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25. Yup! No OB/GYN's would agree . My response to Joe...
Fri Oct 19, 2012, 10:41 AM
Oct 2012

"And just what is this "modern technology and science" of which you speak?"

Let him name it. 'Cuz "Doctors want to know!"

Are Todd Akin and this idiot secretly brothers? CanonRay Oct 2012 #1
Its A Medical Opinion You Can Trust! Dread Pirate Roberts Oct 2012 #31
Tammy is so gonna kick his sorry ass! mucifer Oct 2012 #2
LOL.. love it! spot on - "Tammy is so gonna kick his sorry ass!" Divine Discontent Oct 2012 #93
The result of multigenerational Incest is a terrible thing Katashi_itto Oct 2012 #3
There are obviously still Kalllikak descendants hifiguy Oct 2012 #74
Walsh's mom needs to retoactively abort! Dustlawyer Oct 2012 #80
Really? Aerows Oct 2012 #4
Ban Viagra! HockeyMom Oct 2012 #16
Agree, if women's contraceptives are not included in health insurance coverage then.... Swede Atlanta Oct 2012 #23
lmao@ willy rising to attention!! darkangel218 Oct 2012 #26
BAD Binders. BAD, BAD, Binders HockeyMom Oct 2012 #32
Your willy can't rise to the occasion Aerows Oct 2012 #38
The end of the GOP: 'It must be God's will that your willy can't rise to attention.' freshwest Oct 2012 #61
Now hang on there just a second... lexx21 Oct 2012 #28
They are finding that dependence on it Aerows Oct 2012 #43
I think you missed my sense of humor that was intended in my post...... n/t lexx21 Oct 2012 #48
Oh, I was just throwing that out there Aerows Oct 2012 #95
Yup! No OB/GYN's would agree . My response to Joe... Grins Oct 2012 #25
I sure would like him to explain his statement. truedelphi Oct 2012 #104
What an idiot! Andy Stanton Oct 2012 #5
+10000 and may I add a big FU to Walsh, too wordpix Oct 2012 #7
He's a freshman who has never held another political office in his life. ieoeja Oct 2012 #10
I don't know what a "neo-lib" is Andy Stanton Oct 2012 #13
Neo-libs are socially progressive and economically rightists. ieoeja Oct 2012 #46
Why is that a problem? proud2BlibKansan Oct 2012 #72
Um... B/c they're rightist Iris Oct 2012 #87
She's a neo-lib to the core. kurtzapril4 Oct 2012 #96
Makes a mishmash, ignorant statement, then says it's backed by SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY? mikeytherat Oct 2012 #6
Good one sevenseas Oct 2012 #64
I'm stealing that!!! Odin2005 Oct 2012 #83
Me, too! TicketyBoo Oct 2012 #106
wife developed full blown leukemia in 3rd trimester dembotoz Oct 2012 #8
wow--I'm sorry to hear that. Is kid still okay? yurbud Oct 2012 #65
kid is fine-married now with a family of his own dembotoz Oct 2012 #77
yes.....this sounds like BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2012 #90
OMG, I'm so sorry!!! Odin2005 Oct 2012 #84
Here's Tammy Duckworth's Web site. longship Oct 2012 #9
No woman's life, body, or the cells within it are Walsh's to control. He can have an opinion... ancianita Oct 2012 #11
Joe, thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts backstage... brooklynite Oct 2012 #12
Do you mean that you have gifts for him too?.... left on green only Oct 2012 #89
WTF? Can repugs go any further backwards? Ohio Joe Oct 2012 #14
Massive internal hemorrhaging from a ruptured fallopian tube HockeyMom Oct 2012 #15
64,000 ectopic pregnancies a year in the US. Rozlee Oct 2012 #101
Joe Walsh is an ugly American. Helen Reddy Oct 2012 #17
Dude, show me your medial degree lilithsrevenge12 Oct 2012 #18
It's from Bob's Bible College, probably located in Mississippi or Georgia. n/t TPaine7 Oct 2012 #98
Two years ago, my former fiancÚ nearly died from an ectopic pregnancy with twins. truthisfreedom Oct 2012 #19
I'm glad to hear she lived to try another time Hekate Oct 2012 #47
For those who don't know what an ectopic pregnacy is: JDPriestly Oct 2012 #54
Surprisingly, even pro-life ob/gyns support abortion in this case LINK yurbud Oct 2012 #66
This is a good example of how anti-choice ideology hurts and traumatizes women. Odin2005 Oct 2012 #85
It's completely irrelevant. randome Oct 2012 #20
+ 1 billion! n/t dangerdoll Oct 2012 #22
A basic 7th Grade Biology class should be required dangerdoll Oct 2012 #21
Keep talking Joe. You are saving Tammy money! Third Doctor Oct 2012 #24
What about fetal death? thecrow Oct 2012 #27
I had a friend who was hospitalized after a fetal death. JDPriestly Oct 2012 #55
Just when you think they can't say anything worse....... mountain grammy Oct 2012 #29
Well, one thing we know for sure--Viagra never saved one man's life. nt valerief Oct 2012 #30
1 in 50 pregnancies are ectopic. Those kill mother & fetus if not aborted. SunSeeker Oct 2012 #33
My Mother had a tubal pregnancy. LittleGirl Oct 2012 #34
Oh - but that was way back when... Ms. Toad Oct 2012 #67
ECTOPIC PREGNANCY oliverrams1 Oct 2012 #35
I'm sorry for your loss... Contrary1 Oct 2012 #45
Thank You, I am sorry for your loss as well oliverrams1 Oct 2012 #52
Gee, hard to believe his wife divorced him PatSeg Oct 2012 #36
Walsh used to be pro choice DaveJ Oct 2012 #37
I had a dangerous hemerrage with my first miscarriage Nikia Oct 2012 #39
*gets out clue-by-four- sakabatou Oct 2012 #40
I can think of several wsys it saves lives libodem Oct 2012 #41
His mother never told him about opening his mouth and dispelling lunatica Oct 2012 #42
Preeclampsia and eptopic pregnancies perdita9 Oct 2012 #44
be sure to include honesty, integrity, compasion, intellectual curiosity icarusxat Oct 2012 #63
My mother died in childbirth from eclampsia. It was a Catholic hospital in the 60's so I don't know smirkymonkey Oct 2012 #78
I'm so sorry to hear this, smirkymonkey Iris Oct 2012 #88
Thank you Iris. smirkymonkey Oct 2012 #105
True stories... Hekate Oct 2012 #49
Thank you. Raine1967 Oct 2012 #58
Abortion saved my grand daughters life three days ago JitterbugPerfume Oct 2012 #50
One more shovel full from his deep political grave. marble falls Oct 2012 #51
ID.I.OT. peace frog Oct 2012 #53
He's a MFing liar lark Oct 2012 #56
And you know what saves kids' lives Rep Walsh? AllyCat Oct 2012 #57
My daughter would have died. dem in texas Oct 2012 #59
Why do women vote republican?? Dont get it horsedoc Oct 2012 #60
Their preacher tells them that's how to make god happy FiveGoodMen Oct 2012 #70
I would love for this douche bag to have about 3 months of menstrual cycles catbyte Oct 2012 #62
We need paid menstrual leave. Manifestor_of_Light Oct 2012 #91
Good Lord. Brigid Oct 2012 #68
I think we should amend sulphurdunn Oct 2012 #69
I'll tell my friend who is alive today because she had an abortion. proud2BlibKansan Oct 2012 #71
Walk through an old graveyard. alphafemale Oct 2012 #73
Can you say ECTOPIC? Betsy Ross Oct 2012 #75
Rethugland must not have ectopic pregnancies.. Thor_MN Oct 2012 #76
I lost 2 1/2 units of blood and nearly died felix_numinous Oct 2012 #79
Deadbeat Dad is beyond ignorant. Odin2005 Oct 2012 #81
Another example of an idiot Republican Ilsa Oct 2012 #82
Republican hatred for Women continues. sarcasmo Oct 2012 #86
Walsh and Akin are idiots. They should be impeached by their respective states... ReasonableToo Oct 2012 #92
I agree. Even if one only supported abortion in cases of rape or bad health, Nikia Oct 2012 #99
Thanks, hpd. Mc Mike Oct 2012 #94
People like Joe Walsh... BlueDemKev Oct 2012 #97
Joe Walsh is ignorant and proud of it. schmice Oct 2012 #100
Walsh can fuck off. blackspade Oct 2012 #102
Don't we all wish we lived in an alternate universe ChachaCha Oct 2012 #103
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