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1. medical marijuana is very popular in california. The issue has legs.
Fri Jan 6, 2012, 11:40 PM
Jan 2012

Dems should pay attention.

This voting bloc is an important part of the Democratic coalition in California and they have a valid concern.

I wouldn't take it as a joke.

That's how people get driven away.

medical marijuana is very popular in california. The issue has legs. limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #1
I support Medical MJ Politicalboi Jan 2012 #2
so does our candidate 03AR BlueToTheBone Jan 2012 #47
Me too xtraxritical Jan 2012 #54
I thought it was legal in California DeathToTheOil Jan 2012 #4
Californians rejected making marijuana legal BlueCaliDem Jan 2012 #20
Medical cannabis has been legal in CA since 1996. Webster Green Jan 2012 #24
Yes DeathToTheOil Jan 2012 #32
Hmmmm. Doc Holliday Jan 2012 #102
tripling the price won't work, black market will continue ThomThom Jan 2012 #26
A Rand study said the price may fall drastically for producers RainDog Jan 2012 #120
my understanding is the taxes don't bother anyone wrt legalization nashville_brook Jan 2012 #69
It is decriminalized for those without a medical card (depending on amount). unapatriciated Jan 2012 #76
Medical Marijuana is Legal California. But the Feds don't care. 2banon Jan 2012 #72
I'll say again, if you want Obama to do liberal things, give him a liberal congress. Kurmudgeon Jan 2012 #49
ABSOLUTLY right - vote DEMOCRATIC! xtraxritical Jan 2012 #56
We can't, the Democratic Party is in the way, and we have a two-party system saras Jan 2012 #68
Been there.. 2banon Jan 2012 #75
You laugh, but what if they came up with one anyway? Occulus Jan 2012 #3
MedCanna earns a Whopping 92% National Favorably fredamae Jan 2012 #5
great post RainDog Jan 2012 #13
It is the CO AG who would be responsible for fredamae Jan 2012 #29
What an excellent post, fredamae. Thanks for providing a wealth of info. tpsbmam Jan 2012 #45
you should go to the Drug Policy Forum RainDog Jan 2012 #86
oh, and if GW Pharma petitions the DEA to reschedule RainDog Jan 2012 #15
Do you remember Andrea Barthwell of the Bush era DEA? fredamae Jan 2012 #46
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RainDog Jan 2012 #91
The "Jokes" come from a finely tuned and fredamae Jan 2012 #94
I found a clip of her on the Today Show RainDog Jan 2012 #121
This is priceless!!!!!!! RainDog Jan 2012 #122
if marijuana is your one make or break issue, provis99 Jan 2012 #6
I just put down my bong...... dhill926 Jan 2012 #8
the single issue of marijuana emcompasses many other single issues.. frylock Jan 2012 #64
Absolutely 100% agree. Zoeisright Jan 2012 #70
I haven't gone blind thanks to it. Zhade Jan 2012 #73
exactly. stupidity on parade n/t RainDog Jan 2012 #92
have fun voting republican then. provis99 Jan 2012 #111
you are attacking someone who needs medical cannabis to maintain sight?!?!? RainDog Jan 2012 #116
We Will Throw our votes and our country's future in the fuckin trashbin! BootinUp Jan 2012 #7
So Ron Paul it is I guess... Fearless Jan 2012 #9
Yup, he'd be the only one. How Democratic. harun Jan 2012 #71
The GOPer AG of Michigan has a real hardon for MI's voter approved MMJ law. Bozita Jan 2012 #10
Glug, glug, glug......Grover's REPtilian 'bots are doing fine... dougolat Jan 2012 #12
R's under Bushes did a good job 'taking over' the DOJ duhneece Jan 2012 #21
Shhhhhh, Joe Shlabotnik Jan 2012 #11
oh stop making sense RainDog Jan 2012 #14
lol... I've hear that speaking 'sense' can get you banned on DU3 so shhhhhh Joe Shlabotnik Jan 2012 #16
the real problem - tho don't know if he will pull it off RainDog Jan 2012 #17
you are right on many fronts, but.. Joe Shlabotnik Jan 2012 #18
Obama should appoint Johnson to head the DEA RainDog Jan 2012 #19
I think he should appoint Rick Steves. tridim Jan 2012 #28
well, Johnson has actual experience with governing and with this policy issue RainDog Jan 2012 #99
I think that is is the political ridicule potential of legalisation that scares the politicans Mopar151 Jan 2012 #110
This is what makes people want to vomit about politics RainDog Jan 2012 #117
"small" moves? a2liberal Jan 2012 #22
It is my understanding that Holders infamous memo fredamae Jan 2012 #31
Why no sales though? a2liberal Jan 2012 #34
I can't answer your ques re: sales fredamae Jan 2012 #39
Thanks! (n/t) a2liberal Jan 2012 #42
Exactly.. 2banon Jan 2012 #78
rescheduling would not completely decriminalize RainDog Jan 2012 #100
At the risk of displaying my ignorance Doc Holliday Jan 2012 #103
MMJ users will have, most likely, Gary Johnson rusty fender Jan 2012 #65
k&r! nt wildbilln864 Jan 2012 #23
That's funny! Gman Jan 2012 #25
I'm starting to think these "MMJ activists" are smoking crack along with their cannabis. tridim Jan 2012 #27
You're right. He does. randome Jan 2012 #36
That's the one major detail that is always left out of the story. tridim Jan 2012 #51
Really? 2banon Jan 2012 #77
Read the rest of this thread. randome Jan 2012 #79
Umm.. I beg to differ 2banon Jan 2012 #82
The official position of the administration is in support of legal MMJ. tridim Jan 2012 #88
If State Laws were really broken, why do you suppose the Feds are involved? 2banon Jan 2012 #89
Ask the CA state attorneys. tridim Jan 2012 #90
Just as I thought 2banon Jan 2012 #93
Marijuana Crackdown By Obama Admin Explained ihavenobias Jan 2012 #104
That's not entirely true RainDog Jan 2012 #97
So advertising MJ is illegal and Cohen was advertising. randome Jan 2012 #112
and this is why many people don't think it matters if they vote at all RainDog Jan 2012 #114
What it comes down to, ultimately, is mmj patients don't give a shit if Obama supports mmj RainDog Jan 2012 #119
i guess we can count them out in the next election madrchsod Jan 2012 #30
Just as "only Nixon could go to China..." thesquanderer Jan 2012 #33
Paul agrees with them. Santorum's states' rights rhetoric... Deep13 Jan 2012 #35
MMJ will never get favorable legislation until corporate money is out of campaign finance. Xtraneous Jan 2012 #37
See my post #36. randome Jan 2012 #38
MMJ has a "shelf life" xtraxritical Jan 2012 #59
It doesn't matter. randome Jan 2012 #74
Where is the great outcry for Obama to act in this way? RainDog Jan 2012 #108
There doesn't need to be a great public outcry for the federal government to enforce its laws. randome Jan 2012 #109
laws are selectively enforced all the time RainDog Jan 2012 #113
Hemp would annihilite the plastics industry? Odin2005 Jan 2012 #55
Hemp and plastics Bohunk68 Jan 2012 #98
If you're a person who supports the idea of a "great awakening" RainDog Jan 2012 #101
Oh, I'm not against using renewable sources of carbon for plastics. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #115
just follow the money.. Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Business 2banon Jan 2012 #85
Please explain to me how hemp could "annihilate" the plastics industry jmowreader Jan 2012 #107
And I seriously doubt Ron Pauls claims. He knows the congress will not pass anything like that if it jwirr Jan 2012 #40
Congress is not required to decriminalize cannabis RainDog Jan 2012 #105
It's hard to take medical cannabis seriously when Democrats are making ill-informed tpsbmam Jan 2012 #41
Tell me why people continue to lie about the Administration's position on MMJ. tridim Jan 2012 #52
"Obama, who supports legal MMJ." BS, actions speak louder than words. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #58
His directive was the action. tridim Jan 2012 #62
First, I don't appreciate you labeling me a liar when it is far from the truth. It is you who is tpsbmam Jan 2012 #80
I didn't label you a liar. I labelled the people lying about Obama's official position liars. tridim Jan 2012 #87
So what are they lying about? What about all that I posted -- it's drastically different tpsbmam Jan 2012 #96
Right and wrong should matter more to you than theoretical JackRiddler Jan 2012 #43
Medical Marijuana Patients Concerned About Attempt To Legalize In Washington State DeathToTheOil Jan 2012 #44
This MMJ Patient supports total Legalization DreamSmoker Jan 2012 #48
Well then you will be supporting Obama... Gringostan Jan 2012 #50
Maybe, maybe not! rusty fender Jan 2012 #66
Yes> Survivoreesta Jan 2012 #67
The mom and pop outlets will be knocked out by big industry Islandlife Jan 2012 #53
As long as there are private prisons MJ will never be legalized. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #57
This really highlights the idiocy of one issue voters. JNelson6563 Jan 2012 #60
Can I recommend this post a zillion times over!? Rex Jan 2012 #61
Yes but if the issue is continous pain, your health or your life, that one issue looms large. Uncle Joe Jan 2012 #84
Every time I see this DU post I ROFL, too Politicub Jan 2012 #63
With targeted marketing, this is a good wedge issue L. Coyote Jan 2012 #81
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2012 #83
one-issue voters mzteris Jan 2012 #95
Try telling it to someone who is puking their guts out from chemo.. Fumesucker Jan 2012 #106
Some people have to get cancer to recognize the importance of this issue RainDog Jan 2012 #118
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