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Noem is an irresponsible Covid mass murderer gohuskies Jan 2021 #1
That's rich, coming from unabashed supporters thucythucy Jan 2021 #2
Idiot probably can't even define communism. C_U_L8R Jan 2021 #3
So says a Godless safeinOhio Jan 2021 #4
What the hell happened to SD? This was the state of George McGovern still_one Jan 2021 #5
Same thing that happened to half the country Blues Heron Jan 2021 #10
Which is: FoxRushHannity, and more. n/t Mister Ed Jan 2021 #18
Not actually insanity, but is loss or lack of reasoning skill, making them suckers for propaganda Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2021 #45
It's been downhill ever since they replaced one of the most powerful members of Congress... TwilightZone Jan 2021 #22
Agree wholeheartedly! nt pazzyanne Jan 2021 #44
South Dakota is where the GOP attack campaigning was started... IthinkThereforeIAM Jan 2021 #61
It's really cheap for fascists, like the Kochs to buy media time in small markets. Makes it very diane in sf Jan 2021 #65
Elected officials must stop lying to citizens. The lies are killing people and this country. Irish_Dem Jan 2021 #6
Hear, hear! trusty elf Jan 2021 #25
If I have to choose... luv2fly Jan 2021 #7
How dare she. My newly elected Senators are patriots. Noem is MAGA trash. CottonBear Jan 2021 #8
+1000s DinahMoeHum Jan 2021 #13
Congratulations on WINNING! What Cha Jan 2021 #21
It's amazing! I hope that we'll truly be able to celebrate when they're sworn in. CottonBear Jan 2021 #50
Aww.. Thank you for all Cha Jan 2021 #80
And SD elected a nazi as governor still_one Jan 2021 #9
Under ordinary times, the rhetoric could be considered "typical"... idziak4ever1234 Jan 2021 #31
Shes 100% completely worthless Squidly Jan 2021 #11
She's doing a bang up job aiding and abetting the virus central scrutinizer Jan 2021 #17
He got elected to the Senate at 33 in a red state as a Democrat. BlueStater Jan 2021 #12
more projection from a brain dead repub NRaleighLiberal Jan 2021 #14
are we to be surpise, considering how many of her state residents she has killed with COVID beachbumbob Jan 2021 #15
What i hate rownesheck Jan 2021 #16
Go Read About What Communism Is Kristi colsohlibgal Jan 2021 #19
Fuck Off you Stupid fucker, Noem.. mind Cha Jan 2021 #20
Subtlely putting herself out there for a possible 2024 VP spot. Sarah Palin II. oasis Jan 2021 #84
Yeah, that's what they Cha Jan 2021 #85
Dems will work hard through 2022 to maintain 3 branches. oasis Jan 2021 #87
Mahalo! you Cha Jan 2021 #89
As she kills her constituents.. mountain grammy Jan 2021 #23
Noem is a racist jerk. madaboutharry Jan 2021 #24
She's 49. BlueStater Jan 2021 #46
Sorry, it was early. madaboutharry Jan 2021 #47
FUCK YOU ...........your a seditionist supporting authoritarian fascists'... turbinetree Jan 2021 #26
Real news:fascists in the White House Marthe48 Jan 2021 #27
whow. Noem is a #Trump bootlicker! riversedge Jan 2021 #28
Isolate the right wingers over time.. Jon King Jan 2021 #29
Doesn't she realize that the "communist" tag died back in the 1980s? George II Jan 2021 #30
South Dakota elected a fascist governor. NCjack Jan 2021 #32
When Republicans call for healing and peace, those are code words for... patphil Jan 2021 #33
+1000 mdbl Jan 2021 #40
You hit the nail on the head! moose65 Jan 2021 #48
Kristi Noem is a wealthy Welfare Queen, who has received millions in Government welfare payments: Roisin Ni Fiachra Jan 2021 #34
+1 dalton99a Jan 2021 #39
Thanks for posting this story. Wellstone ruled Jan 2021 #52
Also they don't want anyone else to get any of "their" money. MarcA Jan 2021 #71
Smooth talking is a dog whistle Voltaire2 Jan 2021 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Jan 2021 #74
When someone has no conscience, they can say or do anything dlk Jan 2021 #36
She should do stand-up comedy, she writes like it bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #37
a "33-year-old with no accomplishments" Botany Jan 2021 #38
This comes from a Putin lovin Trump supporter mdbl Jan 2021 #41
In her mind a "communist" is anyone who is against fascism, just as in the south "liberal" is lutherj Jan 2021 #42
Well said! Nt raccoon Jan 2021 #55
+1,000 n/t MarcA Jan 2021 #72
Calling someone "Communitst" seems less Racist/Biggotted then the terms she wants to say. mackdaddy Jan 2021 #43
"Smooth talking preacher" !? JohnnyRingo Jan 2021 #49
Its all about 2024 NHvet Jan 2021 #51
Straight from scary socialism to communism hibbing Jan 2021 #53
If they're communists, she's a fascist. Can't have it both ways. n/t SpankMe Jan 2021 #54
Fascist dumbass says what? Zorro Jan 2021 #56
How many of the terrorists Traildogbob Jan 2021 #57
We need some standards for intellectual capacity and critical thinking lonely bird Jan 2021 #58
Sad, sad, sad marieo1 Jan 2021 #59
Sad, sad, sad marieo1 Jan 2021 #60
Can she spell and define "communism"? This sounds like "I can see communism from my house." bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #62
If you can't believe the past South Dakota Snow Queen ornotna Jan 2021 #63
Coming from someone whose "accomplishment"... jmowreader Jan 2021 #64
Typical republican playbook response, when all else fails resort to McCarthyism W T F Jan 2021 #66
She is another nasty piece of work who needs to be removed from office! Mr. Sparkle Jan 2021 #67
Trying to cover for her utter abdication of responsibility as governor Warpy Jan 2021 #68
Blow it out your ass, Gov. Paladin Jan 2021 #69
Let's hope her voters hold her accountable for these statements, PatrickforO Jan 2021 #70
palin 2.0 n/t MarcA Jan 2021 #73
tell her no but we will have a GOP Russian Congress Lady from the northside of Indianapolis now. Captain Zero Jan 2021 #75
Who the fuck do these out-of-state assholes think they are? apnu Jan 2021 #76
Callous idiot who lets thousands of her citizens die, says what about democracy ? steve2470 Jan 2021 #77
Go away bdamomma Jan 2021 #78
South Dakota is completely dominated by Republicans and a majority of usajumpedtheshark Jan 2021 #79
Ya know what?? SO FUCKING WHAT. Volaris Jan 2021 #81
I didn't vote for her. BHDem53 Jan 2021 #82
Bad communication skills, Kristi Noem! Aussie105 Jan 2021 #83
She should be banned from Twitter immediately FakeNoose Jan 2021 #86
GOP returns to its attack. badboy67 Jan 2021 #88
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