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"What I admire most about my brother was he kept us safe..." Bryce Butler May 2015 #1
and the over 5000 US Military KIA marym625 May 2015 #3
And the anthrax incidents that followed 9/11 bulloney May 2015 #4
...... trusty elf May 2015 #5
Oh, don't forget the 4000 who died in Iraq. lark May 2015 #17
He kept us safe??!! marym625 May 2015 #2
Hmmm... sounds like he's earned the Fucking Used Car Salesman Award of the day. calimary May 2015 #19
+1 marym625 Jun 2015 #20
No, your twit brother did not keep us safe. roamer65 May 2015 #6
I rarely agree with anything Rand Paul does, GGJohn May 2015 #7
Thank you for your interest in the open position, Mr. Bush Jack Rabbit May 2015 #8
Of course the scion of the National Security State would say this. The_Commonist May 2015 #9
This is what you get when remove yourself from the rest of the world.... Spitfire of ATJ May 2015 #10
I'd pay to see that one! imthevicar May 2015 #18
Did his top Middle East advisor (Shrub) tell him this? bullwinkle428 May 2015 #11
Every time he(Bush) opens his mouth, SmittynMo May 2015 #12
like Giuliani he's literally forgotten about 9-11 (let alone the OBL "bluff" memo) MisterP May 2015 #13
One of the very few things in the world that Rand Paul is NOT wrong about! LeftishBrit May 2015 #14
"My brother kept us safe." Yeppers, sure, Jeb. Uh-huh,yeah, he did...... lastlib May 2015 #15
So fucking sick of all the Repugs, and that's truly just about all of them, lark May 2015 #16
Were these laws ever used against a terrorist or spy? sofa king Jun 2015 #21
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