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It's unlikely Trump was the only one dlk Jan 2021 #1
+100000 Pachamama Jan 2021 #3
+++ agree. nt iluvtennis Jan 2021 #25
My family has discussed this for years. southerncrone Jan 2021 #43
They cast very wide nets Rural_Progressive Jan 2021 #24
Do you remember during Obama's term suddenly the GOP was very pro-Russia apnu Feb 2021 #48
Flattery will get you everywhere, Vladimir. Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #2
Trump must have been so easy PatSeg Jan 2021 #4
Craig Unger talks about It. Kid Berwyn Jan 2021 #5
The Russians certainly know how to play the long game PatSeg Jan 2021 #7
McTurtle? Layzeebeaver Jan 2021 #6
From what we've witnessed the past four years PatSeg Jan 2021 #8
I'd add Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham, and Josh Howley to that list. Initech Jan 2021 #20
Remember former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher PatSeg Jan 2021 #23
I live really close to his district. Initech Jan 2021 #26
And yet he served 30 years in congress PatSeg Jan 2021 #30
Oh he has to be on their payroll no question. Initech Jan 2021 #31
Oh yes, its like a Tom Clancy thriller PatSeg Jan 2021 #32
I'd say it's equal parts Tom Clancy and Wes Craven. Initech Jan 2021 #34
Oh yes PatSeg Jan 2021 #36
Chair of the House Intelligece Committee - nice catbird seat if he was BComplex Jan 2021 #37
Oh, how convenient PatSeg Jan 2021 #38
The other very effective side of this gambit is the American unwillingness to believe it. byronius Jan 2021 #9
+1 pandr32 Jan 2021 #17
Act on what we (royal) know? Our legal system is set up to play the waiting game Backseat Driver Jan 2021 #29
My opinion is this is some dude just trying to make some money off of Trump haters. Calista241 Jan 2021 #10
Spot on. Shvets and Unger is again stretching reality to fit the best selling lists... TomVilmer Jan 2021 #18
"the Russian Federation, under Yeltsin, was flat broke" PSPS Jan 2021 #22
but between then and now... Layzeebeaver Jan 2021 #33
You miss a couple of points... regnaD kciN Jan 2021 #40
Well, maybe Calista241 Jan 2021 #42
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!! Ford_Prefect Jan 2021 #11
You know about that lavish palace on the Black Sea? I bet it's the trump family new dacha. erronis Jan 2021 #12
If so, it will only be so temporarily... regnaD kciN Jan 2021 #41
Now, if this can only be proven: Oldem Jan 2021 #13
trump was Putin's puppet for four years Gothmog Jan 2021 #14
This is why it should be a stipulation that before a candidate can be nominated they must be fully onetexan Jan 2021 #15
Oh, C'mon!! AZ8theist Jan 2021 #16
It simply isn't rational how Trump defended Russia/Putin at every turn. world wide wally Jan 2021 #19
I'm skeptical of most conspiracy theories, but I totally believe this one. Nitram Jan 2021 #21
Good grief, Charlie Brown! Backseat Driver Jan 2021 #27
Of course Bigredhunk Jan 2021 #28
I think Malcolm Nance bagimin Jan 2021 #35
K&R uppityperson Jan 2021 #39
What the Soviets and Russians needed most out of Trump is money laundering services jmowreader Jan 2021 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author Freelancer Jan 2021 #45
This is a great article nam78_two Jan 2021 #46
K&R ck4829 Feb 2021 #47
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