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7. its time
Mon Oct 5, 2015, 06:44 PM
Oct 2015

The President is about to enter into his last year. He is very popular. The GOP is so out of control, its obvious. They have created the environment that we now live in. Big O gave just enough rope. Get ready for change.

US Republican Congress Brought and paid for by the NRA and Koch Bros. kimbutgar Oct 2015 #1
Here they come. Kingofalldems Oct 2015 #2
Sure do rockfordfile Oct 2015 #3
Republicans are the ones who need to feel some burn....maybe this time the nation will not be Fred Sanders Oct 2015 #4
Perfectly stated. WIProgressive88 Oct 2015 #6
While majority leader, senator Reid did what? yeoman6987 Oct 2015 #5
He has a split record here, rated 'B' by the NRA IDemo Oct 2015 #8
Well then I guess we need to clean our sandbox before yeoman6987 Oct 2015 #11
He better be careful, he might lose his "B" rating with the NRA. hughee99 Oct 2015 #9
Still good reminder yeoman6987 Oct 2015 #13
its time maindawg Oct 2015 #7
PIMPS, not puppets Skittles Oct 2015 #10
Blah blah blah demwing Oct 2015 #12
And 2013 with filibuster reform, GGJohn Oct 2015 #14
There was REAL skullduggary in that move, eh? Plucketeer Oct 2015 #15
I'll never understand why the Dems, who had the majority in the Senate, GGJohn Oct 2015 #17
It truly IS a mystery Plucketeer Oct 2015 #18
My theory is that there was a back room deal between Reid and McConnell. GGJohn Oct 2015 #19
I'd not be so bold as to say WHO got the crappier deal Plucketeer Oct 2015 #23
Another pro-Democratic Party leader being attacked at DU for attacking the NRA? Fred Sanders Oct 2015 #16
Based on the B rating, the NRA loves Reid more than they do avowed gun nut, Bernie Sanders. frylock Oct 2015 #20
If Reid is good on guns Z_California Oct 2015 #21
Well DUH, Harry. SoapBox Oct 2015 #22
Shout it from the MT. top riversedge Oct 2015 #24
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