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19. So the health department knows that they should be wearing masks,
Fri Jun 12, 2020, 10:22 AM
Jun 2020

but says you don't have to wear one if you don't want to.

Don't miss Orange County one bit. C Moon Jun 2020 #1
Yeah I really need to find a new place to live. Initech Jun 2020 #2
I do. sandensea Jun 2020 #9
Grew up in Huntington Beach, I really don't BuddhaGirl Jun 2020 #20
HB's mayor fought Newsom tooth and nail about keeping the beaches open. C Moon Jun 2020 #24
Shit. i work with those people BootinUp Jun 2020 #3
OC Republicans still butthurt over the county turning blue in 2018 have gone nuts. SunSeeker Jun 2020 #4
Yeah I know, I live here. Initech Jun 2020 #13
Health orders by mob rule will work out just fine. TeamPooka Jun 2020 #5
This and the reopening of Disneyland... BadgerMom Jun 2020 #6
Shaking my head. Buckeye_Democrat Jun 2020 #7
The next wave, if it happens , is going to be nuts TristanIsolde Jun 2020 #8
The second wave is going to be a tsunami. Initech Jun 2020 #15
During the 1918 flu pandemic the 2nd wave was worse than the 1st. sdfernando Jun 2020 #17
I've been saying since the pandemic began that history is repeating itself. Initech Jun 2020 #18
Orange County Snowflakes pitched a tantrum Blues Heron Jun 2020 #10
Ha! Good one BuddhaGirl Jun 2020 #21
Thanks BuddhaGirl! Blues Heron Jun 2020 #23
So according to OC residents New Zealand didn't happen? In Orange Co. laws of physics don't apply? Ford_Prefect Jun 2020 #11
Vegas is a 4 hour drive from where I live. Initech Jun 2020 #14
Sounds like a place ripe for urban renewal, no? Ford_Prefect Jun 2020 #16
Ugh. soothsayer Jun 2020 #12
So the health department knows that they should be wearing masks, marie999 Jun 2020 #19
Rethug County xxqqqzme Jun 2020 #22
aren't those positions elected in low turnout off year elections? pstokely Jun 2020 #26
Well on a positive note many can afford their inevitable hospitalizations so there's that ,,,, nt live love laugh Jun 2020 #25
They should be required to waive medical assistance. Evergreen Emerald Jun 2020 #27
I've been car shopping lately. Initech Jun 2020 #28
It is troubling. Evergreen Emerald Jun 2020 #29
complain to Toyota corporate pstokely Jun 2020 #31
Captain Trumps. roamer65 Jun 2020 #30
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