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56. Don't worry about them for now. Nixon never went below 24%
Sun Dec 10, 2017, 06:49 PM
Dec 2017

though after his resignation it was difficult to find people who would admit voting for him

Some diehard Trump supporters will never change their minds

Others will experience inner conflicts; then they'll move to weak support for him; then they'll move to into some "uncertain" position (such as refused-to-answer-pollster or all-politicians-are-crooks); then they'll head for weak opposition to him. This group might well be influenced by friends and neighbors drifting from Trumplandia into saner regions, so take aim at the mushy center

can't be done.. chillfactor Dec 2017 #1
This Hayduke Bomgarte Dec 2017 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2017 #26
Brian dead. I like that. Zorro Dec 2017 #31
This poll makes no sense and is close to unintelligble. rzemanfl Dec 2017 #2
I can only read half the screen at a time and am not the best at typing with my thumbs. mahina Dec 2017 #3
My idea is this is not going to end well and it gets uglier to watch every day. rzemanfl Dec 2017 #6
Hound them to HELL LiberalFighter Dec 2017 #4
He will go as low as about 24 pct. roamer65 Dec 2017 #5
Until the media stops legitimate zing racism, sexism, and bigotry, it wont change still_one Dec 2017 #7
better to get them to not vote for repubs for congress. let em love trump, congress is the bad crowd msongs Dec 2017 #8
Wait for them to die Cicada Dec 2017 #10
They didn't need to be brainwashed maxrandb Dec 2017 #11
You want to imprison people based on how they voted? Marengo Dec 2017 #43
Yes maxrandb Dec 2017 #46
What about those who didnt vote, or voted third party? Arent they just as culpable? Marengo Dec 2017 #49
No maxrandb Dec 2017 #52
Abstaining from voting for ideological reasons or voting third party were also conscious and... Marengo Dec 2017 #53
You can't fix stupid RainCaster Dec 2017 #12
There are people who dont vote ever. cwydro Dec 2017 #13
Be satisfied Awsi Dooger Dec 2017 #14
Still waiting to see the wins maxrandb Dec 2017 #48
Find a way to get Fox News off the air. Different Drummer Dec 2017 #15
Reinstate the fairness doctrine. roamer65 Dec 2017 #23
Also find some way to control hate radio dhol82 Dec 2017 #51
They're not the ones to worry about. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2017 #16
I don't trust polls after the election, the brainwash % is higher noel1237 Dec 2017 #17
Get as many of the remaining 68% to vote democratic Iahotdog Dec 2017 #18
we drag them, kicking and screaming, to freedom and prosperity........... Takket Dec 2017 #19
Oh man, I read you 100%. So just like we've done before, knock on doors, mahina Dec 2017 #22
It's a lost cause. budkin Dec 2017 #20
You're right Abouttime Dec 2017 #33
What the hell dude. mahina Dec 2017 #35
How would this purge work? What criteria would be used to determine if someone needs purging? Marengo Dec 2017 #45
Put birth control in their Mountain Dew? NightWatcher Dec 2017 #21
They put Mountain Dew in their baby's bottle. That'd be cruel. It's bad enough rzemanfl Dec 2017 #28
They aren't brainwashed, they're assholes Sen. Walter Sobchak Dec 2017 #24
+1 mahina Dec 2017 #36
Think that 68% of Americans dislike him to a large extent. Blue_true Dec 2017 #25
Absolutely NOTHING! I remember when Nixon was forced to resign. There were about the same napi21 Dec 2017 #27
Got you but its taken this much for him to get there. mahina Dec 2017 #37
We can do it. We need to engage on Fox, Limbaugh, right-wing radio. Tell your friends. sharedvalues Dec 2017 #29
Another line about Fox sharedvalues Dec 2017 #30
Since they are running the show GulfCoast66 Dec 2017 #32
First, we have to understand them. McCamy Taylor Dec 2017 #34
0% chance JCMach1 Dec 2017 #38
Even if a few could be reached, the amount of time and effort would be too great a price to pay. Garrett78 Dec 2017 #39
Nothing. There is no cure for stupid. Lil Missy Dec 2017 #40
From what I've read in the past, area51 Dec 2017 #41
It's all about racism Books_Tea_Alone Dec 2017 #42
No way to do it. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #44
Wait for them to die? GreenEyedLefty Dec 2017 #47
The 32% is not the problem. kentuck Dec 2017 #50
Something that teaches them that reality matters treestar Dec 2017 #54
We ARE beating this, just not in ways you can readily see Fluke a Snooker Dec 2017 #55
Don't worry about them for now. Nixon never went below 24% struggle4progress Dec 2017 #56
They only understand strength and cruelty. dawg Dec 2017 #57
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