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54. Have you read the report?
Wed Oct 10, 2012, 03:40 PM
Oct 2012

Either you're a very fast reader, or it might be wise to withhold judgement.

You'll have a lot of answering to do.

Color me shocked cliffordu Oct 2012 #1
Well, that kind of puts a nail that whole "Livestrong" stuff. MADem Oct 2012 #2
It validates what I've been saying all these years to friends madokie Oct 2012 #76
Grant us mercy slackmaster Oct 2012 #3
Yep RobinA Oct 2012 #44
Are there allegations of crimes? closeupready Oct 2012 #4
Looks like the Feds closed their case against him last February IDemo Oct 2012 #8
Okay, thanks. closeupready Oct 2012 #12
Again another "rehashed scandal of doping in sports" occurring as diversion during political glinda Oct 2012 #17
Why they closed it is controversial. wtmusic Oct 2012 #30
That entire sport is corrupt sharp_stick Oct 2012 #5
It's hard to imagine any sport that isn't corrupt when it comes to PEDs. HuckleB Oct 2012 #21
I'd be surprised if any rider in the pro peleton was NOT doping taught_me_patience Oct 2012 #38
Could you say a little more about that... psychopomp Oct 2012 #92
The back of the peloton is seldom the best place to be, for several reasons wtmusic Oct 2012 #93
It's also known as getting dropped taught_me_patience Oct 2012 #94
So much for "Armstrong is being persecuted" Andy Stanton Oct 2012 #6
Agree with you 100%. A sactimonious cheat getting rich by subverting the system. byeya Oct 2012 #20
He is very wealthy - the Govt should sue him for their funding back adigal Oct 2012 #7
really? hockeynut57 Oct 2012 #9
Just ask your doctor, if you don't mind strokes, heart attack, seizures and risk of fatality just1voice Oct 2012 #74
Once Armstrong agreed to accept all sanctions I figured something like this would come out. groundloop Oct 2012 #10
The TDF Has a Problem AndyTiedye Oct 2012 #25
If all used dope then didn't he win the awards fair and sqare? Missycim Oct 2012 #34
No wtmusic Oct 2012 #46
Yeah, I called it then, too Blue_Tires Oct 2012 #83
That kind of outrageous dishonesty takes... Orrex Oct 2012 #11
Yep! brush Oct 2012 #27
Well, the problem is that the tests that were administered to Armstrong BlueMTexpat Oct 2012 #13
More than 500 tests for doping...none of them came back positive. nt. OldDem2012 Oct 2012 #14
Exactly. eom BlueMTexpat Oct 2012 #16
Yup. truebrit71 Oct 2012 #19
It's not only testimony Andy Stanton Oct 2012 #23
Why does it "mean nothing" that Armstrong passed all those drug tests? nt JudyM Oct 2012 #24
Armstrong, like all Tour riders, made a science out of beating the system wtmusic Oct 2012 #33
I knew way before this happened that they'd get him on something Missycim Oct 2012 #35
This is an American prosecution wtmusic Oct 2012 #45
Here let me fix that for you ..."This is an American presecution"... truebrit71 Oct 2012 #48
Nope...you've run out of steam. wtmusic Oct 2012 #49
there is no american prosecution arely staircase Oct 2012 #67
Prosecution by an American agency wtmusic Oct 2012 #77
there is no such thing arely staircase Oct 2012 #78
Did you get a law degree from the back of a magazine? wtmusic Oct 2012 #79
no they only prosecute those indicted by them arely staircase Oct 2012 #81
There are liars and cheats from evey state wtmusic Oct 2012 #82
no but arely staircase Oct 2012 #84
Then maybe your need to tickle your brainbone a little wtmusic Oct 2012 #85
and not even that definition works arely staircase Oct 2012 #86
OK wtmusic Oct 2012 #87
i am the fan of nobody's ability to ride a bicycle arely staircase Oct 2012 #88
I guess you cared enough to click on this thread. wtmusic Oct 2012 #89
maybe you should read more slowly or something arely staircase Oct 2012 #90
From the person who first believed a prosecution required a grand jury wtmusic Oct 2012 #91
yep, everybody but lance is lying.. frylock Oct 2012 #63
I guess the hundreds of pages of evidence will explain how he beat the system.. snooper2 Oct 2012 #22
Thank you for that. I appreciate another viewpoint and opinion on this. uppityperson Oct 2012 #18
There is strong evidence that Armstrong tested positive for EPO in 1999 wtmusic Oct 2012 #31
In that case, that's the REAL story that needs to come out Blasphemer Oct 2012 #70
You have the years backwards DotGone Oct 2012 #71
yes, thanks. nt wtmusic Oct 2012 #80
Thanks for the information! proverbialwisdom Oct 2012 #53
It is pretty black and white at this point. DanTex Oct 2012 #57
The Postal Service is doping? Myrina Oct 2012 #15
Ever since he lent his "good name" to HeWhoShallNotBeNamed LiberalLovinLug Oct 2012 #26
He also hired Karl Rove's legal team to defend him nt wtmusic Oct 2012 #32
He must've been using masking agents toby jo Oct 2012 #28
It appears to me that the only totally objective proof here is that humblebum Oct 2012 #29
You might want to read the actual report and rethink this. wtmusic Oct 2012 #41
Yup. Looks like a personal grudge more than anything else... truebrit71 Oct 2012 #50
Have you read the report? wtmusic Oct 2012 #54
Nope, and neither have you.. truebrit71 Oct 2012 #59
Defensive much? wtmusic Oct 2012 #61
Not sure where that 500 number came from. I think Lance just made it up. DanTex Oct 2012 #62
The 500 number is an outright lie by Lance, his lawyers, and PR team DotGone Oct 2012 #65
I have read most if not all riders use some kind of juice Missycim Oct 2012 #36
Enough of the blah, blah, blah press releases. ManiacJoe Oct 2012 #37
Here's the report wtmusic Oct 2012 #42
Thank you for the link! ManiacJoe Oct 2012 #69
I don't want to believe. Ash_F Oct 2012 #39
You and millions of others. wtmusic Oct 2012 #43
Sworn testimony from 23 people = case closed. Nye Bevan Oct 2012 #40
Maybe not, but at least two are known liars... truebrit71 Oct 2012 #51
I don't think they were somehow able to persuade 23 people to commit perjury. Nye Bevan Oct 2012 #55
Way more than two. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2012 #73
Meh... Javaman Oct 2012 #47
He's a Republican GeorgeGist Oct 2012 #52
Nope. truebrit71 Oct 2012 #60
What A Bunch of !!!!!!!!!!! elbloggoZY27 Oct 2012 #56
Did 23 people perjure themselves and testify against the innocent guy? (nt) Nye Bevan Oct 2012 #72
Instant cure for Lance holdouts: wtmusic Oct 2012 #58
Update: Armstrong paid Dr Michele Ferrari over $1 Million over his career. DanTex Oct 2012 #64
Michele "Doping is not cheating unless you get caught" Ferrari DotGone Oct 2012 #66
. ManiacJoe Oct 2012 #68
They've come up with a lot of excuses already: lovemydog Oct 2012 #75
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