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2. It's obvious to me who's responsible for this...
Fri Oct 8, 2021, 06:13 AM
Oct 2021
On Bloomberg I am seeing headlines that Democrats are worried about a bloodbath in 2022 because they cannot seem to get together
It's obvious to me who's responsible for this. Politicians who focus on grandstanding and showboating will find that these public displays are much less effective than picking up the phone or scheduling a meeting with leadership. The public airing of dirty laundry and grievances is not a good tactic. Unity is what the voters need to see. Even if it's just the appearance of unity (the behind the scenes "sausage-making" process can be ugly) this is what will inspire confidence from the voters. Otherwise, it's just a futile exercise that seeks to blame Democratic leadership, that reinforces the lies that the Democrats are "Coastal Elites" who are too busy "eating canapes". That kind of behavior only creates distrust and division. It fuels resentment and suspicion. It's divisive and it weakens us. That type of negativity generates apathy. Apathy discourages voter turnout. Low voter turnout gives Republicans a chance to steal the elections. We know this already. So why would anyone do anything that literally HELPS the GOP? It's a fair question.

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