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12. I take it from his apology
Thu Jun 11, 2020, 09:20 AM
Jun 2020

that he was not under orders to attend. I don't know if Thump asked him to go. If not, then he should not have gone. If so, being asked to do something by your commanding officer is a command.

CNN is leading with this right now Mike 03 Jun 2020 #1
pshaw! you were only making a poltical appearance with someone who wants to be a dictator Thomas Hurt Jun 2020 #2
Too fucking late, Gen. Milley...... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 2020 #3
I would like for him to explain what caused him to participate in the first place. madaboutharry Jun 2020 #4
Esper stood up to tRump and so did Joint Chief. Esper moved troops out of DC area Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2020 #8
Yes!, but Trump got his photo-op. The general should understand who he is dealing with... A CON MAN! usaf-vet Jun 2020 #43
+1. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2020 #45
Yes. Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #14
The military is standing up to this corrupt, petty, tin-pot dictator. sop Jun 2020 #5
"Terrible disgrace. He will be replaced by a very good general. I have many very good generals" dalton99a Jun 2020 #6
Yeah, putin will step in now and tell the traitor what to do, find loyal generals Eliot Rosewater Jun 2020 #10
Gonna cause some butt hurt for Bunkerboy. yellowcanine Jun 2020 #7
For someone with such strong convictions, he sure was tone deaf at the time bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #9
Esper should back the general now duforsure Jun 2020 #11
I take it from his apology marie999 Jun 2020 #12
Welcome to DU! FailureToCommunicate Jun 2020 #16
I love how trump has driven away the military. Paladin Jun 2020 #13
Oh, he didn't think they were going to inspect a bathroom? soothsayer Jun 2020 #15
General Miley was dressed for combat . . . Iliyah Jun 2020 #17
yes larwdem Jun 2020 #20
Here's the clip... PunkinPi Jun 2020 #18
MSNBC is reporting this was not "cleared" by the White House. sop Jun 2020 #22
I wouldn't expect it would have been. nt PunkinPi Jun 2020 #23
tRump got his photo op. Scarsdale Jun 2020 #36
Bunkerboi will NOT stand for this public display of regret from "his" top general. Hell, he almost Leghorn21 Jun 2020 #19
Trump has been "set straight" by Milley before in public. sop Jun 2020 #21
"Always easier to ask for forgiveness after the fact, than ask bullwinkle428 Jun 2020 #24
I can hear Trump's head exploding from here. NT Happy Hoosier Jun 2020 #25
Proving my point yet again. lark Jun 2020 #26
Too many 'after the facts' are going Maribelle Jun 2020 #27
Good point. Ligyron Jun 2020 #46
This article tells how Milley wound up wearing fatigues. Still bad optics however. PaulRevere08 Jun 2020 #28
In other words, they got conned. KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2020 #42
It is never too late to admit a mistake.....his words will help ashredux Jun 2020 #29
doesn't wash llashram Jun 2020 #30
What happens after the election before Biden can take over could be even worse. Ligyron Jun 2020 #47
It was a great supporting role to be with Trump as gov't force was used to remove a priest keithbvadu2 Jun 2020 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Jun 2020 #32
Too late. You acquired his stench. Dios Mio Jun 2020 #33
Pity lsewpershad Jun 2020 #34
Trump's sheer stupidity makes me wonder how he ever managed an election campaign. Lonestarblue Jun 2020 #35
Bannon, Miller and a few others under the Scarsdale Jun 2020 #37
"It's better to play dumb than to ask for permission." - from White House letterhead. nt TheFourthMind Jun 2020 #38
Now THAT is a keeper. Ligyron Jun 2020 #48
Somewhat late, but glad to see the apology. riversedge Jun 2020 #39
Guess he is not one of "his fine generals". Enoki33 Jun 2020 #40
More on this from Military.com.... KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2020 #41
I am afraid that from now on you will be known as the "Photo Op General". LudwigPastorius Jun 2020 #44
I suppose some would rather he voiced total support for anything Herr Cheeto ordered. Ligyron Jun 2020 #49
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