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29. So the grand jury will see these records.
Thu Jul 9, 2020, 01:06 PM
Jul 2020

I am assuming that the members of the grand jury will not include anyone who has had a close family member die from the Covid-19 because we wouldn't want anyone to leak the documents.

Criminal case expected safeinOhio Jul 2020 #1
How does that make them available to the public? FOIA? Maraya1969 Jul 2020 #2
Very likely. Also, after prosecutions begin, they're probably public. Don't forget the ancianita Jul 2020 #3
This is a state court issue (NYAG), not federal (SDNY), so Barr has no influence. eggplant Jul 2020 #18
Ah, okay. I was unaware and thought it was through SDNY. Thank you. ancianita Jul 2020 #19
My mistake, it is the Manhattan DA (Vance), not NYAG (James). eggplant Jul 2020 #31
Eliminating Barr now makes the publicizing of the records more likely once the prosecution ancianita Jul 2020 #20
Not likely any time soon... BlueIdaho Jul 2020 #17
So the grand jury will see these records. marie999 Jul 2020 #29
I appreciate your sarcasm but... BlueIdaho Jul 2020 #30
Roberts made a deal..worst umpire ever. mountain grammy Jul 2020 #4
I'm sure he was purely constitutional in his rebalancing the DOJ's power and ancianita Jul 2020 #8
WOOOOOO.....WOOT!! Bayard Jul 2020 #5
Right. ancianita Jul 2020 #9
It seems the reality is more nuanced. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #6
Yes. But now that SCOTUS has ruled publicly, one never knows how/when some records might leak. ancianita Jul 2020 #10
Exactly DownriverDem Jul 2020 #12
Not before more months of lower court runaround. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #13
Maybe before. Because once the Manhattan case begins, other courts might drop it or issue ancianita Jul 2020 #16
Doubt they will ever be made public MichMan Jul 2020 #7
Raise your hand if DownriverDem Jul 2020 #11
Hand raised. I place my bet on October 2021. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #14
Ah yes, the October surprise vlyons Jul 2020 #21
Well, sorta. Only in off-year elections, such as Virginia state elections. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #22
... ancianita Jul 2020 #15
You mean 1 Brave Patriot will rise up to the occasion and save the US of A from Putin? Lock him up. Jul 2020 #27
What happens if the house subpoena's them from NYS? getagrip_already Jul 2020 #23
I'm no lawyer but you sound like you've got something there. ancianita Jul 2020 #24
Cue a mad rush to find a stooge to put into office Warpy Jul 2020 #25
By whom? Vance is a Manhattan district attorney, so Congress & Barr can't touch him. ancianita Jul 2020 #26
New York STATE law. Lock him up. Jul 2020 #28
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