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16. So fucking sick of all the Repugs, and that's truly just about all of them,
Sun May 31, 2015, 03:53 PM
May 2015

who ignore 9/11 and try to pretend it didn't happen under GW. They try to pretend that GW's (Cheney's?) negligence caused this. He was warned and totally ignored it, on purpose? Funny, his attorney general was flying in private planes because of the threat of commercial airlines being bombed by Islamists, and said they had credible evidence of this threat to plane travel. Yet, GW had a rule passed within a month of taking office that no Saudi Arabian would be screened for terrorism or kept out of the US, even if they were on a terrorist watch list. He als0 completely ignored a report that stated that BinLaden was looking to have a big terrorist incident here. Funny how Cheney told Afghanistan they'd see their country covered in gold if they signed the deal with oil companies to build a huge pipeline or if they didn't it would be carpeted in blood.

Sorry Jeb, your lies don't fly. We know this is being done to control us, to spy on us, not to stop any terrorist threat. It's just another gift to the MIC, including Carlyle that's partially owned by your dad, and another illegal way to hurt anyone not part of the 1%.

"What I admire most about my brother was he kept us safe..." Bryce Butler May 2015 #1
and the over 5000 US Military KIA marym625 May 2015 #3
And the anthrax incidents that followed 9/11 bulloney May 2015 #4
...... trusty elf May 2015 #5
Oh, don't forget the 4000 who died in Iraq. lark May 2015 #17
He kept us safe??!! marym625 May 2015 #2
Hmmm... sounds like he's earned the Fucking Used Car Salesman Award of the day. calimary May 2015 #19
+1 marym625 Jun 2015 #20
No, your twit brother did not keep us safe. roamer65 May 2015 #6
I rarely agree with anything Rand Paul does, GGJohn May 2015 #7
Thank you for your interest in the open position, Mr. Bush Jack Rabbit May 2015 #8
Of course the scion of the National Security State would say this. The_Commonist May 2015 #9
This is what you get when remove yourself from the rest of the world.... Spitfire of ATJ May 2015 #10
I'd pay to see that one! imthevicar May 2015 #18
Did his top Middle East advisor (Shrub) tell him this? bullwinkle428 May 2015 #11
Every time he(Bush) opens his mouth, SmittynMo May 2015 #12
like Giuliani he's literally forgotten about 9-11 (let alone the OBL "bluff" memo) MisterP May 2015 #13
One of the very few things in the world that Rand Paul is NOT wrong about! LeftishBrit May 2015 #14
"My brother kept us safe." Yeppers, sure, Jeb. Uh-huh,yeah, he did...... lastlib May 2015 #15
So fucking sick of all the Repugs, and that's truly just about all of them, lark May 2015 #16
Were these laws ever used against a terrorist or spy? sofa king Jun 2015 #21
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