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Thanks, rivers. Cha Oct 2018 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author ailsagirl Oct 2018 #2
CNN showing the protests in Pittsburgh FakeNoose Oct 2018 #3
WPXI 11 is a right wing Sinclair station nt doc03 Oct 2018 #60
Oy. Yes - turn off the Sinclair station. talkingwithtrumpers Oct 2018 #63
They probably stopped reporting about the MAGAbomber when it became known who did it AdamGG Oct 2018 #72
How long before Ohiogal Oct 2018 #4
She should see the jacket that she inspired... BigmanPigman Oct 2018 #9
Everyone turned their backs on them, so if the car passed that woman Melania would have seen it. George II Oct 2018 #45
+1 Crutchez_CuiBono Oct 2018 #51
I loved that! SergeStorms Oct 2018 #58
I went to a protest tonight BigmanPigman Oct 2018 #67
Dr. Strangelove. SergeStorms Oct 2018 #81
Comrade Draft Dodger (R) Go Home Achilleaze Oct 2018 #5
YES! The Liberal Lion Oct 2018 #6
My daughter just texted me saying military helicopter circling the city. Maggiemayhem Oct 2018 #22
The Cheater is really on a roll this election season bucolic_frolic Oct 2018 #7
One Sign Reads: Bfd Oct 2018 #8
Trump was not in the limo Throck Oct 2018 #10
Agreed, there was no way they were going to actually send Trump into a sea of a thousand protesters bearsfootball516 Oct 2018 #11
Source? Hekate Oct 2018 #12
So the president of the United States Mr.Bill Oct 2018 #14
I remember Bush's first inauguration when there were so many NYC Liberal Oct 2018 #18
+1 Crutchez_CuiBono Oct 2018 #53
Gawd that was a bitter, bitter day. Grasswire2 Oct 2018 #55
That was the day Skinner, Elad & EarlG launched DU. CottonBear Oct 2018 #57
Sneaking into the city so he can host a Nazi rally and celebrate the massacre. lagomorph777 Oct 2018 #78
If it was a dummy, then yep, that's him! nt EleanorR Oct 2018 #33
Trump is a Dummy nt doc03 Oct 2018 #61
It is beyond disrespectful that he even went there. Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2018 #13
This! smirkymonkey Oct 2018 #43
Indeed ck4829 Oct 2018 #74
Power to the good people of Pittsburgh liberal N proud Oct 2018 #15
I love each and every one of those protesters!!!!!!!! ailsagirl Oct 2018 #16
i will be forever grateful to the demonstrators in Pittsburgh. Kurt V. Oct 2018 #17
Pittsburgh is the Gettysburg of this battle... kentuck Oct 2018 #19
Yes indeed! The Liberal Lion Oct 2018 #26
One of a kind event, for sure. I hope it got his attention, as worthless as it is. nt Judi Lynn Oct 2018 #68
Do you hear the people sing? bronxiteforever Oct 2018 #20
Proud Native of Pittsburgh Here orangecrush Oct 2018 #21
Pittsburgh has won my heart, and I stand w/ them in their time of sorrow. RIP. SWBTATTReg Oct 2018 #23
The protestors are singing the Mi Sheiberach, the Jewish prayer of healing, with their arms wrapped riversedge Oct 2018 #24
Someone is carrying this sign. "Tikkun Olam" is the Jewish concept of repairing the world. riversedge Oct 2018 #25
Look at the faces: very serious Marthe48 Oct 2018 #27
please forgive me for this barbtries Oct 2018 #28
You are being way too kind. pennylane100 Oct 2018 #30
i often censor myself barbtries Oct 2018 #31
Your last sentence....yes, that's it exactly. They make us hate. hostalover Oct 2018 #40
I think we are both kind. pennylane100 Oct 2018 #64
Bravo! They make us hate them! LittleGirl Oct 2018 #70
I try to remember one of my mom's sayings. Jedi Guy Oct 2018 #76
Thank you Pittsburgh. Well done. (nt) Paladin Oct 2018 #29
Trump finally gets a look at crowd not his campaign rally groupies onit2day Oct 2018 #80
Blessed are the soup makers. MontanaMama Oct 2018 #32
Best thing I've seen all day mountain grammy Oct 2018 #34
Post removed Post removed Oct 2018 #35
Thanks for the thought, no matter how unpopular it may be. mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2018 #37
It was a peaceful March of grief and solidarity. The city weeps. babydollhead Oct 2018 #39
I agree with you thbobby Oct 2018 #41
Normally I would totally agree. And I still respect your view point. GulfCoast66 Oct 2018 #47
Because he isn't there to pay respects. Cold War Spook Oct 2018 #49
The only "people" making this into politics is the trump gang. "Paying his respects?" That's a laugh PSPS Oct 2018 #62
Force him into the ocean. warmfeet Oct 2018 #36
We were there! As the motorcade came to a standstill, babydollhead Oct 2018 #38
How awesome! hostalover Oct 2018 #42
K&R smirkymonkey Oct 2018 #44
I'm sure the protestors were all paid by Soros and flown in from NY and California... Fiendish Thingy Oct 2018 #46
Pittsburgh is not Trump country. blue neen Oct 2018 #48
Well, yeah...nt Fiendish Thingy Oct 2018 #65
Amazing ZeroSomeBrains Oct 2018 #50
Trump's 1st foray into a Liberal section of a Liberal city ever? maxsolomon Oct 2018 #52
Who says Trump can't draw a bigly crowd? muntrv Oct 2018 #54
Trump hates Pittsburgh more than California now. C Moon Oct 2018 #56
A Little Pride MrQRO Oct 2018 #59
Trump was told by Pittsburgh Mayor to stay away. Trump didn't. Progressive Jones Oct 2018 #66
Amazing images. Thanks for posting these, riversedge. calimary Oct 2018 #69
so many peaceful protectors! Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2018 #71
Thanks for the OP, riversedge. Warms the heart a bit when.... KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2018 #73
K&R ck4829 Oct 2018 #75
Awesome. geardaddy Oct 2018 #77
At a wedding, he wants more attention than the bride. At a funeral, more than the corpse. Marcuse Oct 2018 #79
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