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37. She was NEVER a good fit at NBC.
Sun Oct 28, 2018, 10:31 AM
Oct 2018

Any more than Greta Van Susteren was. Didn’t belong there! What the hell were they thinking?

I’m enjoying reading about this by the commentariat - where the point is being made that the Pox Noise brand is a black mark on a Pox Noiser’s resume. It tarnished. It diminishes. It doesn’t transport or transfer. She wanted to move into the purported media mainstream with her star expanding into the highest heights of the mainstream news pantheon. Yeah. She wishes!

You’re damaged goods if you work at Pox Noise. You might as well stay there. The mainstream outlets don’t want you, and you don’t belong there anyway. Poor widdle Megyn is apparently learning that only now, the hard way, and way too late. She can cry all the way to the bank on her way out, I guess. Buh-BYE. And good riddance.

Womp womp (nt) EarlG Oct 2018 #1
Womp womp to the bank though! Lucky Luciano Oct 2018 #18
NBC should have been more careful, who it hired and where it spent its money vlyons Oct 2018 #28
I remember when they replaced Phil Donahue True_Blue Oct 2018 #32
Dang. The Halloween special was promising to be a humdinger jberryhill Oct 2018 #2
She will have to be content with her $70M buyout exboyfil Oct 2018 #3
I'd pay her ass through the end of last week and call it good.... Bengus81 Oct 2018 #24
Megyn should look into a job more suiting to her personality Siwsan Oct 2018 #4
It would be nice to see her slip into impoverished obscurity. Aristus Oct 2018 #5
She'll be sure to write a book about this too BumRushDaShow Oct 2018 #6
Oh yeah, she'll undoubtedly write a book, as dishy as she can make it, trashing as many calimary Oct 2018 #19
Good points on the NBC missteps over the years FakeNoose Oct 2018 #35
Oh good riddance! She writes "I want to be like oprah and help people?" Your leaving helps!! Thekaspervote Oct 2018 #7
If she really wanted to help vlyons Oct 2018 #30
Well, finally, Polly Hennessey Oct 2018 #8
She is a vile woman LiberalLovinLug Oct 2018 #9
This is my favorite video of her: Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2018 #38
thanks, I remember that one LiberalLovinLug Oct 2018 #39
Raise your hand if you even watched that show. moreland01 Oct 2018 #10
Never. Anyone who has worked on FAUX has it tattooed truthisfreedom Oct 2018 #14
Washed up and gone like elephant bell bottoms. JohnnyRingo Oct 2018 #11
She reads COLD on the air. ICE COLD. calimary Oct 2018 #40
Sad Trombone! FSogol Oct 2018 #12
EarlG provided a serenade in the first post! BumRushDaShow Oct 2018 #13
Good! LovingA2andMI Oct 2018 #15
69 million for 3 years! & she"wants to help people"? build a couple schools & a hospital or two. Sunlei Oct 2018 #16
NBC! justgamma Oct 2018 #17
May I suggest the Tamron Hall/Ann Curry Hour? nolabear Oct 2018 #20
Thank God! thegoose Oct 2018 #21
Aw. NurseJackie Oct 2018 #22
You can take the Host off of fox "news" mikeysnot Oct 2018 #23
Yes, she is free now to follow her true calling as a Fascist. ooky Oct 2018 #33
She was NEVER a good fit at NBC. calimary Oct 2018 #37
Inane, dumb show dalton99a Oct 2018 #25
I guess it was just too hard to hide her true self for a more diverse audience meadowlark5 Oct 2018 #26
With her racist bonafides Beakybird Oct 2018 #27
$69 million dollars? MontanaMama Oct 2018 #29
Yes but now they can pay Hoda Kotb more dough FakeNoose Oct 2018 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Oct 2018 #31
Good Sherman A1 Oct 2018 #36
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