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52. We do have other radar trackers, but they have far less range.
Thu Dec 3, 2020, 02:25 PM
Dec 2020

The next best asteroidal radar has only like one fifteenth of the ability to pick up faint echoes. We either need another great big dish, or an array of dozens of medium sized ones that add up to as big an area. The latter is probably better because it would be able to steer over a wider part of the sky.

It is a metaphor for Republican commitment to science Zorro Dec 2020 #1
So true. If god intended Republicans to fly, there wouldn't be any Republicans. jaxexpat Dec 2020 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author jaxexpat Dec 2020 #7
We couldn't do maintenance on a national scientific treasure Chainfire Dec 2020 #2
its been happening for 30 years under a rethug do nothing congress. AllaN01Bear Dec 2020 #11
THIS X 1000 orangecrush Dec 2020 #47
Damn! Sad beyond words! lastlib Dec 2020 #3
:( TommyCelt Dec 2020 #8
Thank you for that important point. niyad Dec 2020 #15
Stand down now good and faithful servant. Duty done. Thank you. sarge43 Dec 2020 #4
It's gone. pm_me_grey_paint Dec 2020 #5
What an awful educational loss for children of PR Submariner Dec 2020 #9
Many years ago I was running Seti@home on a couple of desktops Arne Dec 2020 #20
Terrific film PCIntern Dec 2020 #53
: ( all around! The kids, local workers, scientists, human knowledge. I... electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #38
Two of my good friends have worked there. a la izquierda Dec 2020 #10
Oh, that's so sad! : ( It looked amazing! electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #39
This is how GOP has been making America great again. IronLionZion Dec 2020 #12
Who's watch was it when the telescope failed? One guess! usaf-vet Dec 2020 #13
Oh, geeeez, "Trump Years" are so l-o--n---g... electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #40
Was the necessary maintenance not done or not funded? Huge loss. Evolve Dammit Dec 2020 #14
Because the wall is more important dalton99a Dec 2020 #16
I maintain that Hurricane Maria basically finished it off structurally BumRushDaShow Dec 2020 #17
Thanks. -sigh- electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #46
The San Juan Doppler Radar is continually maintained BumRushDaShow Dec 2020 #49
Woah! That's... intense. A serious case, that you propose. electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #50
OMG. This is heartbreaking, for me because it really says who we are as Kashkakat v.2.0 Dec 2020 #18
That's so sad! 2naSalit Dec 2020 #19
It is 2020 colorado_ufo Dec 2020 #21
Alzheimer's on a national scale. nt hay rick Dec 2020 #22
Golden Eye - observatory scene packman Dec 2020 #23
+1 dalton99a Dec 2020 #26
Perhaps ET resented the privacy implications? BobTheSubgenius Dec 2020 #24
The telescope was essentially the hero of James Gunn's novel, *The Listeners*... First Speaker Dec 2020 #25
I wonder if the missing obelisks are tied to this somehow? intrepidity Dec 2020 #27
Just another in a long line of degradations of American scientific prowess... Moostache Dec 2020 #28
I heartily second your post krispos42 Dec 2020 #29
Arecibo was our best tool for tracking near-Earth asteroids... which we need to do. paulkienitz Dec 2020 #30
Arecibo wasn't the only one doing that, though? electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #41
We do have other radar trackers, but they have far less range. paulkienitz Dec 2020 #52
Oh, wow, that's way less! Wonder what will pick up the slack. electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #57
Time to build a better one... on the dark side of the moon. Space Force! Calling Moon Base Alpha Baclava Dec 2020 #31
Final collapse may have been triggered by earthquake in Dominican Republic. SeattleVet Dec 2020 #32
Depressing, but thanks. electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #45
Drone footage - Observatory Collapses Arecibo Puerto Rico Ptah Dec 2020 #33
I'm sorry if this was already shown, and sorry to show it, Arne Dec 2020 #54
Here's the YouTube from that article. Thanks, Arne. Ptah Dec 2020 #55
Found a better pic to show an overhead shot of the collapse BumRushDaShow Dec 2020 #34
This thing was awe inspiring. I am very glad that I got to see it in its hay day. littlemissmartypants Dec 2020 #35
How wonderful. Can you post any pics from your visit? electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #42
I wish I could. I went years ago, way before cell phones. littlemissmartypants Dec 2020 #43
Ah, well. Cool about the Forest, too. electric_blue68 Dec 2020 #44
I really did. ❤ nt littlemissmartypants Dec 2020 #48
I lived in Puerto Rico pfitz59 Dec 2020 #36
NSF divested the Green Bank radiotelescope, as well Yeehah Dec 2020 #37
Less radio interference and more to observe from the Southern Hemisphere. roamer65 Dec 2020 #51
Here is NSF video of the moment of collapse (includes drone footage) BumRushDaShow Dec 2020 #56
That drone footage is amazing. Thanks. NT mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2020 #58
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