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marble falls

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64. You'd like to start punishing these guys for crimes they have't been charged with ...
Sat Aug 18, 2018, 12:14 PM
Aug 2018

sounds awfully lynch-y to me. But I will forever appreciate the lunch mob in your title line!

If they are presumed innocent until proven guilty why can't they have a signature bond?

You do know that the dead child was an extremely ill child that was held by this sect as the Messiah, that he would be revealed as Messiah as soon as the demons that gave some extremely grave conditions were driven from him. This was not intentional though it may have been the result of religious fervor. It most certainly was not capitol murder.

There are different levels of child abuse, also. Sometimes its used just to allow the state to take control of unintentionally abused children from adults who for whatever reason haven't been giving good care to the children with no emotional abuse as an element. They love their children, they lost their way.

Please wait for all the elements to come out and the authorities to get their cases in order. Then we can have a trial and maybe come to a justice for all. Trials are not about the person, they're about trying the facts of a charge against a person. Justice is absolutely is not about any individual. Its about society.

No matter what happened to that poor child, he will never get justice in any degree whether these defendants get a medal or get hung. The question is what exactly happened to this child and who or what caused it and how society decides to react to it.

How our society reacts is to rely on due process: trial first with a presumption of innocence and then the hanging.

Fox "News", Lou Dobbs, last night Maine-i-acs Aug 2018 #1
Either unable or unwilling to admit he would be screaming for the defendants if they were white Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #3
Doesn't seem possible they can find enough vicious idiots to staff their "empire" at Fox. Sad. n/t Judi Lynn Aug 2018 #36
BTW, thank you for your service, I can't stand Dobbs long enough to get that much from ... marble falls Aug 2018 #7
Death threats are abhorrent, but B2G Aug 2018 #2
Yeah, me either. WhoWoodaKnew Aug 2018 #4
The article explains this... Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #5
Well let's see here. B2G Aug 2018 #6
Allegedly. We don't try people in the press. The truth will out, there will be culpability. marble falls Aug 2018 #8
Sentence first, verdict later is the internet trial procedure, as you know. Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #9
Really hate it when we see it here. marble falls Aug 2018 #10
Bail is not a sentence. B2G Aug 2018 #12
If you're poor bail most definately IS a sentence. Good G*d, indeed. marble falls Aug 2018 #13
No, it's not. nt B2G Aug 2018 #15
Yes. It most certainly is ... marble falls Aug 2018 #21
+1 ck4829 Aug 2018 #17
"bring your guns ... die as a martyr". That's in writing. muriel_volestrangler Aug 2018 #19
The letter could be interpreted many ways...see it through a White Lens...I think the one guy still Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #43
Would you let the Manson family out, on the grounds that he was the leader and force them to follow? muriel_volestrangler Aug 2018 #44
Your facts are messed up...what bizarre ritual?...what evidence of that other than a body? Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #45
"Leveille believed that Abdul-Ghani was her baby and Ramzi had stolen him from her womb ... muriel_volestrangler Aug 2018 #46
Sure. Information is good. The agent Taylor got his information from who? Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #49
"according to the children" muriel_volestrangler Aug 2018 #51
I'm so shocked that people can't get this. For the local authorities to have charged ... marble falls Aug 2018 #65
Additionally (as you know), visceral reactions on DU have no legal standing. LanternWaste Aug 2018 #48
If no one made or responded to visceral reactions the social media would shut down! Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #50
ALL bail is based on allegations. B2G Aug 2018 #11
Could you be any more patronizing?... marble falls Aug 2018 #14
Yep. nt B2G Aug 2018 #16
I guess we will have to wait and see. LisaL Aug 2018 #24
Exactly! rusty fender Aug 2018 #47
There was a body of dead child found on the property. LisaL Aug 2018 #25
Of which in itself doesn't mean any law was broken or even which law was broken: murder to ... marble falls Aug 2018 #29
No, the adults do not appear to be malnourished. appal_jack Aug 2018 #38
It was a signature bond. christx30 Aug 2018 #18
Yeah, I can't belive some here are OK with this. nt B2G Aug 2018 #20
How about an inquest and a grandjury with a finding of fact and a trial before we ... marble falls Aug 2018 #30
How about taking the facts of the case, christx30 Aug 2018 #34
This went through the cops, through a prosecutor and at least the arraigning judge ... marble falls Aug 2018 #37
I don't trust the authorities to do the right thing. christx30 Aug 2018 #61
But a lynch mob is okey doke? Do you live in New Mexico? marble falls Aug 2018 #62
I'm not saying lunch mob. christx30 Aug 2018 #63
You'd like to start punishing these guys for crimes they have't been charged with ... marble falls Aug 2018 #64
Do you think Ethan Couch's mom christx30 Aug 2018 #66
What are your thoughts about the freak that taunted a Bison in Or... AncientGeezer Aug 2018 #53
He'd spent the best of a week trying to interact with buffalo, he deserves whatever his ... marble falls Aug 2018 #54
Sorry Geezer I mistook you for B2G. Just remove the comments directed to B2G and ... marble falls Aug 2018 #55
You used a lot of words B2G Aug 2018 #57
Just think: if you'd only looked at the post above yours, you'd know I knew that already ... marble falls Aug 2018 #58
Weird how they're threatening the judge and not the prosecutor who clearly dropped the ball here ck4829 Aug 2018 #22
What is it do you think prosecutor didn't do that he should have done? LisaL Aug 2018 #23
While death threats are never acceptable people like this should not get bail. nycbos Aug 2018 #26
That should be an easy call to trace C_U_L8R Aug 2018 #27
This judge made an awful call. RhodeIslandOne Aug 2018 #28
Cut the weed dealers loose, too, dude/dudess! marble falls Aug 2018 #31
Hey, I'm not that blaise about a dead child RhodeIslandOne Aug 2018 #32
Oh no its not. I'm willing to allow the law to work its course, we don't want to be recruiting a ... marble falls Aug 2018 #33
Your spirit and character are exceptional. So glad you took the time. Judi Lynn Aug 2018 #35
As I've gotten older I find knee jerk reactions are more jerk and less knee ... marble falls Aug 2018 #40
I thought this was New Mexico? n/m RhodeIslandOne Aug 2018 #39
Doh! Eastbumblefuck, New Mexico, south of Eastbumblefuck, New Mexico - a state with ... marble falls Aug 2018 #41
Being very honest here. I would not have granted bail. secondwind Aug 2018 #42
Dumb decision...to grant a signature bond. There is a dead kid involved AT least. AncientGeezer Aug 2018 #52
They were charged with child abuse. Not Murder or anything else. They qualified for bond. marble falls Aug 2018 #56
They should get bail and a guy that teased a buffalo should't AncientGeezer Aug 2018 #59
Yes. For reasons I already enumerated above ... marble falls Aug 2018 #60
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