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20. Locking...
Mon Sep 24, 2018, 10:58 AM
Sep 2018

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Duplicate of https://www.democraticunderground.com/10142163933 Please join the ongoing conversation in that thread

Trump had to get Kavanaugh/sexual assault off the front page. CanonRay Sep 2018 #1
Trump was handed a gift from the N.Y. Times and he pounced on it. Auggie Sep 2018 #2
he set up the article with the times... or the wh did... it wasn't an independent article getagrip_already Sep 2018 #14
However it happened, The Times published it. Laziness? Ineptitude? Mistake? Oversight? Auggie Sep 2018 #19
Vox article only links to two paragraph Axios article that started all this speculation. Fred Sanders Sep 2018 #5
Per Pete Williams, Rosensteing refuses to resign. lagomorph777 Sep 2018 #9
iF Trump fires Rosenstein based on the NYT report, he validates the reporting of the "Fake News" Raven123 Sep 2018 #3
NYT allowed themselves to be played by the Trump administration, to the country's detriment. SunSeeker Sep 2018 #4
Yellow Cake all over again. PubliusEnigma Sep 2018 #7
Yup. NYT cares more about maintaining its WH access than the truth. SunSeeker Sep 2018 #16
Yes exactly. Rosenstein refuses to resign. lagomorph777 Sep 2018 #10
Yes, NYT was played. They should be ashamed. Taraman Sep 2018 #11
Fox news reported Kelly is firing him Watchfoxheadexplodes Sep 2018 #6
Kelly can't fire him. BumRushDaShow Sep 2018 #8
The "You're Fired" guy is too weak and snivelling to fire somebody? lagomorph777 Sep 2018 #12
Always. trof Sep 2018 #18
According to NBC's Pete Williams PatSeg Sep 2018 #13
vacancies kicks in if he is fired for cause...... getagrip_already Sep 2018 #15
And the week has just begun PatSeg Sep 2018 #17
Locking... DonViejo Sep 2018 #20
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