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12. I think I will recommend that to my GOPher Congress-varmint.
Wed Jun 10, 2020, 04:55 PM
Jun 2020

It might even make HER pathetic head pop.

Cool... Zoonart Jun 2020 #1
Heck, I Would Not Be Surprised If He Started Naming... TomCADem Jun 2020 #23
He doesn't name military bases. I wish they'd pull down his freaking picture at those bases, too.... George II Jun 2020 #2
I would love to see the name changing of the bases marie999 Jun 2020 #3
Someone needs to tell him Mr.Bill Jun 2020 #4
areyouright? They themselves keep telling us bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #8
I like soldiers who aren't traitors lagomorph777 Jun 2020 #25
He just keeps playing to ignorant white wing racists. It's going to catch up with him in Nov. Hoyt Jun 2020 #5
what does he know about history? handmade34 Jun 2020 #6
Many of those military people got captured. They're better than John McCain? George II Jun 2020 #7
Well, they were more racist. There's that. lastlib Jun 2020 #13
Thats OK. President Biden will take care of it after Jan. 20. /nt sdfernando Jun 2020 #9
If you really want to see his head explode (and I DO!!),,,, lastlib Jun 2020 #10
I think I will recommend that to my GOPher Congress-varmint. lastlib Jun 2020 #12
it might even make my GOPher CongressCritter's head explode yellowdogintexas Jun 2020 #20
"very Powerful Bases" is even more cringeworthy when you find out... thesquanderer Jun 2020 #11
I've been stationed at Fort Hood jmowreader Jun 2020 #14
I did AIT at Fort Polk. Ditto. JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2020 #24
If there's no colocated other-service base there, it can't be a Joint Base jmowreader Jun 2020 #26
No one should be surprised sakabatou Jun 2020 #15
Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton on Trump Tweets Defending Confederate-Named Bases soothsayer Jun 2020 #16
Trump makes sure to prove himself a racist asshole every day. hadEnuf Jun 2020 #17
My choice: Fort Rucker sarge43 Jun 2020 #18
Within the first week please, President Biden Maeve Jun 2020 #19
So let's rename Greensboro to Cornwallistown. mwooldri Jun 2020 #21
If you are in Wi.Mi, Oh. Pa. Fl and voted for Trump don't try to justify this and MRDAWG Jun 2020 #22
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