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5. Perhaps THE essential drive in that exploitation is the sense, mistaken or otherwise, of
Sun Aug 19, 2012, 01:16 PM
Aug 2012

dis-possession that divides everyone but the 1%.

MY solutions to that problem are socialistic. Others have other solutions, but they all deal with the issues associated with acquisition of the wherewithal to survive. Even some of the middle-class and upper-middle and lower-upper are driven by the sense that, even though they have waaaaaaaaaaaay more than what is necessary to survive, especially in comparison to those under them in lower economic classes, if they lose the ability to acquire more, they will lose all of it. CORRECTLY - or perhaps - otherwise, they perceive the problem as all-or-nothing. This is why my solutions are ir-relevant to them.

The point to these issues is DIVISION imposed on shared goals. All of us have to learn how to approach the same goals in DIFFERENT ways, so, whether I like it or not, that DOES include Capitalism. Yes, Capitalism IS part of the problem too in that it assumes an antithetical mode toward anything else that is too different, especially anything socialistic.

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