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7. I don't know if they teach incoming recruits about lawful orders anymore.
Mon Dec 21, 2015, 04:09 PM
Dec 2015

When I went through Basic Training in 1986, we had an entire afternoon of classes and lectures on what constituted a lawful or an unlawful order. We were told in no uncertain terms that if we were given an unlawful order (such as to mistreat, harm, or kill a prisoner of war) we should disobey such an order, no matter who it came from. I don't know if the guys who served in Iraq got that particular lecture (based on the mistreatment of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, I'm guessing not), but it seems that behaving with honor as a service member no longer takes precendent in our military.

I'm glad to see these guys step up and remind the haters that our military's job is to defend the defenseless, and protect the innocent.

If the President himself gives an unlawful order, such as to round up, detain, and deport American citizens, or alien non-combatants without trial, every service member is bound by law and by honor to disobey such an order.

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