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honestly, it's getting absurd with this obsession over statues AlexSFCA Jun 2020 #1
Good luck with that, we're in the midst of a cultural revolution right now ansible Jun 2020 #3
I knew we would see the genocide defenders come out in droves to support Columbus. Cobalt Violet Jun 2020 #14
It's always "absurd" when it comes to acknowledging America's GENOCIDAL roots vs. Indigenous people. Cobalt Violet Jun 2020 #9
agree. I also agree with Gov Cuomo Columbus' statue should stay. Take what we can - onetexan Jun 2020 #12
Fuck that! You're either for Genocide and Racism or against it! Cobalt Violet Jun 2020 #13
you're entitled to your OPINION but your reaction is way overboard. Don't bother responding as i'll onetexan Jun 2020 #26
I'll respond when I want, not when I'm told I can. You aren't the only DUer. Cobalt Violet Jun 2020 #37
SHEEESHHHH onetexan Jun 2020 #43
Sure his statue should stay, Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #21
Tell me one fact about Columbus worth celebrating amuse bouche Jun 2020 #16
It is because tearing down statues is easy Steelrolled Jun 2020 #28
it makes mockery of anti police brutality movement AlexSFCA Jun 2020 #46
Confederate (war) statues vs. Columbus seems a little much. patricia92243 Jun 2020 #2
oh really?? Please explain. Cobalt Violet Jun 2020 #10
+1 K&R onetexan Jun 2020 #27
Offensive Western statues like this one in California appalachiablue Jun 2020 #4
Wow. Never seen that. Yuck. SunSeeker Jun 2020 #6
The foul sculpture 'Early Days' was fortunately taken down appalachiablue Jun 2020 #30
Save their souls.....then kill them... paleotn Jun 2020 #20
Indeed; the sculpture is down now, SEE post #30 appalachiablue Jun 2020 #31
Wow, that evil cleric is trying to cast Conversion Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #22
Now removed, see Post #30 appalachiablue Jun 2020 #32
Yay!! Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #45
We can certainly stand a little rethinking of who we glorify with statues. SunSeeker Jun 2020 #5
Agreed Sherman A1 Jun 2020 #17
Columbus "discovered" a land that had been settled for millennia... ExciteBike66 Jun 2020 #7
The Sopranos explained it well ansible Jun 2020 #8
They are ignorant racists is why they are so gung-ho. Cobalt Violet Jun 2020 #11
We were fed a lot of garbage as kids in school. Columbus was pretty awful amuse bouche Jun 2020 #15
Wonder why that statue of Andrew Jackson is still there in New Orleans packman Jun 2020 #18
His 1814 battle against Britain Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #23
He a was a President, a war hero, and almost single-handedly founded the Democratic Party Polybius Jun 2020 #34
It doesn't matter. former9thward Jun 2020 #47
There's a Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei paleotn Jun 2020 #19
I'm part Sicilian and I completely agree.nt Javaman Jun 2020 #35
+1 stillcool Jun 2020 #44
Maybe we need a statue of St Brendan, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2020 #49
Thank you for posting that scene from the Sopranos... tenderfoot Jun 2020 #24
Fine, then the people will take it down themselves. warrior1 Jun 2020 #25
No, they won't. former9thward Jun 2020 #48
I think "discovering" America is of greater value than leading an army of secession RussBLib Jun 2020 #29
The Norse beat him here by about 500 years. marie999 Jun 2020 #33
so I hear RussBLib Jun 2020 #36
They also didn't try to enslave the natives DBoon Jun 2020 #42
Why not honor a pimple? Cobalt Violet Jun 2020 #38
Nope. paleotn Jun 2020 #39
that's the name my brain could not pull up RussBLib Jun 2020 #40
Surely there must be a better representative of Italian heritage? DBoon Jun 2020 #41
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