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11. I'm willing to serve, if you'll have me.
Wed Mar 1, 2023, 02:01 PM
Mar 2023
I would like to serve again, EarlG. brer cat Mar 2023 #1
I'm willing, but I don't have 1000 posts. 1WorldHope Mar 2023 #2
same with me blueknight73 Mar 2023 #14
I would love to, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2023 #3
Same here. FoxNewsSucks Mar 2023 #4
If it's any help, you participate GP6971 Mar 2023 #23
Can I ban all my trolls? ItsjustMe Mar 2023 #5
I would like to serve again mcar Mar 2023 #6
I'm willing to serve again! FireUpChips10 Mar 2023 #7
OK I would like to. Thank you. n/t Pete Ross Junior Mar 2023 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author sabbat hunter Mar 2023 #9
It has been a long time for me. sheshe2 Mar 2023 #10
I'm willing to serve, if you'll have me. MoonRiver Mar 2023 #11
I'd like to serve again. ShazzieB Mar 2023 #12
Is there further reading I could do someplace about the MIR team? Prairie_Seagull Mar 2023 #13
Well, Delphinus Mar 2023 #16
Notthing yet, If i get an email I will let you know. Prairie_Seagull Mar 2023 #18
The time commitment is up to you. brer cat Mar 2023 #29
You'll need one piece of equipment is all. KS Toronado Mar 2023 #40
I volunteer again DashOneBravo Mar 2023 #15
I would like to serve again. ificandream Mar 2023 #17
Willing to serve, EarlG SheltieLover Mar 2023 #19
I'm ready to give it another go. Bleacher Creature Mar 2023 #20
Willing to try to do it, even though I don't know how. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2023 #21
There is a lot of info for you to read there. sheshe2 Mar 2023 #22
Thanks for the encouragement. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2023 #24
It is clear... sheshe2 Mar 2023 #25
Lots of info to read & more experienced folks are most helpful! SheltieLover Mar 2023 #38
I am willing Delphinus Mar 2023 #26
I'll give it a try (finally) nt RussBLib Mar 2023 #27
I would like to be considered to serve again Jim G. Mar 2023 #28
announcements zanjolo Mar 2023 #30
Almost NowISeetheLight Mar 2023 #31
I think I'll volunteer meow2u3 Mar 2023 #32
Count me in canetoad Mar 2023 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author littlemissmartypants Mar 2023 #34
Hello Earl, I would like to give it a try as a long time DUer. akbacchus_BC Mar 2023 #35
I'm in Canada and have been serving on MIRT... Spazito Mar 2023 #36
We have a Canadian on MIRT right now BumRushDaShow Mar 2023 #37
Ya know what? MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2023 #39
Ok EarlG, without trying to hard youv'e lassoed me. Prairie_Seagull Mar 2023 #41
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