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10. Killing public school teachers is the objective.
Wed Jul 8, 2020, 01:59 PM
Jul 2020

1) Most public school teachers vote Democratic.
2) Killing public school teachers makes it easier to kill the public school system, something the GOP has been trying to do for years.
3) DeVos was nominated and confirmed to destroy public education.

We're doomed. How do we stop these assholes? TreasonousBastard Jul 2020 #1
VOTE lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #20
Soldiers weren't enough, Miguelito Loveless Jul 2020 #2
LOL. They will now have to be referred to as "guidelines" (i.e., not real guidelines) PSPS Jul 2020 #3
Just like "president". Or WH "facts" and "We won't lie to you". erronis Jul 2020 #9
This is madness Botany Jul 2020 #4
All part of Putin/Trump's Pay For Slay program lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #21
If you are at CDC, RESIGN today. Moostache Jul 2020 #5
They pretty much own the place now. They are rancid as Steve Schmidt stated so well. Death and Evolve Dammit Jul 2020 #6
He's really going to hurt kids in red states JustAnotherGen Jul 2020 #7
This is so fucking stupid! Tree-Hugger Jul 2020 #8
Killing public school teachers is the objective. Freethinker65 Jul 2020 #10
HOW many years in jail cynical_idealist Jul 2020 #17
Where is the most reliable source of information? Sucha NastyWoman Jul 2020 #11
Might be time for a radical change to the education system. cstanleytech Jul 2020 #12
Of course the schools can reopen -- just test everyone who sets foot in it rocktivity Jul 2020 #13
Dr. Oz said our children should go back to school because only 2-3% of them would die. keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #14
But wait -- there's more. rocktivity Jul 2020 #16
The VIRUS is the reason why schools shouldn't open rocktivity Jul 2020 #15
The federal government accounts for 8% of total school budgets. marie999 Jul 2020 #18
I understand wanting kids in school... stillcool Jul 2020 #19
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