 2017 #33
Who says you're wrong? I agree with that. kcr Nov 2017 #35
Why is photo beyond the pale? He's not touching her, photographer is saying staged photo Hestia Nov 2017 #34
Overall your point is quite solid. Orrex Nov 2017 #19
I use it because it's a trope of the various "sleepover pranks". moriah Nov 2017 #21
Sure, like the ol' "hand in the bowl of water" gag. Orrex Nov 2017 #23
It's SP funny, in that it is addressing "conversion therapy" for questioning youth. moriah Nov 2017 #25
God. I hate that I had to hunt through numerous threads of dreck and slut shaming.... vi5 Nov 2017 #38
Well, well, well.... femmocrat Nov 2017 #5
Comparing actions in an act to ones down while one was sleeping Lee-Lee Nov 2017 #8
Please splain Her thrusting her leg over Williams groin, or her grabbing the guitarist ass, were Ninga Nov 2017 #10
Im sorry but who believes she was assaulted while she was sleeping? It was a tacky joke writes3000 Nov 2017 #11
I can believe someone could be exhausted on a flight... moriah Nov 2017 #15
Maybe being older but the Al Franken pic is not tacky or gross. Hestia Nov 2017 #36
Leeann Tweeden's Playboy mag cover Sam McGee Nov 2017 #31
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