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38. I'm curious. Are Trump supporters really totally ignorant about the way votes (absentee or
Mon Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM
Jun 2020

otherwise) are checked against a voter registration database? If there are two or more votes in the name of any voter in the database, do they think they will all be counted?

He's demented. George II Jun 2020 #1
Projecting again IronLionZion Jun 2020 #2
King of Projection dempls Jun 2020 #3
Shows that he won't accept the election result. He also knows that mail-in Doodley Jun 2020 #4
Always seeks foreign help, and stokes racism to absorb energy bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #5
Guess putin is repurposing some of his US greenback presses to print ballots erronis Jun 2020 #6
Will someone please explain to him that it doesn't work like that???? Maeve Jun 2020 #7
THIS!!! pazzyanne Jun 2020 #8
2 words and 3 words Botany Jun 2020 #10
Plus.. droidamus2 Jun 2020 #22
Thread winner 👆 flibbitygiblets Jun 2020 #29
+1 dalton99a Jun 2020 #30
Signature matching is a voter suppression tactic. It should be illegal. lagomorph777 Jun 2020 #37
Is it not the Democratic-House majority who holds the budget purse? Lock him up. Jun 2020 #42
I think he knows. ZenDem Jun 2020 #16
That's it in a nutshell KS Toronado Jun 2020 #31
He is scared... very scared ashredux Jun 2020 #9
Sounds like a set up for some monkey business. overleft Jun 2020 #11
So, this is one of his 2020 campaign promises? (nt) muriel_volestrangler Jun 2020 #12
He'll claim mail in fraud as the reason if he gets whomped in November Tom Rinaldo Jun 2020 #13
He is close to being cornered... TommyCelt Jun 2020 #14
I think he will start a war Yeehah Jun 2020 #21
At least he's letting us know his plans for November AleksS Jun 2020 #15
I'm afraid he'll use that Winger running the USPS to halt all ballots. machoneman Jun 2020 #20
Anything and everything to detract from that crowd last night..Anything, any lie, any spy, any guy, Stuart G Jun 2020 #17
There was no need to distract from the crowd, lagomorph777 Jun 2020 #36
He must have ordered some from China. n/t 5X Jun 2020 #18
proves he has no idea how any state ballot system works beachbumbob Jun 2020 #19
Mailed Ballots: The perfect paper trail. Marcuse Jun 2020 #23
Why Would Anyone Want To Advertise On Twitter DallasNE Jun 2020 #24
And how many times has he said this weaselly cop-out packman Jun 2020 #25
Projecting again MissMillie Jun 2020 #26
King con reveals xxqqqzme Jun 2020 #27
OMG! tRump is right, they are already being secretly supplied. So official looking! PaulRevere08 Jun 2020 #28
This is just so damned exhausting matt819 Jun 2020 #32
That's exactly what HE envisions HE could do! So, as with our security stripped money, ancianita Jun 2020 #33
Code for "I and my people have asked my boss in Russia to do this."? cstanleytech Jun 2020 #34
He projects like an iMAX. lagomorph777 Jun 2020 #35
I'm curious. Are Trump supporters really totally ignorant about the way votes (absentee or Nitram Jun 2020 #38
I know! moose65 Jun 2020 #41
The COVID Tour continues! Fans are flocking to meet their maker. Nitram Jun 2020 #39
Russia-connected group pushed fake documents aimed at political flashpoints, researchers say dalton99a Jun 2020 #40
It extrudes from his mouth, elleng Jun 2020 #43
I guarantee you Astraea Jun 2020 #44
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