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Trump should know... agingdem Mar 2018 #1
pres Spanky thy name is hypocracy! sdfernando Mar 2018 #2
that is beyond cyncial and hypocritical... I need a better term. hlthe2b Mar 2018 #3
how about "trumpy"? 0rganism Mar 2018 #17
well, the magnitude of the acts are certainly unique to Trump so... hlthe2b Mar 2018 #28
Trumpocracy? Homer Wells Mar 2018 #48
how about trumpee. that is the one I like. demigoddess Mar 2018 #59
The self-admitted sexual predator Pantagruel Mar 2018 #4
... catbyte Mar 2018 #5
Should the author have pointed to the allegations? dawg day Mar 2018 #6
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Snort. n/t rzemanfl Mar 2018 #7
He means IF the Scarsdale Mar 2018 #20
hahah...aHAHAHAHAH..AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! forgotmylogin Mar 2018 #8
April fools! Chakaconcarne Mar 2018 #9
Must be a high priority- Friday night going into Easter weekend underpants Mar 2018 #10
Looks as though Scarsdale Mar 2018 #21
He said April. This is still March. n/t Yavin4 Mar 2018 #43
So is he going to lock himself in a padded cell all month? Dopers_Greed Mar 2018 #11
This is the f**king onion, right? juxtaposed Mar 2018 #12
I can't even... ancianita Mar 2018 #13
Absolutely hilarious ... what will he be doing to prevent it? bucolic_frolic Mar 2018 #14
No Viagra refill maybe? BigmanPigman Mar 2018 #22
So, he's going to swear off feeling up girls and women Ilsa Mar 2018 #15
Just ones named April jberryhill Mar 2018 #36
What? Trump is going to live in a closet for a month? Nitram Mar 2018 #16
He said what? ProudLib72 Mar 2018 #18
Great graphic n/t lordsummerisle Mar 2018 #34
The first step is admitting you have a problem..... SallyHemmings Mar 2018 #19
And May will be Patriotic Devotion - No Collusion - Month dalton99a Mar 2018 #23
Cuff him, Danno! dchill Mar 2018 #24
Statement to be released on the first day of the awareness month MadLinguist Mar 2018 #25
Irony is dead. nt eppur_se_muova Mar 2018 #26
Oh this is rich! Coming from the guy who got spanked with a magazine with his picture on it! Initech Mar 2018 #27
its always been in april..does he think he just invented this? samnsara Mar 2018 #29
My reaction: LastLiberal in PalmSprings Mar 2018 #30
he's the poster boy of sexual assault gopiscrap Mar 2018 #31
He tries to mask the stench. Marcuse Mar 2018 #32
OMG - I assumed this was the Onion. Vinca Mar 2018 #33
We live in a bizarro world. I'll take it though. JDC Mar 2018 #35
A whole FACTORY of Irony Meters just exploded... n/t TygrBright Mar 2018 #37
Is he going to be locked in his room all month? sinkingfeeling Mar 2018 #38
Trump women take a stand keithbvadu2 Mar 2018 #39
+1 dalton99a Mar 2018 #58
OMFG! trixie2 Mar 2018 #40
Reading this made me feel as if someone had thrown a full barf bag,left in the sun to rot, on me.n/t Judi Lynn Mar 2018 #41
So does this mean he's going to keep his hands to himself for a whole month? Chemisse Mar 2018 #42
I saw an earlier headline on twitter and passed it by--thought it was joke/onion. riversedge Mar 2018 #44
He is a goddamn piece of shit and Wordilocks Mar 2018 #45
"No p*ssy is beyond my grasp." -- DJ tRump trusty elf Mar 2018 #46
Were he something other than a liar or had a shred of decency, he'd resign. NNadir Mar 2018 #47
Next up for Dirty Donny*: Treason Prevention Month (R) Achilleaze Mar 2018 #49
April Fool's! masmdu Mar 2018 #50
OH HELL CelticWinter Mar 2018 #51
Maybe he's out of the country for the month of April? the_sly_pig Mar 2018 #52
No Doubt, the Irony is Lost on Him dlk Mar 2018 #53
Is Andy Borowitz writing for The Hill now? JohnnyRingo Mar 2018 #54
I believe we are all quite aware MontanaMama Mar 2018 #55
So, is he for prevention? or against it? KewlKat Mar 2018 #56
Satire is now officially dead. N/T potone Mar 2018 #57
Is this the biggest April Fool's joke of all? CrispyQ Apr 2018 #60
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