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LOL-she can't win without them. jalan48 Dec 2015 #1
I don't think she can FreakinDJ Dec 2015 #48
god, this fries my ass. the presumption is stunning. But I guess when you roguevalley Dec 2015 #67
Also, she has to sound confident, whether she feels confident or not. Cal33 Dec 2015 #118
me too dana_b Dec 2015 #124
I spoke with a young guy at work. I was surprised now pro-Bernie he is. jalan48 Dec 2015 #103
Just wow... talk about tone deaf. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2015 #2
Newsflash for you, Bernie and Hillary both need the others supporters to win against the Republicans cstanleytech Dec 2015 #18
I agree. What you say is very true. Anyone who can do a little arithmetic can see that. But Cal33 Dec 2015 #119
That 14% has no common sense. okasha Dec 2015 #122
A Democrat talking about beating Republicans? Now I've seen everything. Rose Siding Dec 2015 #29
When Clinton loses the primary Riversedge, i'm counting on you to not join her independent bid. Scootaloo Dec 2015 #3
Hillary is a proud Democrat. I believe she has proved that in the riversedge Dec 2015 #7
So was Joe Lieberman, right up until he wasn't. Scootaloo Dec 2015 #14
So do you actually think she will do that or are you just simply engaging in a straw man argument? cstanleytech Dec 2015 #19
It's a speculative argument Scootaloo Dec 2015 #20
Tis the silly season. Enough said. riversedge Dec 2015 #98
Nah. It's another one of Scootaloo's strawman arguments. Scootaloo is one of the more BlueCaliDem Dec 2015 #72
Don't compare HRC to Jomentum mikehiggins Dec 2015 #84
"She would not ever have an Independent run." Phlem Dec 2015 #63
I can and will vote for all other Democrats on my ballot, but I cannot and will not vote for Hillary JDPriestly Dec 2015 #64
Bingo. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #112
If she can't win the Dem primary, she'll have no shot in the General Election and won't run. hughee99 Dec 2015 #68
But she can make the other guy lose. Scootaloo Dec 2015 #77
The only person she can make lose is the Dem Candidate. hughee99 Dec 2015 #86
Of course, you have no evidence whatsoever that she would do that, right? brooklynite Dec 2015 #111
Counting eggs are we? Warren Stupidity Dec 2015 #4
Bernie supporters put of this stuff all the time. Dawson Leery Dec 2015 #5
bernie is focused on the primary restorefreedom Dec 2015 #51
One of his tv appearances he said yes I writing my acceptance speech FloridaBlues Dec 2015 #107
i didn't hear that restorefreedom Dec 2015 #120
How about "If I honestly earn this nomination from the voters, won't you join me?" retrowire Dec 2015 #6
My exact thoughts. "Honestly earn" being the key phrase. "After I manipulate, cheat, bludgeon, GoneFishin Dec 2015 #10
Well, 6 weeks from tonight Hillary will have wrapped up Iowa. riversedge Dec 2015 #11
The A is nowhere near the O on a QWERTY keyboard. Scootaloo Dec 2015 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2015 #25
You honestly made me laugh out loud Scootaloo Dec 2015 #26
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2015 #27
It had the Google stumped for a sec. From the urban dictionary notadmblnd Dec 2015 #39
So what are you going to do when she gives her scream speech INdemo Dec 2015 #80
That would have been a nice way deathrind Dec 2015 #59
One thing for sure, we will not win if a republican is elected. This is where we can vote for Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #8
The lesser of two evils is still evil Kelvin Mace Dec 2015 #16
...^ that 840high Dec 2015 #42
Funny, a none vote is good for the republican party, they are doing everything possible to Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #43
Only person keeping me from voting for HRC Kelvin Mace Dec 2015 #52
Whatever, don't complain about Cruz or Trump Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #53
they can't convince the rest of their party to vote for them. roguevalley Dec 2015 #69
Funny you should mention arrogant. Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #97
If HRC loses to either of those two idiots Kelvin Mace Dec 2015 #106
Because PalinRomneyTrump! R. Daneel Olivaw Dec 2015 #31
This^^^ ybbor Dec 2015 #50
I remember truman saying that :D roguevalley Dec 2015 #70
And you assume HRC has our best interests at heart. AngryOldDem Dec 2015 #91
I don't assume, I have looked at her record, i have looked at her experience, Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #96
So we should just give our vote away Kalidurga Dec 2015 #9
What a horrible photo of Mrs. Clinton. earthside Dec 2015 #12
She reminds me of Miranda Priestly CoffeeCat Dec 2015 #17
ROFL, spot on. CharlotteVale Dec 2015 #35
I think they enforce the sense of entitlement not betray. notadmblnd Dec 2015 #40
Give me a reason to dflprincess Dec 2015 #13
Such hubris CoffeeCat Dec 2015 #15
yeah. she's just like my little hispanic grandma. roguevalley Dec 2015 #71
Bernie supporters will certainly join her in her support of him as the Democratic nominee. LS_Editor Dec 2015 #22
LS_Editor, what you said. LOL! roguevalley Dec 2015 #73
... R. Daneel Olivaw Dec 2015 #23
Post removed Post removed Dec 2015 #24
Enjoy the republican future then. geomon666 Dec 2015 #28
and the results are in yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #37
She can and will win without a single solitary vote from DU. Lil Missy Dec 2015 #30
You mean Skinner's not voting? R. Daneel Olivaw Dec 2015 #32
O SNAP XemaSab Dec 2015 #34
I'm Already There the_phantom_dennis Dec 2015 #33
Go Hillary! leftofcool Dec 2015 #36
I think I just threw up in my mouth. highprincipleswork Dec 2015 #38
Nicely stated, hpw. appal_jack Dec 2015 #44
Trying for the "psych out", I guess. Let's see how well that works. highprincipleswork Dec 2015 #62
I don't understand her lately. An email asking for a single buck because roguevalley Dec 2015 #74
In tennis, that's called an unforced error BeyondGeography Dec 2015 #41
Her campaign made a lot of them in 2008 davidpdx Dec 2015 #88
Just A Bit Cocky To Be Sure colsohlibgal Dec 2015 #45
America is a consumer economy. underthematrix Dec 2015 #56
Oh to be so entitled. Let's just skip the damn election and go right to the coronation. CBGLuthier Dec 2015 #46
plus a million. nt restorefreedom Dec 2015 #54
Given what happened to her in 08 CoffeeCat Dec 2015 #57
I think anger and blind determination to succeed this time are leading her path roguevalley Dec 2015 #75
Presumptuous much? Apparently she didn't get the memo... thesquanderer Dec 2015 #47
Why wouldn't a Hillary Bernie ticket be the big sell? American politics has become so do or die Monk06 Dec 2015 #49
bern enid602 Dec 2015 #65
he works well with others. no one has passed as many amendments as he has roguevalley Dec 2015 #76
Hill enid602 Dec 2015 #100
Explain, please. Furrfu Dec 2015 #110
Then how is it that he co-founded what is now the largest Democratic caucus in the Congress? Bluenorthwest Dec 2015 #105
pride goeth before the fall..... restorefreedom Dec 2015 #55
I don't think she will be the nominee Marrah_G Dec 2015 #58
Will you put money on that? Stuckinthebush Dec 2015 #115
That would be silly Marrah_G Dec 2015 #125
For some... maggies farm Dec 2015 #60
Yup Android3.14 Dec 2015 #95
To the many red-faced keyboard warriors on DU who will jump all over this in a tantrum... PSPS Dec 2015 #61
LOL Joe Shlabotnik Dec 2015 #66
Surprising how bkkyosemite Dec 2015 #78
Is it hubris for the dem nominee to ask for dem support? gwheezie Dec 2015 #79
I will vote for Hillary Clinton for President if she is the Democratic Party nominee. Volaris Dec 2015 #93
It's not hubris to ask but Rebkeh Dec 2015 #129
Nice cordial invite? "Vote for me or the GOP will come for you"? Betty Karlson Dec 2015 #81
sheer tone deaf egotism so the DNC will let us back in azurnoir Dec 2015 #82
Hey Hillary, your people must be shielding you from these types of articles. truthisfreedom Dec 2015 #83
dancing with the stars level choreography mhatrw Dec 2015 #85
Thank you, rivers! Cha Dec 2015 #87
Bookmarking davidpdx Dec 2015 #89
I recall hearing pretty much the same thing back in '08... AngryOldDem Dec 2015 #90
Nice cordial invite. Love her confidence? SmittynMo Dec 2015 #92
Hillary's explanation of why Bernie's supporters should support her .... Scuba Dec 2015 #94
That's about it . . . and there's truth to it. Vinca Dec 2015 #99
Wow. billhicks76 Dec 2015 #101
If Mrs. Clinton wins the primary Bernie Sanders will back and vote for her too. Sunlei Dec 2015 #102
That's going to be an interesting day here on DU. JoePhilly Dec 2015 #109
Absolutely he will Stuckinthebush Dec 2015 #116
Hillary, when the nomination is wrapped up I will join you and your supporters..... Gary 50 Dec 2015 #104
note to the inevitable conditionally poutraged whatthehey Dec 2015 #108
Not all primary candidates use non-conditional assumptive statements to lecture supporters of DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2015 #126
No, but because it's an ex post facto rationalized distinction without a difference whatthehey Dec 2015 #131
That's a little counting the eggs before they hatch, isn't it? -nt CrispyQ Dec 2015 #113
mighting big ego you got there hillary. Javaman Dec 2015 #114
She should have said that those in opposing camps will be able to Township75 Dec 2015 #117
When she loses Iowa and NH please join Bernie 4dsc Dec 2015 #121
Bernie to the end! vishnura Dec 2015 #123
Oh, yes, Inevitable Hillary. SheilaT Dec 2015 #127
Funnily enough, Rebkeh Dec 2015 #128
Hillary does not get to tell me any damned thing. n/t djean111 Dec 2015 #130
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