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38. Arent you cool, jumping on mocking me?
Tue Nov 28, 2017, 06:31 AM
Nov 2017

I notice how absolutely bullying people who I assume are decent in real life are online. What is the point of your comment, except to mock me publicly and make you feel like you are smart znd cool. Like, to defend Harry’s honor, people are complete assholes to another person here.
I teach junior High and see your bullying behavior every day.
Enjoy your mockery. Hope you feel better about yourself. Sad!

Fake wedding! NightWatcher Nov 2017 #1
lol! treestar Nov 2017 #39
Now watch him tweet disparagement at the bride to be or maybe Queen Elizabeth herself. lunatica Nov 2017 #61
Or England generally. Or Brainstormy Nov 2017 #65
Good. I would be very disappointed at them if they invited the tacky Trumps smirkymonkey Nov 2017 #2
Tisk, tisk. I dont see the Trumps in the registry. defacto7 Nov 2017 #27
Some things are better left unsaid GusBob Nov 2017 #3
That's what I am concerned about. Chemisse Nov 2017 #33
Given that Trump publicly said Diana was crazy, Matilda Nov 2017 #63
Diana Scarsdale Nov 2017 #64
Don The Con Sez:... Grassy Knoll Nov 2017 #4
Wish we still had DUzy's wryter2000 Nov 2017 #60
Actually, nowhere in the article does it quote Harry as saying Trump isn't welcome onenote Nov 2017 #5
Harry thinks the president is a serious threat to human rights." 3catwoman3 Nov 2017 #6
Trump may consider him a race traitor . Bad ops for his base to participate anyway lunasun Nov 2017 #7
"the Brithish royal elites are throwing another of their tacky parties - can't attend 2 busy #MAGA" 0rganism Nov 2017 #46
I'm going Angry Dragon Nov 2017 #8
Me too KT2000 Nov 2017 #10
I guess we will Angry Dragon Nov 2017 #11
be sure to wear a DU KT2000 Nov 2017 #12
okay Angry Dragon Nov 2017 #13
I read a few comments on Yahoo News today about the wedding. There was doc03 Nov 2017 #9
William and Kate didnt invite the Obamas when he was POTUS adigal Nov 2017 #14
Wow, you just cannot let this go. cwydro Nov 2017 #17
Obsession, $19.06 a bottle at Walmart. Hortensis Nov 2017 #19
Lol! cwydro Nov 2017 #24
Arent you cool, jumping on mocking me? adigal Nov 2017 #38
Oh please, after the really obsessive-compulsive all-caps repetition of "nazi" uniform... Hekate Nov 2017 #74
totally off topic but my favorite haha nt steve2470 Nov 2017 #28
Post removed Post removed Nov 2017 #36
Refutations of a wedding seem rather like grade school petulance as well. LanternWaste Nov 2017 #44
LOL, Priceless Hortensis. ATL Ebony Nov 2017 #50
William and Kate married in 2011. The Obama's and Harry have spent time together JI7 Nov 2017 #18
Perfect malaise Nov 2017 #30
The Obamas didnt go because the security would have been a nightmare and secondwind Nov 2017 #32
Thanks for the unasked for observation adigal Nov 2017 #37
And they were scheduled for a State visit a month or so after the wedding. dflprincess Nov 2017 #68
the British sense of humor is different treestar Nov 2017 #41
Weddings, unlike funerals and coronations, aren't state sponsored sarge43 Nov 2017 #57
Give it up dflprincess Nov 2017 #69
aw you KNOW the Obamas will be there! Skittles Nov 2017 #15
This may not be a problem come wedding day. DAMANgoldberg Nov 2017 #16
It is very kind of you to call... syringis Nov 2017 #21
Sorry, brought up with some manners... DAMANgoldberg Nov 2017 #23
Big if true. Denzil_DC Nov 2017 #20
Expect an announcement soon that Trump refused an invitation. Chemisse Nov 2017 #34
The soon-to-be bride propositioned him, he says. Denzil_DC Nov 2017 #42
Hahahaha!! Chemisse Nov 2017 #45
It won't be an official 'state' wedding... Princess Turandot Nov 2017 #22
What did I say ... Puzzler Nov 2017 #25
You dont know the source? How did you come across it? jberryhill Nov 2017 #26
It appeard to be satire.... PunkinPi Nov 2017 #43
I was simply driving a the hit-n-run OP with the "I don't know the source" routine jberryhill Nov 2017 #54
Gotcha, some don't know we "see" them...lol nt PunkinPi Nov 2017 #56
It's fake. See reply #47. NT mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2017 #48
That was the essence of my question jberryhill Nov 2017 #52
I hope Prince Harry will invite Obama. area51 Nov 2017 #29
Prima Donnie would probably just shove the brides parents out of the way... JHB Nov 2017 #31
Right after he gropes the bride. Chemisse Nov 2017 #35
Thank you, Prince Harry Achilleaze Nov 2017 #40
"This is a fake news article." mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2017 #47
I turned down the wedding invite. sarcasmo Nov 2017 #49
Oh man, why did you do that? jmowreader Nov 2017 #53
How Harry and Meghan could REALLY piss off GST jmowreader Nov 2017 #51
Or, at least, seat them with Harry's side of the family nt dflprincess Nov 2017 #71
I doubt Trump will ever be a part of any Royal functions. bathroommonkey76 Nov 2017 #55
Oooh... wryter2000 Nov 2017 #58
Trump better be thrown out of office before the wedding date IronLionZion Nov 2017 #59
Who would want Trump at their wedding? bucolic_frolic Nov 2017 #62
Trump tweet any minute now: Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2017 #66
Harry telling truth bdamomma Nov 2017 #67
Dont invite him Prince Harry! AllyCat Nov 2017 #70
Good God they haven't even announced a date dembotoz Nov 2017 #72
Good move, Harry NastyRiffraff Nov 2017 #73
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