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can't be done.. chillfactor Dec 2017 #1
This Hayduke Bomgarte Dec 2017 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2017 #26
Brian dead. I like that. Zorro Dec 2017 #31
This poll makes no sense and is close to unintelligble. rzemanfl Dec 2017 #2
I can only read half the screen at a time and am not the best at typing with my thumbs. mahina Dec 2017 #3
My idea is this is not going to end well and it gets uglier to watch every day. rzemanfl Dec 2017 #6
Hound them to HELL LiberalFighter Dec 2017 #4
He will go as low as about 24 pct. roamer65 Dec 2017 #5
Until the media stops legitimate zing racism, sexism, and bigotry, it wont change still_one Dec 2017 #7
better to get them to not vote for repubs for congress. let em love trump, congress is the bad crowd msongs Dec 2017 #8
Wait for them to die Cicada Dec 2017 #10
They didn't need to be brainwashed maxrandb Dec 2017 #11
You want to imprison people based on how they voted? Marengo Dec 2017 #43
Yes maxrandb Dec 2017 #46
What about those who didnt vote, or voted third party? Arent they just as culpable? Marengo Dec 2017 #49
No maxrandb Dec 2017 #52
Abstaining from voting for ideological reasons or voting third party were also conscious and... Marengo Dec 2017 #53
You can't fix stupid RainCaster Dec 2017 #12
There are people who dont vote ever. cwydro Dec 2017 #13
Be satisfied Awsi Dooger Dec 2017 #14
Still waiting to see the wins maxrandb Dec 2017 #48
Find a way to get Fox News off the air. Different Drummer Dec 2017 #15
Reinstate the fairness doctrine. roamer65 Dec 2017 #23
Also find some way to control hate radio dhol82 Dec 2017 #51
They're not the ones to worry about. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2017 #16
I don't trust polls after the election, the brainwash % is higher noel1237 Dec 2017 #17
Get as many of the remaining 68% to vote democratic Iahotdog Dec 2017 #18
we drag them, kicking and screaming, to freedom and prosperity........... Takket Dec 2017 #19
Oh man, I read you 100%. So just like we've done before, knock on doors, mahina Dec 2017 #22
It's a lost cause. budkin Dec 2017 #20
You're right Abouttime Dec 2017 #33
What the hell dude. mahina Dec 2017 #35
How would this purge work? What criteria would be used to determine if someone needs purging? Marengo Dec 2017 #45
Put birth control in their Mountain Dew? NightWatcher Dec 2017 #21
They put Mountain Dew in their baby's bottle. That'd be cruel. It's bad enough rzemanfl Dec 2017 #28
They aren't brainwashed, they're assholes Sen. Walter Sobchak Dec 2017 #24
+1 mahina Dec 2017 #36
Think that 68% of Americans dislike him to a large extent. Blue_true Dec 2017 #25
Absolutely NOTHING! I remember when Nixon was forced to resign. There were about the same napi21 Dec 2017 #27
Got you but its taken this much for him to get there. mahina Dec 2017 #37
We can do it. We need to engage on Fox, Limbaugh, right-wing radio. Tell your friends. sharedvalues Dec 2017 #29
Another line about Fox sharedvalues Dec 2017 #30
Since they are running the show GulfCoast66 Dec 2017 #32
First, we have to understand them. McCamy Taylor Dec 2017 #34
0% chance JCMach1 Dec 2017 #38
Even if a few could be reached, the amount of time and effort would be too great a price to pay. Garrett78 Dec 2017 #39
Nothing. There is no cure for stupid. Lil Missy Dec 2017 #40
From what I've read in the past, area51 Dec 2017 #41
It's all about racism Books_Tea_Alone Dec 2017 #42
No way to do it. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #44
Wait for them to die? GreenEyedLefty Dec 2017 #47
The 32% is not the problem. kentuck Dec 2017 #50
Something that teaches them that reality matters treestar Dec 2017 #54
We ARE beating this, just not in ways you can readily see Fluke a Snooker Dec 2017 #55
Don't worry about them for now. Nixon never went below 24% struggle4progress Dec 2017 #56
They only understand strength and cruelty. dawg Dec 2017 #57
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