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1. I don't think Mitch has any idea the firestorm ahead
Sat May 7, 2022, 04:36 PM
May 2022

or the GOP casualties at the ballot box. The entire GOP has picked a fight with every woman in America.

I don't think Mitch has any idea the firestorm ahead bucolic_frolic May 2022 #1
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 May 2022 #6
I also think Mitch True Blue American May 2022 #33
Yes, and women are mad as hell Larissa May 2022 #56
We need to have McConnell's face along with him saying JI7 May 2022 #2
How do you spell relief? roamer65 May 2022 #3
Oh right, that'll work elleng May 2022 #5
It's coming. roamer65 May 2022 #8
I didn't know the minority could introduce bills n/t lordsummerisle May 2022 #50
Thanks a bunch. piddyprints May 2022 #19
We have a lot of evangelical wingnuts unfortunately.. mountain grammy May 2022 #23
Thank you wealth class owned media for your opinion. pwb May 2022 #4
you know who's going to take the pukes down in red states? agingdem May 2022 #7
so now they'll hold their noses and vote for the right of choice over their bodies? orleans May 2022 #9
true... agingdem May 2022 #10
Yes, that is totally correct..."Republican women",,,and...."the right to choose" ..That is it.. Stuart G May 2022 #12
this is ingrained into the American psyche.. agingdem May 2022 #16
I agree, but I'm going to nitpick about one small detail. ShazzieB May 2022 #32
Not nitpicky at all, JenniferJuniper May 2022 #49
I'm not so sure about that. CentralMass May 2022 #17
The women are speaking True Blue American May 2022 #34
OH has been moving right since Reagan. The KKK was active since my early recollections. Grand Dragon Evolve Dammit May 2022 #54
Now the areas of Hamilton, Cincinnati True Blue American May 2022 #57
Most women around here PXR-5 May 2022 #11
I do not believe that most women in the U.S.A. want ..."abortion to be banned"... Stuart G May 2022 #13
I think you're right... Whatthe_Firetruck May 2022 #51
:) True Blue American May 2022 #35
Same around here. Most of the outspoken, anti-abortion people I know are women. Midnight Writer May 2022 #42
All they did was flex the "control" muscle, much like the Taliban reinstating the burka. LogicFirst May 2022 #14
Perfect example! True Blue American May 2022 #36
Mitch has said too much..quote, "a national abortion ban is possible if the Supreme Court overturns Stuart G May 2022 #15
Sounds like too much to me, too, but HighFired49 May 2022 #25
I think Repughs like to say things to scare or outrage. This might be one of those things. ificandream May 2022 #18
It's also "possible" BlueIdaho May 2022 #20
You made me chuckle for first time today. They were going to hang folks on 1/6. Guess Evolve Dammit May 2022 #21
Thanks, I speak metaphorically BlueIdaho May 2022 #26
Metaphorically, of course, I understand. ... JustABozoOnThisBus May 2022 #62
I share your optimism BlueIdaho May 2022 #63
Start calling attention to stuff like this: NowsTheTime May 2022 #22
Welcome to DU Docreed2003 May 2022 #27
An excellent idea. Turbineguy May 2022 #24
Say goodbye to Republican control of Congress Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2022 #28
I'd hope so Kablooie May 2022 #29
Misogynistic cowards won't even own what they're doing. SunSeeker May 2022 #30
Anyone pregnant with the Turtle's child, should definitely be an exception in the law. C Moon May 2022 #31
The kids he has True Blue American May 2022 #37
someone please... ShepKat May 2022 #38
So much for "state's rights" Novara May 2022 #39
Just keep talking, Mitch disndat May 2022 #40
Just keep talking, Mitch disndat May 2022 #41
He is the minority leader. Whatthe_Firetruck May 2022 #53
Michigan will soon say "Fuck you, Moscow Mitch". roamer65 May 2022 #43
Kick dalton99a May 2022 #44
Fortunately for Mitch ejbr May 2022 #45
Uh-huh. That escelated quickly. malthaussen May 2022 #46
"Downplay and soft-pedal," the subject Bayard May 2022 #47
I love how "quiet" the GOP is right now. Slinking along hoping not to make any noise. calimary May 2022 #48
I think a lot of Republican politicians are actually worried as they used abortion as a hot button cstanleytech May 2022 #52
Well, so much for "states rights" TexasBushwhacker May 2022 #55
Absolutely Wrong! If the DRAFT Opinion becomes Law, there would be no Constitutional authority for 24601 May 2022 #58
I agree, but does it work both ways? Polybius May 2022 #59
It probably would. 24601 May 2022 #60
Chilling. ck4829 May 2022 #61
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