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33. "They came running up to me with tears in their eyes,
Wed Jun 14, 2023, 07:51 AM
Jun 2023

saying, 'Sir, there's no more room in your suitcase!' So I told them to throw everything else in the boxes with the nuclear secrets. They were only half-full. IS THAT A CRIME??!?"

TFG's claims are all false and have been debunked by National Archives LetMyPeopleVote Jun 2023 #1
Useful clarifying post. Thank you. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2023 #19
HOW does The Onion stay in business Skittles Jun 2023 #2
HA HA! The first thing I looked at when I opened the post was if it was from the Onion or Borowitz C Moon Jun 2023 #4
A movie script like this . . . Richard D Jun 2023 #28
lol Lulu KC Jun 2023 #35
Bullshit. C_U_L8R Jun 2023 #3
Because most billionaires use cheap cardboard boxes to carry their clothes in Blue Owl Jun 2023 #5
yeah, i hear he's had a very busy life orleans Jun 2023 #6
His very busy life is golfing. KS Toronado Jun 2023 #9
Reminds me of this scene from the "Blues Brothers" Canoe52 Jun 2023 #7
This is it! NJCher Jun 2023 #16
I know I pack my underwear in my important papers box. Doesn't everyone? Solly Mack Jun 2023 #8
Those boxes are also great places for temporary clothes hampers. 🌹🌷💐 Judi Lynn Jun 2023 #11
And empty ketchup bottles. Solly Mack Jun 2023 #23
lol Lulu KC Jun 2023 #34
When he was pretending to be a President in Washington, he spent hours a day watching tv news Judi Lynn Jun 2023 #10
like he did on Jan 6 while his goons broke into the capitol for hours!! riversedge Jun 2023 #22
We laugh ... Kablooie Jun 2023 #12
Of course his base will always support him. Elessar Zappa Jun 2023 #14
I'm sure someone with credentials to pack up the residence quarters in the White House EarthFirst Jun 2023 #13
He sounds like a 14-year-old boy making incredibly lame excuses to his father. mwb970 Jun 2023 #15
Indeed NJCher Jun 2023 #17
I was thinking 5-year-old, but 14 works. nt crickets Jun 2023 #42
Those have to be the most highly classified shirts and shoes anywhere DFW Jun 2023 #18
"I have a very busy life. I've had a very busy life." bucolic_frolic Jun 2023 #20
How many rounds of golf has TFG played since he left the White House? TexasTowelie Jun 2023 #21
That's a seriously dumb excuse. But, then . . . Vinca Jun 2023 #24
I know when I am moving, I always get my clothes and my classified documents all mixed together. Ray Bruns Jun 2023 #25
If this turns out to be a valid excuse, gab13by13 Jun 2023 #26
Surfboards. muriel_volestrangler Jun 2023 #31
Two things intrepidity Jun 2023 #27
Every day a new excuse! Novara Jun 2023 #29
"Plus, a neighbor's dog came in and ate the return address! I had no idea where to send them to." muriel_volestrangler Jun 2023 #30
lol Lulu KC Jun 2023 #36
Is this excuse eleven or twelve? I've lost count. sinkingfeeling Jun 2023 #32
"They came running up to me with tears in their eyes, tanyev Jun 2023 #33
My shoes and shirts always look like papers IronLionZion Jun 2023 #37
😄😁😆 ShazzieB Jun 2023 #46
I am sure his concern was that HazMat teams didn't have Top Secret clearance... IthinkThereforeIAM Jun 2023 #38
Couldn't be bothered. "I'm more important than everyone." truthisfreedom Jun 2023 #39
28 months and counting republianmushroom Jun 2023 #40
I think I'm gonna add myself to the list BWdem4life Jun 2023 #44
OK republianmushroom Jun 2023 #45
Hello? Valet? Hello? Grasswire2 Jun 2023 #41
As others like Weissmann have said: Jarqui Jun 2023 #43
I believe, Lord Donald. I believe! Hallelujah! Lord Donald has spoken Wonder Why Jun 2023 #47
Including his shit-stained underwear? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2023 #48
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