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. NRaleighLiberal Apr 2017 #1
Сегодня вечером на "Новостях NBC" ... mwooldri Apr 2017 #68
"NBC tells Tinyhands to proceed with self-fornication...." lastlib Apr 2017 #72
Arrrrrghhhh... 47of74 Apr 2017 #76
Excellent! lark Apr 2017 #83
Thank you! lastlib Apr 2017 #85
! jpak Apr 2017 #2
WOW - case closed!! Laf.La.Dem. Apr 2017 #3
tRump, is a buffoon that thinks bullying/yelling/tweets is what the presidency is all about. n/t RKP5637 Apr 2017 #4
bullying yelling and tweeting got him to the White House NewJeffCT Apr 2017 #33
I've worked for CEOs that did that, and they went down, they could not change. That's what he RKP5637 Apr 2017 #36
You forgot deflecting FakeNoose Apr 2017 #86
... RKP5637 Apr 2017 #89
This kind of shit is just meant to brainwash and rile up deplorables dalton99a Apr 2017 #5
Ding, ding, ding! iluvtennis Apr 2017 #49
No, a calculated campaign to politicize criminal investigation, guilty guy wants evidence tossed. L. Coyote Apr 2017 #79
Sir, Yes Sir! SCVDem Apr 2017 #6
That is just perfect turbinetree Apr 2017 #22
("Dunsel--a part which serves no useful purpose") lastlib Apr 2017 #73
and while you're at it NBC, don't think about a pink elephant! vlyons Apr 2017 #7
I love it! LOL Lib Apr 2017 #30
I think maybe.. cannabis_flower Apr 2017 #43
I'd love to see him take on Rachel or Joy...he'll lose, BIGLY nt iluvtennis Apr 2017 #51
you know what they say about picking fights..... lastlib Apr 2017 #71
Trump doesn't watch shows that star lesbians and black women. nocalflea Apr 2017 #75
And you know NBC Faux pas Apr 2017 #8
Trump telling NBC what to do? They wouldn't even renew Celebrity Apprentice. no_hypocrisy Apr 2017 #9
Putin said "Watch my lips - NO." yallerdawg Apr 2017 #10
FBI now knows Trump is guilty because he used the old underthematrix Apr 2017 #11
good one.. stillcool Apr 2017 #48
Yep, the perp is so damned buggy because he's guilty and knows he's caught. L. Coyote Apr 2017 #80
Well, Well, Well...this one is swell..!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? Stuart G Apr 2017 #12
You make more sense than a sexual predator that committed TREASON turbinetree Apr 2017 #24
Keep reminding us who he really IS, at his core Alice11111 Apr 2017 #35
He is a sexual predator he got caught admitting it, it's on a video turbinetree Apr 2017 #41
Yeah, I would like to see the news start, "The Sexual Predator Alice11111 Apr 2017 #42
Putin's Having Fits (Trump Is Gonna Shit Version) Fantastic Anarchist Apr 2017 #46
Hope that is like waving a red cloth in front of a charging bull rurallib Apr 2017 #13
little Donnie is scared and doesn't know what else to do! n/t ginnyinWI Apr 2017 #14
"sleepy-eyes Chuck Todd" BuddyCa Apr 2017 #15
The name calling is interesting - pointing out LuckyLib Apr 2017 #26
He's a bully NastyRiffraff Apr 2017 #27
Projecting dhol82 Apr 2017 #62
Tuning TV to NBC CountAllVotes Apr 2017 #16
Hmm. Coincidence? Just yesterday Chuck Todd was lead writer on this stark scathing article underpants Apr 2017 #17
The hat and Mr. Peabody, see if there is a comparison turbinetree Apr 2017 #25
Lots of smoke there... Historic NY Apr 2017 #18
..... Tanuki Apr 2017 #19
That is great. Love it. Squinch Apr 2017 #23
It's "Trumpy!" GWC58 Apr 2017 #28
ha ha ha LiberalLovinLug Apr 2017 #55
OMG! llmart Apr 2017 #63
He's insane. He created that bogus Obama story The_Casual_Observer Apr 2017 #20
My late father rtracey Apr 2017 #21
WSJ: 'like a drunk to an empty Gin bottle.' deminks Apr 2017 #29
You'd think someone would tell him that writing "Trump/Russia" creates a subconscious Jonny Appleseed Apr 2017 #31
The boy who cried wolf... Blue Idaho Apr 2017 #32
Just fucking resign already Aviation Pro Apr 2017 #34
Oh hell no - if he resigns the GOP gets to wiggle out of it FakeNoose Apr 2017 #87
Just another hit at destroying the free press. Alice11111 Apr 2017 #37
And NBC is going to cancel SNL too. Liberalagogo Apr 2017 #38
Not! FakeNoose Apr 2017 #88
The Art of Lying: Just Keep Repeating it Until it is Taken as True. nt HopeAgain Apr 2017 #39
Snowball Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2017 #56
Did NBC thank Darnold for the publicity? EricMaundry Apr 2017 #40
Oh yeah, like that's gonna work. calimary Apr 2017 #44
Well spotted. DTs has awakened 2 entities: the Dems, and the 4th Estate. nt Hekate Apr 2017 #58
Tell tRump To Stop Impersonating a 6yr. Old.... Grassy Knoll Apr 2017 #45
Republican is AFRAID to use the official @POTUS twitter account and face the press questions. Sunlei Apr 2017 #47
Oh STFU Hair Brain Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2017 #50
HeyChuck Todd DonCoquixote Apr 2017 #52
CNN Now Has Company In the "Fake News" Doghouse TomCADem Apr 2017 #61
I keep forgetting to get up early and see the tweets! trixie2 Apr 2017 #53
Haven't we already learned? Mr. Ected Apr 2017 #54
Every single time he says "Nothing to see here; look over there," you KNOW ... Hekate Apr 2017 #57
You gotta be kidding... Blue_Roses Apr 2017 #59
Tell a lie often enough Dyedinthewoolliberal Apr 2017 #60
Well, that should work... llmart Apr 2017 #64
Chuck Todd should have told his lying ... Stellar Apr 2017 #65
Sometimes I think he thinks he can really do this Cadfael Apr 2017 #66
He was shipped off to military school jmowreader Apr 2017 #74
Orangey McOrange Face warmfeet Apr 2017 #67
Loser BainsBane Apr 2017 #69
He's cracking under the pressure. He tries to look cool... Honeycombe8 Apr 2017 #70
Why Doesn't Trump Just Shut Up DallasNE Apr 2017 #77
In your fantasies, asshole Cha Apr 2017 #78
This means that they should do the opposite. Third Doctor Apr 2017 #81
I think they meant there is 'no path to victory for dRumpf, unless the Russkies Mc Mike Apr 2017 #82
NBC needs to clearly state tweets are from trumps personal account & NOT official gov. tweets. Sunlei Apr 2017 #84
I totally agree FakeNoose Apr 2017 #90
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