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Kid Berwyn

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80. Ratcliffe is a real moron. And a traitor.
Sun Jun 28, 2020, 12:56 PM
Jun 2020
About your new Director of National Intelligence

“He berated Mueller, the former head of the FBI, for stating that President Donald Trump was not fully exonerated in his eponymous report on his findings of the nearly two-year-long investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the possibility of obstruction of justice by the President.”

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/29/politics/john-ratcliffe-dni-dan-coats/index.html

In other words: The guy in charge of the intelligence needed to protect the United States from its enemies stands with a traitor.
Bullshit . . Iliyah Jun 2020 #1
A whole herd full. nt cstanleytech Jun 2020 #11
That was the first word I thought of! mwb970 Jun 2020 #22
+1000 sinkingfeeling Jun 2020 #32
Sure I believe Ms. Kayleigh, the White House, and Trump. Botany Jun 2020 #2
You mean other than about his campaign having a secret meeting with the Russians to enlist cstanleytech Jun 2020 #10
Or not knowing mob bosses or that he cut off all communications with Jeffery Epstein or that he ... Botany Jun 2020 #12
Plus there are the lies he told when he took his marriage vows. cstanleytech Jun 2020 #13
Who cares about his marriage vows? Scarsdale Jun 2020 #75
So the President was not told another country was paying a kill bounty? Bullshit!!! cstanleytech Jun 2020 #3
Well, we know he doesn't READ the intelligence briefings, so... Lock him up. Jun 2020 #66
It is almost impossible that he wouldn't be briefed about something so significant. Doodley Jun 2020 #4
Aha! I see your mistake leftieNanner Jun 2020 #16
this ** CloudWatcher Jun 2020 #40
They didn't prepare a colorful power point presentation ToxMarz Jun 2020 #61
"they are subject to strict scrutiny" denem Jun 2020 #5
Searching for the fall guy who will be blamed for thinking this was a NothingBurger bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #6
trump was told but rejected and forgot about it because Putin told him to. TeamPooka Jun 2020 #35
Translation: Mr.Bill Jun 2020 #7
Or was he doing this while being briefed? tanyev Jun 2020 #8
Lying MF'ing BULLSHIT. He is owned by Russia, and he is a traitor to our country. Enough both sides Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #9
I agree rockfordfile Jun 2020 #65
So, now that he knows, what's he gonna do about it? Xipe Totec Jun 2020 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Jul 2020 #85
They probably figured Trump knew about it long before the intelligence agencies did. ZZenith Jun 2020 #15
Was this serial liar donnie bodybags (even more apropos now) mouthpiece then? niyad Jun 2020 #17
He's the fucking CIC. aquamarina Jun 2020 #18
Kayleigh is just making a bad matter worse ladym55 Jun 2020 #19
So, the "Wall Street Journal" also lied...Note Trump attacks the NYT, not the Journal.. Stuart G Jun 2020 #20
Bullshit!! Trump is compromised!! Baked Potato Jun 2020 #21
It HAS to be. Mike 03 Jun 2020 #26
Yes, this is just terrible. He will be tested on this. Baked Potato Jun 2020 #34
I take no responsibility? BeyondGeography Jun 2020 #23
A Ridiculous Lie... And even if it were true, do you honestly believe Mike 03 Jun 2020 #24
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2020 #25
White House Says Traildogbob Jun 2020 #27
Trump has told 18,000 + lies as of April 14, 2020 Botany Jun 2020 #31
uh huh.. agingdem Jun 2020 #28
This isn't going to age well when someone leaks that it made it into the WH daily intelligence brief Major Nikon Jun 2020 #29
Wait a minute Travel Hat Jun 2020 #30
Maybe he was playing with his phone during the briefing. sinkingfeeling Jun 2020 #33
Yeah, I'll bet. So, even if he was "just informed," why retweet lame Park Police wanted posters catbyte Jun 2020 #36
No, I totally believe it. Grokenstein Jun 2020 #37
Simply put: I call bullshit. QED Jun 2020 #38
Yeah, no I do not believe this. I do believe he paid little attention to the briefing. yellowcanine Jun 2020 #39
Oh BULLSHIT! sakabatou Jun 2020 #41
This says differently benld74 Jun 2020 #42
Briefed AND given response options. Chemisse Jun 2020 #47
lying liars say what?... bringthePaine Jun 2020 #43
The fucker's pants are on fire, so... RobertDevereaux Jun 2020 #44
BULL SHIT ashredux Jun 2020 #45
tRump does turn down a lot of briefings because he thinks they're boring and most aren't in comic yaesu Jun 2020 #46
The hate house bdamomma Jun 2020 #48
Brings to mind a Three Dog Night song. Ferrets are Cool Jun 2020 #49
Then he should FIRE THEM!!'n ashredux Jun 2020 #50
1) Bullshit! 2) If he wasn't, why wasn't he? More incompetence. NurseJackie Jun 2020 #51
exactly. nt live love laugh Jun 2020 #67
Right trump and the WH tell the truth,lol! duforsure Jun 2020 #52
Sure, Trump lies thosands of times Progressive dog Jun 2020 #53
I guess the buck stops where? Oh, I know, PatrickforO Jun 2020 #54
Please don't bring rubbish to DU. GeorgeGist Jun 2020 #55
What do you mean? murielm99 Jun 2020 #56
Not sure what you mean by this post. This is a major story being reported in all news outlets-- Mrs. Overall Jun 2020 #60
He is the FUCKING PRESIDENT!!!?! ashredux Jun 2020 #57
Yeah, good luck with selling that BS Docreed2003 Jun 2020 #58
Yeah right Rebl2 Jun 2020 #59
If they are saying Putin never did that, Mr.Bill Jun 2020 #62
Remember Dan Rather's downfall and GW's victory 70sEraVet Jun 2020 #63
I agree rockfordfile Jun 2020 #71
This is absolute, CYA horseshit. LudwigPastorius Jun 2020 #64
Otherwise, he would have done what? louis-t Jun 2020 #68
The only reason they wouldn't brief him on this is if he's been compromised n/t DVDGuy Jun 2020 #70
Slimy Worms are Not getting away with their LIES. Cha Jun 2020 #72
It does not matter if he new or didn't know scarytomcat Jun 2020 #73
Right. He SHOULD have known. Nt raccoon Jun 2020 #77
He tuned it out because there was no "Democrats are bad" angle to be had. chriscan64 Jun 2020 #74
Yeah, right. Nt raccoon Jun 2020 #76
I have the following for sale for anyone who believes that... 47of74 Jun 2020 #78
Keeping this story in the forefront jcgoldie Jun 2020 #79
Ratcliffe is a real moron. And a traitor. Kid Berwyn Jun 2020 #80
Or, he wasn't listening when he was so briefed... malthaussen Jun 2020 #81
Bullshit he is the commander and chief of the armed forces Woodwizard Jun 2020 #82
Kick ck4829 Jul 2020 #83
In 2020, "White House says" equals "can't be trusted." nt greyl Jul 2020 #84
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