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36. If the Executive Branch had a Department of Nurturing Beautiful-Smelling Day-Lillies...
Tue Aug 2, 2022, 05:12 PM
Aug 2022

Drumpf would have appointed someone to be in charge of ripping all the beautiful-smelling day-lillies out of the gardens, covering the grounds in concrete, and planting a corpse flower right in the middle of it all.

And then delete all records and communications.

They didn't want the country to find out they're all fucking traitors. onecaliberal Aug 2022 #1
Like pardons, I wonder if there is some list of people who asked for their phones to be wiped? TheBlackAdder Aug 2022 #29
The people need to be fired, investigated and prosecuted if appropriate. onecaliberal Aug 2022 #32
I wouldn't trust Kash Patel, in particular, as far as I could throw a grand piano. Ocelot II Aug 2022 #2
You trust him TOO MUCH! dchill Aug 2022 #61
Of course they understood the importance of the messages, which means 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2022 #3
Exactly TheRealNorth Aug 2022 #11
Yes. Delphinus Aug 2022 #40
Just like the Gops decided that stonewalling the Committee was preferable to cooperating. Marcuse Aug 2022 #55
A wide ranging conspiracy! Every senior Trump appointed agency and military head were all 'in'... machoneman Aug 2022 #4
But her emails!!! viva la Aug 2022 #20
Federal employment sucked when I worked for Uncle Sam. The way pwb Aug 2022 #5
I retired about 2 weeks after the Jan. 20, 2017 Inauguration BumRushDaShow Aug 2022 #7
They all need to be in jail. DURHAM D Aug 2022 #6
Hanging Tetrachloride Aug 2022 #13
Burned at the stake. triron Aug 2022 #70
Firing squad or waterboarded to death. JanMichael Aug 2022 #72
This is a conspiracy. C_U_L8R Aug 2022 #8
Three strikes and you're out underpants Aug 2022 #18
If the phones were all consistently wiped, sounds like they don't even need them. forgotmylogin Aug 2022 #59
Criminal perps of other crimes coverup by systematically breaking records-keeping laws. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2022 #9
People need to go to fucking jail TheRealNorth Aug 2022 #10
Not fucking jail. forgotmylogin Aug 2022 #60
Just the ones to the Russians, or all of them? Turbineguy Aug 2022 #12
They are not even trying to pretend to hide the coverup LetMyPeopleVote Aug 2022 #14
Covering up the coup. sarcasmo Aug 2022 #15
yup, everyday it's more drip of info revealed onetexan Aug 2022 #24
"We always do this!" viva la Aug 2022 #16
They always do this..... newdayneeded Aug 2022 #35
I know there are laws relating to presidential records, but does anyone know the laws Lonestarblue Aug 2022 #17
Federal employees including contractors are doing the people's business on the people's dime. Ford_Prefect Aug 2022 #57
Where art thou, AG Garland? slumcamper Aug 2022 #19
I choose to believe llashram Aug 2022 #21
I suspect you are right--and hope it proves out sooner rather than too late. slumcamper Aug 2022 #27
I Hope You're Right... scarlet637 Aug 2022 #42
We will see. triron Aug 2022 #71
Cover up Quanto Magnus Aug 2022 #22
Plain and simple here. bluestarone Aug 2022 #23
et tu Pentagon sheshe2 Aug 2022 #25
SO much...but THIS is the straw that has broken my personal camel's back. slumcamper Aug 2022 #39
Yep. sheshe2 Aug 2022 #51
seems wide ranging llashram Aug 2022 #62
It sure does. sheshe2 Aug 2022 #64
... llashram Aug 2022 #65
Would you like to bet that Michael Flynn's brother choie Aug 2022 #26
I guess we're going to find out who's in charge. jalan48 Aug 2022 #28
send them all to prison pfitz59 Aug 2022 #30
Government Wide Conspiracy scarlet637 Aug 2022 #31
welcome to DU gopiscrap Aug 2022 #49
More Trump skulduggery. sop Aug 2022 #33
"It's just astounding to believe that the agency did not understand the importance choie Aug 2022 #34
If the Executive Branch had a Department of Nurturing Beautiful-Smelling Day-Lillies... royable Aug 2022 #36
No coincidence AKwannabe Aug 2022 #37
It's terrifying, depressing, and enraging that Sky Jewels Aug 2022 #38
It is worth remembering Metaphorical Aug 2022 #41
The more this unfolds the scarier it is, at how deep it was. Evolve Dammit Aug 2022 #43
JHC.. Sneaky Traitor Cowards! Cha Aug 2022 #44
Gone With The Wind Baggies Aug 2022 #45
So Flynn's brother would be one of those. Right? nt woodsprite Aug 2022 #46
obstructing justice yobrault1 Aug 2022 #47
As I think back, my phone was wiped around that time! BlueJac Aug 2022 #48
Traitors by the Truckload Bread and Circuses Aug 2022 #50
They understood just what the messages meant Scalded Nun Aug 2022 #52
These guys made a calculated decision .... dobleremolque Aug 2022 #53
It was also widely reported during the transition that multiple agencies including Defense Dept Tanuki Aug 2022 #54
The cellular carriers bigtime Aug 2022 #56
That's what I was thinking. mjvpi Aug 2022 #63
Just buy the info Corgigal Aug 2022 #58
Put them all in separate interrogation rooms. LudwigPastorius Aug 2022 #66
Prediction: We're going to see the same with FBI communications. Grasswire2 Aug 2022 #67
Associated with Michael Flynn, no doubt, K&R n/t AntiFascist Aug 2022 #68
I want them all out of any government role and in prison UpInArms Aug 2022 #69
It is time for the DOJ to get involved LetMyPeopleVote Aug 2022 #73
This should be a capital crime. dchill Aug 2022 #74
Who gave that order? RussBLib Aug 2022 #75
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