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Wed Aug 19, 2015, 04:28 PM Aug 2015

Bernie Sanders schools ‘corporate media’ reporter: No, I won’t slam Hillary for you [View all]

Source: RawStory

At a campaign stop in Dubuque, Iowa on Sunday, Democratic 2016 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) refused to let a reporter bait him into trashing his rival for the nomination, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

According to ReaderSupportedMedia.com, Sanders had just spoken to a crowd of about 2,000 when he made himself available to reporters. One reporter questioned Sanders on his positions on super PACs and the Iraq War in an attempt to goad him into criticizing Clinton.

“What I said is that corporate media talks about all kinds of issues except the most important issues, okay?” Sanders said sternly. “And time after time, I’m being asked to criticize Hillary Clinton. That’s the sport that you guys like.”

He went on, “The reason this campaign is doing well is because we’re talking about the issues that impact the American people. I’ve known Hillary Clinton for 25 years. I like her, I respect her. I disagree with her on a number of issues. No big secret. I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.”


Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/2015/08/bernie-sanders-schools-corporate-media-reporter-no-i-wont-slam-hillary-you/

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I wish he would visit DU. Kingofalldems Aug 2015 #1
Ain't that the truth Hekate Aug 2015 #2
He would be extremely disappointed by his boosters here. nt onehandle Aug 2015 #9
More tut-tutting for the ill-behaved. Clean your own fucking house. Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #13
How nice you are shenmue Aug 2015 #15
It's no worse mud slinging than the people he's responding to. RichVRichV Aug 2015 #29
word frylock Aug 2015 #16
Faux tut-tuts! ALERT the media! Call out the national guard!! Elmer S. E. Dump Aug 2015 #43
Wish I could say the same about Hillary, but I doubt it. last1standing Aug 2015 #27
yep cali Aug 2015 #38
+1 azmom Aug 2015 #47
3 posts tazkcmo Aug 2015 #34
I don't mind Hillary, it's her supporters that turn me off her. fbc Aug 2015 #41
I have a the same feeling about Sanders and his supporters. hrmjustin Aug 2015 #51
You sound concerned. [nt] Jester Messiah Aug 2015 #52
Bernie does visit DU via surrogates, you know this. saidsimplesimon Aug 2015 #10
Who do you mean when you say "surrogates"? JDPriestly Aug 2015 #37
She shattered glass ceilings, her supporters shatter glass houses. Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #14
That doesn't even make any sense. Maybe if you added a couple of "fuckings" to the sentence? Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #31
It makes perfect sense demwing Aug 2015 #46
Why would he do that? Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2015 #21
That would probably be the last mistake of his run. Elmer S. E. Dump Aug 2015 #42
Will you cross-post this in GD-P? Hekate Aug 2015 #3
Feel free to copy and paste it into GDP, Hekate. DonViejo Aug 2015 #6
Done Hekate Aug 2015 #7
I'm already being attacked on another thread in LBN. Kingofalldems Aug 2015 #11
Would be nice if we could dial back the snark in both campaigns. Bubzer Aug 2015 #23
In reality Sanders is NOT a Democrat, for 50+ years being a Democrat was beneath him. George II Aug 2015 #28
Sec Clinton is also a quality candidate. tazkcmo Aug 2015 #35
Agree with all you wrote although I may make a post from time to time. It will be the rare ocassion. Hiraeth Aug 2015 #48
Class! Mike Nelson Aug 2015 #4
Indeed, the man who seeks to unite, not divide saidsimplesimon Aug 2015 #12
I saw the video on another thread Lifelong Protester Aug 2015 #5
Bernie has grace. Dont call me Shirley Aug 2015 #8
Trump has turd. truthisfreedom Aug 2015 #17
Yes, he does. Grace, probity, and honorable purpose. HRC's campaign is taking note, I'm sure. Hortensis Aug 2015 #25
Common Sense Sanders has CLASS, too. blm Aug 2015 #18
He is setting a new standard. That speaks volumes and makes me respect him. JudyM Aug 2015 #19
and in that Mr Sanders shows class and integrity azurnoir Aug 2015 #20
Yet Hillary's supporters slam Bernie constantly. Autumn Aug 2015 #22
Only one group advances RW talking points, can you guess which one? Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #32
Right back at ya Fred... take a hint yourself. Autumn Aug 2015 #36
By comparison, all the 2016 candidates not named Bernie ... nikto Aug 2015 #24
He's got plenty out on the campaign trail (and the "internets") to do it for him. George II Aug 2015 #26
of course he'd do it indirectly stupidicus Aug 2015 #30
BS's always been this way. HILLPAC termed his Senate run a priority. freshwest Aug 2015 #33
If the American people elect Bernie, the Democrats in Congress will vote for his bills. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #39
the DNC knows better than to try to run any candidate for any office here cali Aug 2015 #40
A Hillary supporter here - who happens to love Bernie, too! hamsterjill Aug 2015 #44
Thanks for this post. WIProgressive88 Aug 2015 #49
Good for Bernie! eom BlueMTexpat Aug 2015 #45
Thank you Bernie. lovemydog Aug 2015 #50
he's not playing their game shanti Aug 2015 #53
Too bad, I wish he would Reter Aug 2015 #54
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