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He will be "correcting" that statement before the day is out....Wanna bet? ashredux Jun 2020 #1
Either that or he's FORMER Human Services Secretary Alex Azar groundloop Jun 2020 #23
Anybody want to get that barn door? Botany Jun 2020 #2
That isn't a brown post behind that horse is it? n/t marie999 Jun 2020 #10
The fucking horse has been sighted 2 counties over... jcgoldie Jun 2020 #18
lol, we miss that chance back in February beachbumbob Jun 2020 #3
Republican Senate refused to remove Trump and now we're in this mess bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #4
Daily new U.S. cases, 7 day moving average: +77% in last 2 1/2 weeks progree Jun 2020 #5
And older people are forced to hide out at hime because of younger people. Lonestarblue Jun 2020 #7
Older people can't hide forever NickB79 Jun 2020 #15
Young People Do Risk Death! louzke9 Jun 2020 #19
Not all of we older people have been HockeyMom Jun 2020 #35
I live in New York as well... SergeStorms Jun 2020 #36
Gov Wolfe has announced Bars can no longer serve Alchohol. Tommymac Jun 2020 #37
Since when? HockeyMom Jun 2020 #38
My Bad...It is only Allegheny County. Tommymac Jun 2020 #39
So does it make sense to quarantine everyone with risk factors? greymattermom Jun 2020 #6
Makes better sense than quaranting everybody without risk factors. n/t Igel Jun 2020 #14
No, everybody should be quarantined. People who don't have risk factors can totodeinhere Jun 2020 #21
Think About That, Again ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #22
The senior living facility industry employs almost a million Americans entering and leaving daily NickB79 Jun 2020 #25
You're Not Thinking This Through ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #26
I have already thought about it. Without everybody on quarantine, community spread will continue totodeinhere Jun 2020 #28
I Don't Think You Have ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #30
I'd Like To See RobinA Jun 2020 #27
Yes of course you want to visit grandma. But if that visit cannot be safe would you really totodeinhere Jun 2020 #29
Well, he must be right Chainfire Jun 2020 #8
Its a Not So Secret Message.... louzke9 Jun 2020 #9
In May we had this discussion. Igel Jun 2020 #16
Says the guy who still has this job, for some unknown reason ... hatrack Jun 2020 #11
This is going to be the nail in Trump's coffin Major Nikon Jun 2020 #12
That is why, as little as I do know about CVovid-19, marie999 Jun 2020 #13
If the window is closing, where is HHS's plan for corralling the outbreak? Azar's comments are iluvtennis Jun 2020 #17
Due to the total abdication of any duty by the Admin., that ship done sailed. Totally inept or Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #20
If things continue as I expect, this fall/winter will be horrific nt Javaman Jun 2020 #24
I think that ship has sailed. Marie Marie Jun 2020 #31
So what are YOU doing about it, Alex? Retrograde Jun 2020 #32
Tomorrow, Trump will say he's a great person relayerbob Jun 2020 #33
Or a few months late on that one IronLionZion Jun 2020 #34
Why isn't Azar issuing a nationwide mask mandate? WTF SunSeeker Jun 2020 #40
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