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27. OK that's valid
Thu Oct 1, 2020, 11:38 AM
Oct 2020

I used to work in direct mail advertising once upon a time, many years ago. In fact I was a production manager and I handled outsourcing of printing and matched-mailing contracts to outside vendors.

I hear you, the vendors must show proof that they did their job correctly. and if they haven't done it right then MY job is on the line. However in these weird times of the pandemic I doubt very much that the vendor in Rochester allowed customers on their shop floor to oversee their projects. And I doubt that any production manager from Brooklyn (or somewhere in the NYC area) was able or willing to go to Rochester to oversee what should have been a routine matched-mailing program.

These companies do this type of work all the time, that's why they get awarded those contracts. This company Phoenix Technologies, I don't know anything about them, but they majorly fucked up. It has to be deliberate and politically motivated, that's all I can say. Maybe the night manager is a raving Chump lunatic, I don't know. There's going to be a huge liability issue and they are at fault.

Well ... are they just people who used to live in the residence? mr_lebowski Sep 2020 #1
Later in the art is says: OneCrazyDiamond Sep 2020 #2
Okay thanks ... clarifies that question but raises another ... mr_lebowski Sep 2020 #3
I hear that. OneCrazyDiamond Sep 2020 #9
No - absentee ballots are only being sent to those who requested them brooklynite Oct 2020 #24
"1 in 5 mail ballots rejected in botched NYC primary" PoliticAverse Sep 2020 #4
This plays right into Trumps hands - obviously invalid ballots! nt Earthshine2 Sep 2020 #5
Phoenix Graphics out of Rochester is responsible mainer Sep 2020 #6
Good information, thanks! Another republican setup. George II Sep 2020 #8
There are only a few angry comments on their FB page, so far. Habibi Sep 2020 #13
When it comes to republicans and elections... SergeStorms Sep 2020 #14
sabotage, perhaps? so Trump can point and scream? RussBLib Oct 2020 #22
NYC BOE should have checked all documents before distribution brooklynite Oct 2020 #25
This is ominous. not_the_one Sep 2020 #7
Was Brooklyn's USPS targeted by DeJoy inc.??? ananda Sep 2020 #10
Please see comment #6 - it's not the city's fault FakeNoose Sep 2020 #12
Thanks. So it's a Republican hatchet job. ananda Sep 2020 #15
If I hire a company to do something and I'm managing the contract, I'M RESPONSIBLE brooklynite Oct 2020 #26
OK that's valid FakeNoose Oct 2020 #27
Want to bet they never looked or called to verify. Historic NY Sep 2020 #11
If you received one you correct it by doing this..... BigmanPigman Sep 2020 #16
I find it significant that it targets Democratic precincts mainer Sep 2020 #17
It's two counties in/around NYC. Igel Sep 2020 #20
Russian pre-election dry run? mpcamb Sep 2020 #18
When we got our Virginia absentee ballots, my wife andI scrupulously examined every word for Nitram Sep 2020 #19
Just vote in person, NY has early voting. radius777 Oct 2020 #21
"Phoenix Graphics did not respond to USA TODAY's request for comment" Of course they didn't Bengus81 Oct 2020 #23
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