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19. Oh no - that will never happen
Wed Dec 13, 2017, 07:32 PM
Dec 2017

If he even tried a thing like that, somebody would take him down first. But it won't get that far because Cheeto hates this job. He's terrible at it and he knows it. We all know it. He's already dreaming about what he wants to do as soon as this nightmare is over.

Health leftstreet Dec 2017 #1
Indeed it could. The word salads and slurred speech could be from psych meds. Equinox Moon Dec 2017 #3
I was going to say it will be his 2,350 calorie a day lunch BigmanPigman Dec 2017 #15
Y'mean...he'll die of a "Big Mac Attack"? Ken Burch Dec 2017 #25
Is that what the coroner will write as the cause of death? BigmanPigman Dec 2017 #27
The medical term would be Ken Burch Dec 2017 #37
We share the same evil thoughts :-)) lanlady Dec 2017 #41
All of the Above. democratisphere Dec 2017 #2
Indeed. I had thought of putting the "all above" option, but wanted to see Equinox Moon Dec 2017 #4
Close To My Choice ProfessorGAC Dec 2017 #39
Voted Obstruction but it will from Money Laundering underpants Dec 2017 #5
Oh! Good one. I might add it. Equinox Moon Dec 2017 #7
I think that's what Mueller's going for FakeNoose Dec 2017 #14
They stink of it underpants Dec 2017 #20
Money laundering and tax evasion are the easiest of the group to prove. Also, the penalties NCjack Dec 2017 #18
Hubris and gibraltar72 Dec 2017 #6
If it's anything, I'd say it's a tight race between obstruction and health DFW Dec 2017 #8
Nor 4 year terms. Corvo Bianco Dec 2017 #22
Dossier video. Iggo Dec 2017 #9
I think if things get too hot, he will play the health card Siwsan Dec 2017 #10
I agree - we deserve to see the perp walk FakeNoose Dec 2017 #17
Obstruction of Justice treestar Dec 2017 #11
i think there is something physically / mentally wrong with him trueblue2007 Dec 2017 #12
Thousands of counts of mail and wire fraud. disalitervisum Dec 2017 #13
Money Laundering for Russian Oligarchs is what the Trump Org has clearly engaged in. maxsolomon Dec 2017 #16
Oh no - that will never happen FakeNoose Dec 2017 #19
2 Big Macs & 2 Filets of Fish. dchill Dec 2017 #21
Other: Flipping congress in 2018 Blue_Tires Dec 2017 #23
Yes - that will lead to impeachment proceedings FakeNoose Dec 2017 #26
Wow! Where is this? Equinox Moon Dec 2017 #28
Some combo of 2, 3, 4, and 5. NRaleighLiberal Dec 2017 #24
Oddly enough, that's also his standing order at McD's! Salviati Dec 2017 #29
He will die of a heart attack while attempting to have sex with Melania. Jspur Dec 2017 #30
I don't think he has sex with Melania Equinox Moon Dec 2017 #31
Getting videoed while in a threesome with Bannon and Atticus Dec 2017 #32
Other rock Dec 2017 #33
We know the republicans don't care about corruption or sexual assault liberal N proud Dec 2017 #34
I would love to see Putin take him down FM123 Dec 2017 #35
OTHER: Having true sympathy for a non white person uponit7771 Dec 2017 #36
What prize do we get if we win the contest/poll? flamingdem Dec 2017 #38
Something else lanlady Dec 2017 #40
How far down? GeorgeGist Dec 2017 #42
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