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21. They will not be a permanent minority party.
Mon Jun 8, 2020, 12:53 PM
Jun 2020

It might be the minority party after the election, but the pendulum never stops. I have very little faith in humans as a species. We may have stopped devolving for now and maybe will evolve for a time, but I believe that in less than 20 years our lives on this planet will begin to come extremely difficult. I am 72 years old and I believe I have will live long enough to see the beginning.

Yeah, it's all about Trump, but also about ideology and policy bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #1
I can only hope and pray that its the death of the Republican Party before it destroys our nation. olegramps Jun 2020 #46
If true that would be the only good thing Trump has done in his whole life. n/t Downtown Hound Jun 2020 #2
Thank You Downtown Hound, You've given me a new question KS Toronado Jun 2020 #22
Lindsey Graham predicted this Scarsdale Jun 2020 #27
Karma's only a bitch if you are. OMGWTF Jun 2020 #36
So true, Scarsdale Jun 2020 #40
Probably being Gay-mailed with photos by Trump. nt NCjack Jun 2020 #44
The hypocracy is what Scarsdale Jun 2020 #47
All I have to say is "GOOD" Dopers_Greed Jun 2020 #3
Or just permanently gone. lagomorph777 Jun 2020 #33
The only surprise should be in how few Harker Jun 2020 #4
Let's make it so! IronLionZion Jun 2020 #5
Got to actually work with Olympia on a community playground that we were building in the late 80's OAITW r.2.0 Jun 2020 #6
Sound great, but I have some questions: Auggie Jun 2020 #7
The GOP will never survive as a regional only party Major Nikon Jun 2020 #8
Well, the donors are Scarsdale Jun 2020 #30
The R party has wealthy donors and wnylib Jun 2020 #39
Getting power for so long was the worst thing that ever happened to them. Warpy Jun 2020 #9
Heard this prediction before. Kyblue1 Jun 2020 #10
And to go along with that...... MyOwnPeace Jun 2020 #25
With our hoped-and-prayed-for-and worked-for good fortune.... RobertDevereaux Jun 2020 #11
Then they will be back under a different name. Probably very patriotic sounding. keithbvadu2 Jun 2020 #15
I don't trust the GOP Jarqui Jun 2020 #12
The Republican Party is the Costa Concordia Mike 03 Jun 2020 #13
they have a 'permanent majority' in their sights... stillcool Jun 2020 #14
Weren't Republicans suppose to be irrelevant after Bush years? Let's hope Dems act boldly if they Pepsidog Jun 2020 #16
Win back the Senate this fall, don't expect a rush to pass the Green New Deal or Medicare for All. StClone Jun 2020 #35
Remove the electoral college... mbusby Jun 2020 #17
Permanent 100% mail-in voting across the country will solve A LOT of problems. OMGWTF Jun 2020 #38
i like to think of it as barbtries Jun 2020 #18
The GOP is divided between the MAGAts/former Tea Partiers and the traditional conservatives Mr. Ected Jun 2020 #19
Not anymore. The MAGAts have pushed out anybody with a trace of conscience. lagomorph777 Jun 2020 #34
Sounds good to me. Hulk Jun 2020 #20
Amazingly enough......... MyOwnPeace Jun 2020 #29
They will not be a permanent minority party. marie999 Jun 2020 #21
Not in the senate zipplewrath Jun 2020 #23
Spare me Scalded Nun Jun 2020 #24
The GOP has been a minority party for many years PSPS Jun 2020 #26
+1 DSandra Jun 2020 #42
Yeah, just like the GOP was finished after Nixon. groundloop Jun 2020 #28
We will still have Fox "News" and millions of gullible imbeciles Yeehah Jun 2020 #31
They'll come roaring back Borchkins Jun 2020 #32
Captain Trump will just steer strongly into that iceberg. He will crush that iceberg tclambert Jun 2020 #37
Don't underestimate the power of racism SpankMe Jun 2020 #41
The Republican Party is fueled by Big Money Martin Eden Jun 2020 #43
YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Dear God, I hope so! And Welcome to DU, Northof American! calimary Jun 2020 #45
REMEMBER THE OLD SAYING... roamer65 Jun 2020 #48
After a review by forum hosts....LOCKING Omaha Steve Jun 2020 #49
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