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Judi Lynn

(159,932 posts)
Fri Dec 14, 2018, 11:06 PM Dec 2018

Priest criticized teenager who killed himself at funeral [View all]

Source: Associated Press

Updated 7:44 pm CST, Friday, December 14, 2018

TEMPERANCE, Mich. (AP) — The Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit says it regrets that a priest officiating at a teen's funeral questioned whether he would get to heaven after killing himself.

Maison Hullibarger's father tells the Detroit Free Press that he asked the priest to stop talking during the Dec. 8 funeral Mass. But Jeff Hullibarger says the Rev. Don LaCuesta continued giving a critical sermon at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Temperance.

Hullibarger says some mourners left the church crying.

The archdiocese released a statement Thursday saying it's sorry that an "unbearable situation was made even more difficult." The archdiocese says LaCuesta will not preach at funerals "for the foreseeable future."

Read more: https://www.chron.com/news/us/article/Priest-criticized-teenager-who-killed-himself-at-13468083.php

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I was at a funeral for a friend's father. Gore1FL Dec 2018 #1
Missouri Synod. Says it all. We were taught in parochial school that Catholics were going ... marble falls Dec 2018 #10
I attended Lutheran parochial school too but Raine Dec 2018 #23
Missouri Synod are the Sunni of the Lutheran world. marble falls Dec 2018 #27
SAY WHAT???? The nuns told us it was the LUTHERANS who were going to the fiery place- they wouldnt Kashkakat v.2.0 Dec 2018 #25
They were lying to you. Be sure to pack your pockets Hershey bars, marshmallows and graham crackers, marble falls Dec 2018 #28
I was raised Lutheran but not LCMS Raine Dec 2018 #22
"They can't go to heaven because they're stuck in purgatory. You can free them by donating money" dalton99a Dec 2018 #2
"As soon as a coin in the coffer rings / the soul from purgatory springs." 47of74 Dec 2018 #7
They needed more money Cold War Spook Dec 2018 #32
"questioned whether he would get to heaven after killing himself" keithbvadu2 Dec 2018 #3
Don't assume the news report is perfectly written. thesquanderer Dec 2018 #4
Possible... But the RCC has left in in limbo. keithbvadu2 Dec 2018 #5
The existence of limbo is not a doctrine. Only speculation at best. olegramps Dec 2018 #13
That's Purgatory. I mean limbo as a vague, unspecified doctrine. keithbvadu2 Dec 2018 #18
Catholic doctrine states that only God knows who goes to Heaven vs. Hell Drahthaardogs Dec 2018 #24
It's ok either way. keithbvadu2 Dec 2018 #26
Huh? Drahthaardogs Dec 2018 #31
But not definitive enough for the Church to say/support in this case. keithbvadu2 Dec 2018 #34
What are you talking about, definitive enough in this case? Drahthaardogs Dec 2018 #35
I see you are arguing just for the sake of arguing. keithbvadu2 Dec 2018 #37
Okay, whatever... Drahthaardogs Dec 2018 #38
Wasn't he just following his religion? flying rabbit Dec 2018 #6
My mother converted to Judaism rickyhall Dec 2018 #8
The neighbor kids across our backyard fence told us we were going to hell for being Protestants. milestogo Dec 2018 #11
There is no salvation outside the Church... Drahthaardogs Dec 2018 #36
I thought that was Sgent Dec 2018 #45
Their God is a vengeful psychopath. Is it really worthy of worship? Oneironaut Dec 2018 #9
I can't blame a non-existent god, I would have to blame the people defacto7 Dec 2018 #15
But isn't the Christian God okay with slavery, murder, genocide, and taking sex slaves as "trophies" Oneironaut Dec 2018 #16
In my understanding the god or belief systems are the people. defacto7 Dec 2018 #20
good friends kid did a murder suicide and they had a hard time getting a priest dembotoz Dec 2018 #12
A Christian friend at work many years ago 'informed' me that 'some Jews will go to Heaven.' JudyM Dec 2018 #14
Wow PennyK Dec 2018 #17
Some lack the self-insight and humility to recognize that spoon fed beliefs are not absolute truth. JudyM Dec 2018 #19
They're such brainwashed conformists. Duppers Dec 2018 #21
Brainwashed and blinded, yup. JudyM Dec 2018 #30
As a Buddhist, I am appalled, but not surprised, vlyons Dec 2018 #29
Since I don't believe that human beings can die, Biocentrism, Cold War Spook Dec 2018 #33
❓ We do die. Duppers Dec 2018 #40
Only our physical bodies die. Cold War Spook Dec 2018 #41
The double slit experiment does imply an observer is required to create a past Farmer-Rick Dec 2018 #53
I feel bad but am not at all surprised by this. Crash2Parties Dec 2018 #39
Honest question: Do Catholics these days believe that epilepsy is caused by demonic possession? Jedi Guy Dec 2018 #43
Not that I'm aware of. Crash2Parties Dec 2018 #49
Whew, okay. Jedi Guy Dec 2018 #50
Reading this headline, for me the question is, "Doesn't the AP proofread their headlines?". Totally Tunsie Dec 2018 #42
Agreed. Every time I see that headline I cringe. onenote Dec 2018 #47
That was how I read it as well. smirkymonkey Dec 2018 #48
You stay classy, Father Whoever-You-Are... Jedi Guy Dec 2018 #44
OT, but... how does one get that headline right? JackRiddler Dec 2018 #46
catholics who suicide die in a state of mortal sin rampartc Dec 2018 #51
Fanatics. akraven Dec 2018 #52
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