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31. Completely true but it's like hitting your head against a wall to get people to understand this!
Wed Jun 29, 2016, 12:34 PM
Jun 2016

So many "people" (remembering the new rules!) are totally missing the
difference between 172 fat-cat MPs and 270,000(*) Labour Party members!


(*) = as of 2015 anyway

Cameron says Corbyn should resign [View all] brooklynite Jun 2016 OP
*snort* Recursion Jun 2016 #1
Cameron was right though. Corbyn was a wet rag during the campaign. OnDoutside Jun 2016 #13
OK, but this is the Black Knight in the Monty Python movie saying "call it a draw" (nt) Recursion Jun 2016 #26
Is Corbyn the Black Knight hanging around like a bad smell ? OnDoutside Jun 2016 #29
I agree , Corbyn did seem a bit half-hearted, BUT TubbersUK Jun 2016 #33
Cameron has a lot of nerve LittleGirl Jun 2016 #2
Fuck you Cameron. Helen Borg Jun 2016 #3
80% of his own party says that he should resign. FBaggins Jun 2016 #4
80% of his own party? rpannier Jun 2016 #5
Yes. His own party. FBaggins Jun 2016 #6
They are not THE PARTY rpannier Jun 2016 #7
Completely true but it's like hitting your head against a wall to get people to understand this! Nihil Jun 2016 #31
Irrelevant... Helen Borg Jun 2016 #9
They both failed, utterly so. Biggest pair of losers in UK history geek tragedy Jun 2016 #8
Second point not true: Labour's almost always had to win in the rest of the UK Denzil_DC Jun 2016 #10
the ideological differences between Scots and the English have never been more stark. nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #19
Yeah, in some ways. Denzil_DC Jun 2016 #23
Cameron? Definitely on the list of biggest losers. Corbyn? Hardly ... Nihil Jun 2016 #11
Do you have a link to the list of Corbyn's accomplishments as leader? (nt) Nye Bevan Jun 2016 #15
Point 2 below covers a few Denzil_DC Jun 2016 #24
"All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, ... Nihil Jun 2016 #30
LOL Denzil_DC Jun 2016 #32
Labor can't be a majority party without Scottish votes. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #17
Labour lost Scotland under Miliband, before Corbyn took the leadership! Denzil_DC Jun 2016 #25
I was in Scotland last week... Shebear Jun 2016 #12
Do you have any data ? n/t TubbersUK Jun 2016 #27
By this article, the same situ as here... Shebear Jun 2016 #34
The pilot who has now left the flight deck Kelvin Mace Jun 2016 #14
Unfortunately it appears that half the plane doesn't trust the co-pilot's skill either... brooklynite Jun 2016 #16
Correction: It appears that half of the flight attendants are having a hissy fit. Nihil Jun 2016 #35
Unfortunately the passengers have a choice of airlines... brooklynite Jun 2016 #37
"And I'm just the one to tell him!" nt bemildred Jun 2016 #18
takes one to know one ... nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #20
That desperate need to drag someone else down to your level so as not to be alone there. nt bemildred Jun 2016 #21
part of being a colossal loser is having nothing left to lose nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #22
"The good of the country!!!!" Denzil_DC Jun 2016 #28
Cameron has some nerve to be blaming others. yellowcanine Jun 2016 #36
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