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Sun Aug 14, 2022, 04:14 AM
Aug 2022

So, she didn't OWN the house. But, it was her home. How can you not get that? She lost all her belongings and all of her business just as if she OWNED the house. But, she was just a renter. So that makes her loss 'not so bad'?

Every time you post you make yourself sound like you think you are so much better than someone who just 'rents'. IMO you are so much less. And you try to make it sound all ok because her beloved pets lived. They are all she has now. I just can't believe some people...

I'm glad she did not have to suffer for long Skittles Aug 2022 #1
this is sad llashram Aug 2022 #2
I'm amazed no one else was hurt Random Boomer Aug 2022 #70
What about the woman she very nearly killed who lost *everything* The Mouth Aug 2022 #3
Totally Agree montanacowboy Aug 2022 #4
Yes! patricia92243 Aug 2022 #5
Oh. Come on! hamsterjill Aug 2022 #7
+1 chowder66 Aug 2022 #24
+1 AngryOldDem Aug 2022 #27
+1 ShazzieB Aug 2022 #43
Agreed. The holier than thou folks make me sick. JanMichael Aug 2022 #47
Dems do not have "more compassion" Apparently they are just selective about their compassion. Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #49
+1 secondwind Aug 2022 #53
+1. Thank you for taking the time to post KPN Aug 2022 #59
I've seen lots of posts about her Kali Aug 2022 #8
Why is she unable to work. Polly Hennessey Aug 2022 #9
It's up to $151K now catrose Aug 2022 #21
The top iPad (that "pro" one) and the best laptop Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #50
I haven't been following this story Heather MC Aug 2022 #10
I don't understand KTinaY2008 Aug 2022 #12
+1 chowder66 Aug 2022 #25
KTinaY2008....I agree with you Upthevibe Aug 2022 #39
Bravo!!!! Karma13612 Aug 2022 #45
it's because azureblue Aug 2022 #52
100%, and add that her sons are left to deal with the aftermath and grief pandr32 Aug 2022 #55
Anne Heche lost her life, pnwmom Aug 2022 #14
Really? Where? The Mouth Aug 2022 #19
They've been commenting, like you did, in the threads about Heche. n/t pnwmom Aug 2022 #26
Not a one even mentioned her name The Mouth Aug 2022 #34
Most people would rather not become famous because of an accident like this. nt pnwmom Aug 2022 #35
There have been many stories about her. She was a renter, so she did not lose "her" house Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #20
So you would be OK losing all your posessions for that? The Mouth Aug 2022 #37
I do not recall writing that I was "fine" with a house and belongings Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #38
She can still sue Heche's estate for her losses. imavoter Aug 2022 #58
I read that, incredibly, it was 90 mph ailsagirl Aug 2022 #57
Statement from Lynne Mishele: chia Aug 2022 #63
What about Heche's two children who just lost their mother? pnwmom Aug 2022 #71
How horrifying. I hope she wasn't conscious for long. I read that she did respond to a catbyte Aug 2022 #6
She's been in a coma since Monday LeftInTX Aug 2022 #11
She was trapped in a burning car for over an hour before rescue units could free her. She catbyte Aug 2022 #16
She was conscious and fighting after she was placed on the stretcher. n/t Ms. Toad Aug 2022 #44
I didn't read that horrifying detail, but saw a video from afar of her sitting up on the stretcher deurbano Aug 2022 #13
It makes sense that someone with a bad head injury could be okay at first, NH Ethylene Aug 2022 #17
I should have remembered that from Natasha Richardson's death. deurbano Aug 2022 #23
I thought it was the burns LeftInTX Aug 2022 #42
I read they are re-testing or doing further testing regarding fentanyl because hospitals use it. chowder66 Aug 2022 #28
Oh, I hadn't heard the fentanyl might have been from the hospital. I know it ends up lacing or deurbano Aug 2022 #30
Wow. That is scary. chowder66 Aug 2022 #31
TMZ says that. But I saw it from no official source. pnwmom Aug 2022 #80
The woman in the house that burned did not "lose everything." See my post above Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #22
Hopefully a few lives will be saved with her organs. nt SunSeeker Aug 2022 #15
This annoys me no end. Haggis 4 Breakfast Aug 2022 #18
All they know is she had some narcotics in her blood, but those drugs might have been medically pnwmom Aug 2022 #36
That is EXACTLY my point. Haggis 4 Breakfast Aug 2022 #77
Right. And also the emergency crew could have administered pain killers pnwmom Aug 2022 #78
What you just said there makes a lot of sense, Haggis 4 Breakfast Aug 2022 #79
The whole thing is a colossal heartache PlanetBev Aug 2022 #29
She didn't lose everything. Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #33
STOP IT. Just stop it. Just because the woman didn't own the house does NOT make niyad Aug 2022 #46
I am disappointed that people on a Democratic board Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #48
It's not mutually exclusive, though. XorXor Aug 2022 #62
You are correct- it is tragic all around. I was responding to the people Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #67
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? ThingsGottaChange Aug 2022 #65
And what is wrong with you? I did not write anything disparaging about renters Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #66
BTW- her business was online Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #69
Sympathy for Ms. Heche, the dead, her friends, family and for those who can't find sympathy for the littlemissmartypants Aug 2022 #32
littlemissmartypants.......Thank you for your post.... Upthevibe Aug 2022 #40
littlemissmartypants Aug 2022 #41
I'm with Up ... Higherarky Aug 2022 #56
littlemissmartypants Aug 2022 #60
She has two children who must be mourning her now. We can at least feel for them. nt pnwmom Aug 2022 #72
littlemissmartypants Aug 2022 #73
Life is difficult. More so for some. Truly a shame. twodogsbarking Aug 2022 #51
I'm really sorry that people here heckles65 Aug 2022 #54
Agreed. Who gets sympathy isn't mutually exclusive thing. XorXor Aug 2022 #61
disgusting to see on a progressive board Skittles Aug 2022 #68
Zero sympathy for driving under the influence Tarc Aug 2022 #64
They haven't yet determined that. There were drugs in her system that could have been pnwmom Aug 2022 #74
Non-DUI people don't fly down residential streets at 100mph Tarc Aug 2022 #75
There are other possible reasons, like someone having a seizure while they were driving, pnwmom Aug 2022 #76
So many in the entertainment industry die so young. Too much of everything. leftyladyfrommo Aug 2022 #81
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