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Tue May 10, 2016, 07:33 PM May 2016

*BREAKING NBC* Sanders Wins in West Virginia Democratic Primary [View all]

Source: NBC

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has won the West Virginia Democratic primary, NBC News projects, a victory that will add yet more fuel to his argument that he should remain in the race despite badly trailing front runner Hillary Clinton in the overall delegate count. The win comes one week after Sanders prevailed in Indiana's Democratic primary and two weeks after Clinton dominated a series of contests in the northeastern United States.

Democrats also voted on Tuesday in a presidential "beauty contest" in Nebraska, although the delegates from that state were all previously assigned during a March 5 caucus. In that contest, Sanders won 15 pledged delegates, compared to 10 for Clinton. <snip>

Clinton's faltering is a marked difference from her performance in the state eight years ago, when she beat then-candidate Barack Obama by more than 40 percent.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/sanders-wins-west-virginia-democratic-primary-n571356

most interesting thing from link for me...

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First!!!! ( Im so immature) dinkytron May 2016 #1
Second (Woo hooing) JimDandy May 2016 #3
Bernie's gonna KARRRRRUSSHHHHH it in Cali. dinkytron May 2016 #14
I know he is going to in OR, just like he did in WA among the Dem base. JimDandy May 2016 #23
I'm an Oregonian & voted for Bernie (by Mail)!! It's not called the "Left Coast" for nothing. n/t 99th_Monkey May 2016 #59
I loved that WA followed your lead with the mail in ballots. JimDandy May 2016 #63
Yes! fierywoman May 2016 #144
I put in a resolution to the state party for Dem delegates to be apportioned from the PPP votes, JimDandy May 2016 #146
thank you fierywoman May 2016 #151
you poseurs have to break 81.6% to beat Alaska. :D. if you choose this mission ... roguevalley May 2016 #94
We bow in supplication to that blowout... n/t JimDandy May 2016 #103
I am aware that Mr.Sanders walks on water, and farts fairy-dust. Nevertheless, he trails c588415 May 2016 #81
just like he did in Indiana? roguevalley May 2016 #96
It was Birdie that made it happen Duckfan May 2016 #171
Chosen 1. SammyWinstonJack May 2016 #101
double smack from English teacher NJCher May 2016 #164
I bet you think both of Dubya's elections were on the up & up, too. pacalo May 2016 #183
3rd - second or third childhood here 840high May 2016 #126
I am #3 CentralMass May 2016 #148
Whoo Hoo!!! kadaholo May 2016 #2
Yes, we did it! k8conant May 2016 #199
define badly PatrynXX May 2016 #4
It is BADLY behind, because there aren't enough pledged delegates left pnwmom May 2016 #13
Camp Hillary isn't talking about supers that have dropped her ALREADY! Omaha Steve May 2016 #38
Is that all you've got? A single delegate out of hundreds? They just asked Tad Devine pnwmom May 2016 #42
Hillary is still fighting cause she knows it isn't over Omaha Steve May 2016 #54
She's fighting because she'll need to be as strong as possible when she faces Trump. n/t pnwmom May 2016 #57
She isn't the nominee yet Omaha Steve May 2016 #65
Polls while she's still running against Bernie mean nothing except she's fighting pnwmom May 2016 #202
Yeah, that'S it! KPN May 2016 #201
The math at this point shouldn't include the supers. Period. nt SusanCalvin May 2016 #122
I agree Omaha Steve May 2016 #124
The losing candidate will be Hillary in the GE. NV Whino May 2016 #56
It is a statistical impossibility for Bernie to get enough pledged delegates to have a majority of pnwmom May 2016 #58
Reading skills! Please. NV Whino May 2016 #62
Hillary can come up short of pledged delegates too Omaha Steve May 2016 #78
I don't think the "Supers" care about pledged delegates ablamj May 2016 #139
money train ,,, sounds a lot like: Snowpiercer Hiraeth May 2016 #154
That's what they said about Yi Sun-Shin !!! pangaia May 2016 #84
Actually, he needs 65% to tie. ozone_man May 2016 #79
You're right, I think. It's impossible for him but not her to win a majority of ALL delegates pnwmom May 2016 #86
Well, let's just wait and see, shall we? nt SusanCalvin May 2016 #118
We can already see tonight that that's not happening in W Virginia. n/t pnwmom May 2016 #119
Fine. Let's continue to wait and see, shall we? SusanCalvin May 2016 #128
Wrongo. SusanCalvin May 2016 #116
its the math! Lokijohn May 2016 #131
Wow! She turned quiet... n/t tom_kelly May 2016 #147
According to MSNBC, 35% of these Bernie voters say they'll vote for TRUMP in the fall EVEN IF pnwmom May 2016 #5
Does show one that Bernie is FAR more electable in Nov.! n/t Herman4747 May 2016 #7
It shows the opposite, in my opinion. 40% of Bernie's voters prefer TRUMP. n/t pnwmom May 2016 #16
100% of Bernie supporters prefer Bernie over anybody. Redwoods Red May 2016 #19
Not in WVA. nt pnwmom May 2016 #44
Don't know whoever is more Liberal... PatrynXX May 2016 #25
They prefer Trump COMPARED TO HILLARY; they are "Bernie voters"... Herman4747 May 2016 #30
No Omaha Steve May 2016 #39
B I N G O ! tomm2thumbs May 2016 #184
Your desperation is laughable AgingAmerican May 2016 #37
i'm not getting into it timmymoff May 2016 #45
it shows if they aren't given a good candidate in Bernie, they consider Trump more trusted tomm2thumbs May 2016 #50
No, Chris Hayes said they said if BERNIE was the nominee in the General, these Bernie voters pnwmom May 2016 #52
you are funny tomm2thumbs May 2016 #55
I don't watch tv snooze. progressoid May 2016 #170
Exit polls usually change somewhat over the course of the day. pnwmom May 2016 #174
Exit polls: Half of Clinton's supporters won't back Obama progressoid May 2016 #176
Or it shows how less than educated some of his supporters are. Chicago1980 May 2016 #83
No it means that Republicans are playing dirty dbackjon May 2016 #194
Closed primaries provide us with NO INFORMATION... Herman4747 May 2016 #197
LOL - there is plenty of evidence posted yesterday dbackjon May 2016 #198
I daresay that all of that 40% expect the Democratic nominee... Herman4747 May 2016 #204
This message was self-deleted by its author Duval May 2016 #9
MSNBC Is Dumping on Sanders Every Minute McKim May 2016 #28
Now MSNBC is saying it was 35% JoeOtterbein May 2016 #49
That makes perfect sense. Politicub May 2016 #132
Things are looking UP for Bernie! Duval May 2016 #6
Congratulations! A state she won years ago by more than 40 percent! tomm2thumbs May 2016 #8
Drop out now, Bernie! frylock May 2016 #10
Ha! kayakjohnny May 2016 #15
LOL....This is embarrassing for LibDemAlways May 2016 #18
OMG - DUzy tomm2thumbs May 2016 #21
don't give them hashtag ideas oh wait :P n/t PatrynXX May 2016 #27
LOL. Funny today Mike__M May 2016 #40
Next Up On MSDNC: Rachel Maddow Tells Us How A Sanders Win Is Actually A Loss! AzDar May 2016 #53
That actually happened! pacalo May 2016 #179
+1000. Sums up the madness quite well! n/t bvf May 2016 #82
. SusanCalvin May 2016 #130
Thread win!!! pacalo May 2016 #178
Indiana and now West Virginia... LibDemAlways May 2016 #11
And we'll come through for Bernie next week here in Oregon. Arugula Latte May 2016 #20
Of that I have no doubt. It will LibDemAlways May 2016 #22
And now what? Chicago1980 May 2016 #85
Now on to Oregon and Kentucky. n/t LibDemAlways May 2016 #91
Still not enough. Chicago1980 May 2016 #111
You Know the Difference Betwn Berniecrats and his Opponent's benny05 May 2016 #12
Clearly.. PatrynXX May 2016 #32
But she's tiiiiiiiirrrrrrrred dorkzilla May 2016 #41
Got your jury results... pacalo May 2016 #180
Ha! dorkzilla May 2016 #189
Berniecrats....Yay Bernie!!!! SammyWinstonJack May 2016 #117
Exit poll said 50% of Bernie voters will vote for Trump. Kingofalldems May 2016 #17
All the more reason for Clinton to drop out now so Bernie gets those votes. arcane1 May 2016 #36
+10 nt 99th_Monkey May 2016 #60
I'm all for her dropping out now. Wish she would. SammyWinstonJack May 2016 #121
Bernie voters... kevink077 May 2016 #43
If Republicans cross over and vote for Bernie they lose their dummie status. Enthusiast May 2016 #191
How do you know this is a fraudulent vote? Trajan May 2016 #88
So explain why 50% of people who voted for Bernie Kingofalldems May 2016 #100
I'm not sure I buy that .. It's the billionaire media that reports that Trajan May 2016 #108
So they are lying about exit polls? Kingofalldems May 2016 #123
yes we know they never lie about anything Pat Riots May 2016 #203
Now its 50%? progressoid May 2016 #173
That would be the ass of an elephant. nt chknltl May 2016 #187
"presidential "beauty contest" in Nebraska" Omaha Steve May 2016 #24
We have a "beauty contest" primary in WA as well Mike__M May 2016 #48
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe May 2016 #26
thanks to West Virginia! tomm2thumbs May 2016 #29
I believe at the very least Bernie would make it competitive. Uncle Joe May 2016 #33
This is just the break that the Sanders campaign has been looking for The Second Stone May 2016 #31
A bright spot on the evening. kayakjohnny May 2016 #34
Too little too late Ohioblue22 May 2016 #35
Yeah. Was that today? Stuckinthebush May 2016 #47
ah did he hurt your feelings roguevalley May 2016 #102
Who? Stuckinthebush May 2016 #181
Still going. Don't care. Ed Suspicious May 2016 #68
The best thing is that JimDandy May 2016 #72
Hrc needs to bow out lastone May 2016 #46
Why would the person with the most votes and delegates bow out, Chicago1980 May 2016 #89
You didn't read my post apparently lastone May 2016 #125
I read it. Chicago1980 May 2016 #134
That's a clueless statement lastone May 2016 #141
Hillary WON this state by 41% when running against Obama. Holy Moly!! nt 99th_Monkey May 2016 #51
That shows how much this 3.6% black state hates Obama. n/t pnwmom May 2016 #61
or perhaps Clinton Campaign had a hand tomm2thumbs May 2016 #64
In 2015, West Virginia ranked on the bottom of 50 states for approval of Obama. pnwmom May 2016 #67
first you say they 'hate Obama', now you attribute it to her 'policies' tomm2thumbs May 2016 #73
pwnmom said "Obama's policies" but to make your point you chose to misquote her. Why? TeamPooka May 2016 #97
her policies are HER policies tomm2thumbs May 2016 #104
They pretty much rank toward the bottom of a lot of things. Chicago1980 May 2016 #136
Oh! Lose a Primary? So under the bus goes W. Virginia! nt 99th_Monkey May 2016 #66
West Virginia ranked at #50 for approval of Obama -- only a quarter approved in 2015 overall. pnwmom May 2016 #71
Your point being? So, what exactly do you imagine that this^ 'proves'? 99th_Monkey May 2016 #93
We know that Obama is very unpopular there, and Hillary has been campaigning pnwmom May 2016 #99
Yes!! Bernie has historically high appeal to a very broad cross-section of the electorate. 99th_Monkey May 2016 #114
They cannot. Flying Shoe May 2016 #206
its all about racism with you guys when Bernie wins huh? nt retrowire May 2016 #109
Yep, and WV was her biggest win in 2008. n/t JimDandy May 2016 #69
And now the yahoos are mad at her for her perceived bashing of coal. Chicago1980 May 2016 #90
How do thay have a winner for this already? passiveporcupine May 2016 #70
Exit polls Omaha Steve May 2016 #74
Oh, thanks OS passiveporcupine May 2016 #92
guardian tomm2thumbs May 2016 #95
thanks Tomm, passiveporcupine May 2016 #142
Just stopped by jpr to send another five bucks Babel_17 May 2016 #75
lol - just saw your 'Ready for... RiverNoord May 2016 #133
Thanks! I got it from the official JMS B5 forum Babel_17 May 2016 #137
Huh. RiverNoord May 2016 #157
Yawn. The primary has been over for WEEKS now. Time to turn to the general and defeat Trump! beaglelover May 2016 #76
when will Hillary be doing that? tomm2thumbs May 2016 #77
Recommendation #100 !!!! CountAllVotes May 2016 #80
Sanders Voters that Will Vote for Trump: A Convenient Myth Echoing Through the MSM McKim May 2016 #87
It IS made up... freebrew May 2016 #195
Here's the new Hill meme for the next few days. Way too funny litlbilly May 2016 #98
whatever gets them through the night tomm2thumbs May 2016 #105
with their eyes wide open i would guess:) litlbilly May 2016 #107
Now over at Hill camp they are saying it was repubs who voted for Bernie. Wow... litlbilly May 2016 #110
popsiclesŪ are as effective tomm2thumbs May 2016 #112
Hehehe:) litlbilly May 2016 #115
'General election polls before and during the primary are predictive of absolutely nothing.' onehandle May 2016 #106
** DONATED! ** woo hoo!!!! tomm2thumbs May 2016 #113
With 24% of the vote in, BS has a lead of 5,000 votes... dubyadiprecession May 2016 #120
HRC supporters. . .WV also doesn't matter. Who cares? Bernie isn't a real Democrat Feeling the Bern May 2016 #127
A little bird told me, the sky's the limit... Lodestar May 2016 #129
Love this... kadaholo May 2016 #150
sweet!!!!! tomm2thumbs May 2016 #182
Why are we holding primary elections SusanLarson May 2016 #135
So, Chicago1980 May 2016 #138
Look at the friendly Bernie states left to go Omaha Steve May 2016 #143
Ain't enough to change things. Chicago1980 May 2016 #149
Maybe you should give it a rest for the night. Why try to rain on FailureToCommunicate May 2016 #153
Just being realistic. Chicago1980 May 2016 #158
The size of Clinton's crowds isn't dependent on what *she* likes... JimDandy May 2016 #155
What makes you assume they're not enthusiastic? Chicago1980 May 2016 #160
Hillary can come up short of pledged delegates is the entire point Omaha Steve May 2016 #161
Supers aren't going to switch to support Sanders. Chicago1980 May 2016 #165
You think continuing bad polls for Hillary against Trump like today will keep supers??? Omaha Steve May 2016 #166
I know they're not going to switch. Chicago1980 May 2016 #167
Your saying supers will sink with Hillary even when the math points to her losing in Nov! Omaha Steve May 2016 #169
Math doesn't point to her losing in November. Chicago1980 May 2016 #172
You just can't get today's poll assimilated Omaha Steve May 2016 #175
This is what I can do... Chicago1980 May 2016 #177
Damn! Those pictures tell the story! n/t tom_kelly May 2016 #156
Whoa. +1000. nt. polly7 May 2016 #163
It's no longer about getting more delegates than Clinton... SusanLarson May 2016 #140
The graphic is very very interesting indeed. FailureToCommunicate May 2016 #145
The heavy campaigning Iwillnevergiveup May 2016 #152
It looks like it 'may' end up to be a clean sweep for Sanders there. nt. polly7 May 2016 #159
K&R Ferd Berfel May 2016 #162
Keep going Bernie!! azmom May 2016 #168
Now if THAT isn't a pretty picture!!! tomm2thumbs May 2016 #185
Thanks for explaining the math. midnight May 2016 #186
"Clinton's faltering is a marked difference from her performance in the state eight years ago,..." cui bono May 2016 #188
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast May 2016 #190
39% of Sanders' voters will switch to Trump in November Progressive dog May 2016 #192
We need Sanders. Betty Karlson May 2016 #193
The Democratic Party will be destroyed humbled_opinion May 2016 #196
Its either embrace the Political Revolution now or later LiberalLovinLug May 2016 #200
If you take the Registered Democrats who voted Loki May 2016 #205
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