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Turnout, turnout, turnout RockRaven Dec 2020 #1
Biden Will Get NOTHING Accomplished Without The Senate sfstaxprep Dec 2020 #2
I'll be surprised if multiple cabinet members do get confirmed. n/t PoliticAverse Dec 2020 #4
Or any of his judicial nominees. n/t LastLiberal in PalmSprings Dec 2020 #10
Yes, OP says "Democrats cannot frame the race as a referendum on whether Biden takes office" thesquanderer Dec 2020 #21
The House majority is a real worry for 2022. Lonestarblue Dec 2020 #22
People still believe those "poll" things? n/t PoliticAverse Dec 2020 #3
I hope you're right mdbl Dec 2020 #16
Polls will always be off by at least the amount the Republicans cheat by. thesquanderer Dec 2020 #20
I'm actually encouraged Bayard Dec 2020 #5
Emerson College turbinetree Dec 2020 #6
A- rating Funtatlaguy Dec 2020 #7
That's what 538 says, and then this turbinetree Dec 2020 #8
Both races are tighter than a frogs 🐸 butt. As they say in Georgia. Funtatlaguy Dec 2020 #9
LOL you watered that phrase down a bit mdbl Dec 2020 #17
Southern Gentleman. Lol. Funtatlaguy Dec 2020 #18
We know that's water-tight! NotANeocon Dec 2020 #30
A poll is but a snapshot in time....... secondwind Dec 2020 #11
Sounds Like Democrats Need To DallasNE Dec 2020 #12
So the billionaires using their office corruptly to make money gets the rural Georgia vote? Midnight Writer Dec 2020 #13
One word. Abortion. Funtatlaguy Dec 2020 #19
Trafalgar polling Etherealoc1 Dec 2020 #14
I have and am donating to Warnock and Ossoff, but I am under no illusion about Georgia still_one Dec 2020 #15
The Hill ReRe Dec 2020 #23
Waiting to see the next A rated SurveyUSA results. They had our Dems ahead on Dec 3. JudyM Dec 2020 #24
K&R. nt Wednesdays Dec 2020 #25
Given the numbers are the same in both races, it's now purely partisan andym Dec 2020 #26
The Economist poll aggregator will not use Emerson due to poor polling methods Thekaspervote Dec 2020 #27
On the fourth day of advanced in person voting in Gwinnett GA ga_girl Dec 2020 #28
Interpretation is everything!1 NotANeocon Dec 2020 #29
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