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She lost me on this. geardaddy Oct 2016 #1
She has me even more. it's easy to defend speech you agree with. msanthrope Oct 2016 #5
She defends the rights of them to do this oberliner Oct 2016 #12
I agree with her on the "not arresting" them stuff. geardaddy Oct 2016 #20
Protests should bring reform Roy Rolling Oct 2016 #24
Fuck patriotism. ronnie624 Oct 2016 #30
Jingoism (the name for the brand of patriotism pushed by the right) is stupid. BlueEye Oct 2016 #45
More than anything, ronnie624 Oct 2016 #48
Check out the HBO Real Sports on Kaep and history of wartime flag ceremonies at sporting events. Leopolds Ghost Oct 2016 #52
That is actually quite interesting, I will have to check it out. BlueEye Oct 2016 #65
Just imagine the shitstorm MicaelS Oct 2016 #32
Me too... Hachetman Oct 2016 #16
I'm sure she's real broke up by that. Loki Liesmith Oct 2016 #27
Whatever. I still like her and support her. geardaddy Oct 2016 #28
Why? nini Oct 2016 #63
I realize that now. I misread the post. geardaddy Oct 2016 #64
cool nini Oct 2016 #66
I respectfully disagree with The Honorable Justice Ginsburg Buzz Clik Oct 2016 #2
lol - None of the hypocrites even know the lyrics. Leopolds Ghost Oct 2016 #53
"Dave Matthews Band in the late 60s" ? mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2016 #54
I'm mixing up the name of the artist. It was in the HBO Real Sports story on the anthem protest. Leopolds Ghost Oct 2016 #55
Didn't see that. I can't recall the incident. I'll delete my posts if you can mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2016 #56
No need to delete. I couldn't find, but it's in the Real Sports flag episode. Leopolds Ghost Oct 2016 #57
I never knew about that racist verse GummyBearz Oct 2016 #68
She thinks it's stupid, but she doesn't try to impose her views on all Americans Democat Oct 2016 #3
I respect the Justice but's she's out of touch on this issue. brush Oct 2016 #31
She treads heavily; but it's the truth. forest444 Oct 2016 #4
That is exactly how the "leaders" responded to the Civil Rights protests in the 1960s. nt tblue37 Oct 2016 #42
I hear you. forest444 Oct 2016 #43
I don't agree. Like all such movements, it starts small, then spreads. One excellent consequence tblue37 Oct 2016 #49
I hope you're right. forest444 Oct 2016 #50
I think you're wrong in saying it does nothing. The protests have got the country's attention . . . brush Oct 2016 #67
it's easy to defend speech you like. msanthrope Oct 2016 #6
She defends their rights oberliner Oct 2016 #13
Name calling! atreides1 Oct 2016 #7
Reading comprehension fail NobodyHere Oct 2016 #9
Donald Trump is exercising his rights to be a sexist asshole Democat Oct 2016 #14
Sure, they can be. MicaelS Oct 2016 #33
White privilege is dumb and disrespectful. GeorgeGist Oct 2016 #8
Anyone who disagrees with your personal opinion is a racist? Democat Oct 2016 #15
Clearly not was said -nt Bradical79 Oct 2016 #46
Its also the convenient excuse-du-jour 7962 Oct 2016 #18
I don't think it was dumb; I think it was thoughtful, and certainly bold. closeupready Oct 2016 #11
It's so stupid ... aggiesal Oct 2016 #17
We are having the conversation about the protest itself ripcord Oct 2016 #37
Agree. deathrind Oct 2016 #19
Such as? kristopher Oct 2016 #23
Since there... deathrind Oct 2016 #29
I think it's a great way to protest. Ilsa Oct 2016 #21
An excellent clock can be wrong once a day, I guess... anoNY42 Oct 2016 #22
It's "dumb and disrespectful" for the . . FairWinds Oct 2016 #25
It's dumb and disrespectful to the SSB to play it at sporting events. malachi Oct 2016 #26
And "God Bless America" is blasphemous to certain religious (and non-religious) groups. Leopolds Ghost Oct 2016 #61
"Yahoo’s Katie Couric asked if she believed their actions were “within their rights” to exercise." MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #34
Lots of dumb people demanded Kaepernick's arrest and imprisonment. closeupready Oct 2016 #38
The press's job isn't to "educate" people on what they should or shouldn't think though. MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #40
The headline is sensational enough for me. nt Leopolds Ghost Oct 2016 #58
I totally agree pintobean Oct 2016 #35
I agree with her. She says no they should not be arrested but I personally think the OregonBlue Oct 2016 #36
She shows her wisdom once again. ileus Oct 2016 #39
Sorry, RBG. I love ya, but you need to check your white privilege here. tblue37 Oct 2016 #41
Why even have the national anthem before a sporting event? Does the NYSE stand for the anthem.... xocet Oct 2016 #44
No, they make people stand to honor cartoon characters and washed-up celebrities. Leopolds Ghost Oct 2016 #60
Actually it isn't "within their rights" as the NFL is a private organization... PoliticAverse Oct 2016 #51
There's been court rulings on loyalty oaths in workplace. Flag ceremony is often military-sponsored. Leopolds Ghost Oct 2016 #59
I really like RBG but I disagree with her on this. leftyladyfrommo Oct 2016 #69
Dec 1969 #
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