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71. It's your right to have a don't give a fuck attitude about gun safety.
Sun Dec 5, 2021, 06:15 PM
Dec 2021

I and many others feel otherwise and believe that anyone who handles a gun, regardless of the situation, ought to treat it as potentially dangerous (hundreds killed every year prove that to be true) and follow simple to understand and life saving safety rules.

For the sake of those around you, I do hope you don't ever hold a gun, even for a brief moment. If you do, I beseech you to take some training first.

Mr. Baldwin Is Not Too Bright SoCalDavidS Dec 2021 #1
I thought when I heard he was giving this interview that he was dumb to do so. jimfields33 Dec 2021 #3
I agree. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #36
Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, definitely. shrike3 Dec 2021 #14
Shouldn't be an investigation against HIM,should be the armor people on the set Bengus81 Dec 2021 #34
I think he's saying what he thinks and agree makes us all stupid. mahina Dec 2021 #72
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #2
I think he is the type that insist on doing it even if they told him not to JI7 Dec 2021 #7
Really, really bad decision on his part.... Upthevibe Dec 2021 #4
Gulp. OneCrazyDiamond Dec 2021 #5
This is the first comment I've made during this whole affair. It's my opinion that of all abqtommy Dec 2021 #6
Did he bring live ammo to the property? Seems to me THAT person onecaliberal Dec 2021 #10
Perhaps it is just me, Miguelito Loveless Dec 2021 #15
The gun was supposedly loaded with blanks. onecaliberal Dec 2021 #24
Not blanks. Dummy rounds. They are not one and the same. LisaL Dec 2021 #27
Whatever was in the gun should NOT have been live ammunition. onecaliberal Dec 2021 #29
It's still being investigated. LisaL Dec 2021 #52
I bet if the script called for him to aim it at his own head, he'd have checked that gun. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #37
I didn't see him blame the victim. I heard him blame the people who were in charge of the gun and onecaliberal Dec 2021 #42
Total speculation on your part. LisaL Dec 2021 #76
Maybe he doesn't know what a blank cartridge looks like opposed to a live round Bengus81 Dec 2021 #31
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 onecaliberal Dec 2021 #63
If a person in going to handle a firearm, Miguelito Loveless Dec 2021 #74
That's exactly why they had TWO PAID professionals on that set to make damn sure Bengus81 Dec 2021 #82
Sorry, the obligation that a gun is safe is an unbroken chain that Miguelito Loveless Dec 2021 #83
It's possible Baldwin had no idea that guns are dangerous Kaleva Dec 2021 #18
He doesn't have to. He's an actor in a MOVIE with a crew that is 100% responsible for that GUN Bengus81 Dec 2021 #32
Do you think he would have double checked that gun if the script called for him to point it at his BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #38
You double check lug nuts before you leave the tire store after having new tires installed? Bengus81 Dec 2021 #44
Could you show me a legal expemtion? ripcord Dec 2021 #50
Doesn't matter,they were paid for their services. That makes them professionals Bengus81 Dec 2021 #61
But it doesn't give them the right to let others break the law ripcord Dec 2021 #65
Oh yeah right...the production company told the armorer we don't care if you put live Bengus81 Dec 2021 #69
What more safety laws could Alex have adhered to? LiberalLovinLug Dec 2021 #70
Totally agree Farmer-Rick Dec 2021 #77
I understand that the armouer was given additional, not firarms related, work to do. oneshooter Dec 2021 #84
I understand that the armouer was given additional, not firarms related, work to do. oneshooter Dec 2021 #85
It's your right to have a don't give a fuck attitude about gun safety. Kaleva Dec 2021 #71
That's a totally unfair accusation. ShazzieB Dec 2021 #79
Get real would you? Bengus81 Dec 2021 #30
Don't poke a prosecutor before they say they are finished with you. RockRaven Dec 2021 #8
Looks Like Baldwin's Spanky Impression Extends Outside SNL ProgRocknProgPol Dec 2021 #9
I thought it was stupid of Alec Baldwin as well Lithos Dec 2021 #11
Life imitates art? Drum Dec 2021 #12
I know someone who worked in Hollywood for years. shrike3 Dec 2021 #13
It has been widely reported that the movie was a low budget flick. LisaL Dec 2021 #28
I've heard those details only from her. shrike3 Dec 2021 #51
Exactly what my daughter said. She manages the costume dept. at Warner Bros. studio. CTyankee Dec 2021 #90
Your daughter's job sounds interesting. shrike3 Dec 2021 #91
It's a whole other world. I have deep respect for my daughter and others who work in the film CTyankee Dec 2021 #94
I honestly don't get all the dumps on Alec Baldwin. I think he's a brilliant and kind Democrat. C Moon Dec 2021 #16
I don't like it.. I Cha Dec 2021 #17
I saw the full interview MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #67
TY Beagles! Cha Dec 2021 #68
Anyone who handles a gun in an unsafe manner shouldn't be defended. Kaleva Dec 2021 #19
So when the script says that Baldwin's character should point the gun into the general direction of LisaL Dec 2021 #57
Did the script call for Baldwin to point the gun at the Halyna Hutchins? Kaleva Dec 2021 #73
Script called for the gun to be pointed in the general direction of the camera. LisaL Dec 2021 #75
Which isn't the same thing Kaleva Dec 2021 #88
Which is done in movies and TV and onstage all the time. shrike3 Dec 2021 #92
I would like to know if Baldwin received training on the safe handling of a gun. Kaleva Dec 2021 #20
I doubt anybody on set shrike3 Dec 2021 #58
Baldwin thinks he s lot smarter then what he actually is. Raine Dec 2021 #21
I think I will wait and see how it plays out. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #22
Yeah, Alec, by all means dare them to do it... malthaussen Dec 2021 #23
At first he seemed genuinely horrified birdographer Dec 2021 #25
How would you know if he pulled the trigger? LisaL Dec 2021 #26
Baldwin actually admitted to firing the gun in the interview, but he probably doesn't know it [yet]. Lucid Dreamer Dec 2021 #33
Lack of gun knowledge? DING DING!! That's EXACTLY why they have armors on movie sets Bengus81 Dec 2021 #35
Do you mean "armorer?" Because you keep spelling it wrong. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #39
So he didn't get paid because it was "his movie"? Bengus81 Dec 2021 #40
Where were we talking about him getting paid? BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #43
Keep ignoring the real issue here,it makes you look more lame each time Bengus81 Dec 2021 #45
Dude, you keep rerouting all you want. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #47
Armorers aren't licensed or certified in any way ripcord Dec 2021 #55
Oh. My. God. ShazzieB Dec 2021 #80
A friend who worked in Hollywood for years says what you said. shrike3 Dec 2021 #53
It was SUPPOSED to be unloaded. shrike3 Dec 2021 #60
If you want to blame anyone, blame Hollywood shrike3 Dec 2021 #62
The Behavior Panel analysis of Alec Baldwin interview. Joinfortmill Dec 2021 #41
Fascinating. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Dec 2021 #48
It's called a movie. LisaL Dec 2021 #49
Agree and.....Is it just Baldwin haters on DU or what the hell is it? Bengus81 Dec 2021 #64
What kind of training did you take which taught you could ignore basic safety rules Kaleva Dec 2021 #89
It was a MOVIE set,not Baldwins front yard or a street corner Bengus81 Dec 2021 #93
In the movies and onstage it's done all the time. shrike3 Dec 2021 #54
Yep, and Baldwin was following the script. LisaL Dec 2021 #56
Exactly. n/t shrike3 Dec 2021 #59
The fault lies with the person who brought the live ammo. That is intent Farmer-Rick Dec 2021 #78
According to the law the responsibility for a firearm rests with whoever is holding it nt ripcord Dec 2021 #86
Can you quote the number and section of the law? Farmer-Rick Dec 2021 #87
I loved his Dumpster impersonation on SNL nvme Dec 2021 #66
He must have legal counsel? The Jungle 1 Dec 2021 #81
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