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In vino veritas Maeve Jul 2020 #1
I Like A James McMurtry Line, Ma'am The Magistrate Jul 2020 #49
Did he drive home drunk? Sanity Claws Jul 2020 #2
Strange idea that when you "lose control," racism is what comes out. NT enough Jul 2020 #3
Isn't that so true! Akakoji Jul 2020 #10
At least he didn't say he was "joking" like trump would. mwb970 Jul 2020 #14
That jumped out at me too. Like it's a demon in his head, constantly pressuring him. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #27
Under stress, the true voice emerges. forgotmylogin Jul 2020 #35
The apology isn't enough mdbl Jul 2020 #4
not buying it. Damage control. He's a rascist a-hole or he would not have done that. Drunk or sober. Evolve Dammit Jul 2020 #5
Many others have been fired for such bucolic_frolic Jul 2020 #6
My sister's saying "a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts" blueinredohio Jul 2020 #7
the SOB's company needs to kick him to the curb. if it's his own company clients need to bail onetexan Jul 2020 #30
You got a smart sister. Phoenix61 Jul 2020 #37
If you worked for certain large corporations in the late 20th century Steelrolled Jul 2020 #44
And allegedly, this lovely exchange AFTER the video got out CurtEastPoint Jul 2020 #8
+1. Michael Lofthouse is a hardcore white supremacist dalton99a Jul 2020 #21
And sadly, British. I hate that. I know it's everywhere but I always think the Brits are kind. CurtEastPoint Jul 2020 #25
most are but look at how Meghan markle was treated and had to leave JI7 Jul 2020 #28
Yes. CurtEastPoint Jul 2020 #36
Not really. There are many who are not racists, but.... jrthin Jul 2020 #39
Realized it was going to cost him financially. captain queeg Jul 2020 #9
Most likely will be fired in short order. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #29
i hope all the company's clients bail to teach this racist a lesson if they don't kick him out onetexan Jul 2020 #32
Those are some deeply held beliefs. ToxMarz Jul 2020 #11
He won't change. mwb970 Jul 2020 #12
Woops - did that get recorded? Time to invoke the PR crisis plans... getagrip_already Jul 2020 #13
Nobody with any sense believes this garbage MrScorpio Jul 2020 #15
fuck him JI7 Jul 2020 #16
He got caught. nt Laffy Kat Jul 2020 #17
That was a very nice apology. marie999 Jul 2020 #18
Evidently white immigrants are inherently superior and have a right to tell POC to leave dalton99a Jul 2020 #19
I am certain that his behavior is appalling UpInArms Jul 2020 #20
Yup. It's all bs... 2naSalit Jul 2020 #22
Unprovoked dalton99a Jul 2020 #24
So glad this young lady used her phone camera to capture the exchange - it's our best weapon!! onetexan Jul 2020 #33
When wealthy educated deplorables say "Trump's going to fuck you" IronLionZion Jul 2020 #23
Trump's going to fuck you... skypilot Jul 2020 #31
Come November we'll make sure to screw both the Idiot, his enablers & rabid followers onetexan Jul 2020 #34
Surprise, trumpkins! Grokenstein Jul 2020 #42
I guess they view trump as an orange dildo. Small dildo of course. captain queeg Jul 2020 #43
I thought he had an accent and found out he is from the UK JI7 Jul 2020 #26
And San Francisco has such a large Asian population it's hard to believe he is such a racist living kimbutgar Jul 2020 #38
You think there aren't loads of racist people living in SF? Steelrolled Jul 2020 #46
Well, apparently Miguelito Loveless Jul 2020 #40
"I'm so sorry I showed zentrum Jul 2020 #41
He regrets getting caught, but isn't 'sorry' for anything. Talitha Jul 2020 #45
boycott his company rockfordfile Jul 2020 #47
Re: Michael Lofthouse Girl powers Jul 2020 #48
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