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28. polls are dead, why keep posting them, they are meaningless now
Fri Feb 3, 2017, 03:04 PM
Feb 2017

it seems they are just done to make us feel good and give us a false sense of security/superiority but they have no effect and totally failed us before the election. Why even post them. Polls don't vote. All a post like this does is titillate & distract. We've got incipient fascism in the White House & enablers of that fascism ruling Congress and the so-called opposition can barely block the worst of the appointments. What good is an unreliable poll going to do. Polls show a huge percentage believe all of Trump's fake news lies too. People just give knee-jerk reactions to pollsters but in the end the polls totally failed in the last election so WTH why

end of rant

Lock him up. tenorly Feb 2017 #1
So Low? joanbarnes Feb 2017 #2
Sometimes it takes a while leftynyc Feb 2017 #12
It's a number that's going to grow True Dough Feb 2017 #3
only 4 In 10.... Grassy Knoll Feb 2017 #4
I thinkwe need it to be over 8/10. mpcamb Feb 2017 #31
Well, that's most of "us"-- now we have to shift the middle a bit. For the moment... Hekate Feb 2017 #5
40% support for impeachment after only two weeks Spider Jerusalem Feb 2017 #6
I know, it is stunning starshine00 Feb 2017 #29
that 12 percent seems to be the ones who are easily swayed JI7 Feb 2017 #7
Poll: One-third say impeach Obama oberliner Feb 2017 #8
That was in 2014 leftynyc Feb 2017 #13
Impeach Obama Groups Already Forming oberliner Feb 2017 #14
But what percentage of people leftynyc Feb 2017 #16
Good points oberliner Feb 2017 #17
True enough (n/t) leftynyc Feb 2017 #18
that number for Obama is pretty close to the number of hardcore Republicans. yurbud Feb 2017 #24
that's three-fourths of the way through his presidency. Trump beat him in days. yurbud Feb 2017 #26
That's it?? Rhiannon12866 Feb 2017 #9
Is that all? C Moon Feb 2017 #10
When will, what will finally put him over 50%? duhneece Feb 2017 #11
if there is a terrorist attack or something like that, the public reaction might be the opposite of yurbud Feb 2017 #25
He has been in office less than a month... Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #15
Agreed. By "is that all," I meant only 4 in 10? It should be 7 in 10. C Moon Feb 2017 #22
This is a CNN poll and the only other one close is Gallop so I doubt he has much of an approval Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #40
But 47% approval overall? B2G Feb 2017 #19
Easy. Large Number of Racists, Who Insist They Arent't Racists... TomCADem Feb 2017 #20
47% can't admit they made a mistake n/t TexasBushwhacker Feb 2017 #37
Trexit EricMaundry Feb 2017 #21
PIC: for context: that's already higher than wanted to impeach Bill Clinton yurbud Feb 2017 #23
It IS a double standard, isn't it? PatrickforO Feb 2017 #35
Well less than half? BobTheSubgenius Feb 2017 #27
polls are dead, why keep posting them, they are meaningless now uhnope Feb 2017 #28
This is amazing and is just the start. lark Feb 2017 #30
I read an article written by a guy from CA. PatrickforO Feb 2017 #34
Global warming, lark Feb 2017 #36
Yeah great. romanic Feb 2017 #32
How the hell can anyone be uncertain??? PatrickforO Feb 2017 #33
I'm a 40%er EricMaundry Feb 2017 #38
#Impeach45 sarcasmo Feb 2017 #39
Woulda been nice if more people had shown up to vote (n/t) Kennah Feb 2017 #41
Calexit! SCVDem Feb 2017 #42
I expect more and more people will want our SO-CALLED pResident to be impeached Doitnow Feb 2017 #43
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