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The cable channels are not really covering this story that well. They just show a few pictures.. hrmjustin Nov 2012 #1
Amy Goodman interviews Noam Chomsky on Gaza- crunch60 Nov 2012 #3
Genocide? oberliner Nov 2012 #7
Stop U.S., EU support for Israeli genocide crunch60 Nov 2012 #29
There is no Genocide going on in the Gaza Strip glacierbay Nov 2012 #30
You speak with such conviction. Sorry, I trust the views of Chomsky, who has been studying crunch60 Nov 2012 #32
I could care less what that idiot says about Israel glacierbay Nov 2012 #33
And if your wife was Palestinian, what would your position be? Ash_F Nov 2012 #34
I am arguing objectivly glacierbay Nov 2012 #35
For the record... Ash_F Nov 2012 #37
Chomsky is an idiot IMO glacierbay Nov 2012 #43
Then you have a different definition of genocide than the legal one. /nt Ash_F Nov 2012 #47
I lived under apartheid in So. Africa for two years , the similarities are frightening. crunch60 Nov 2012 #53
you linked to an antisemitic website Mosby Nov 2012 #99
Genocide requires eyl Nov 2012 #81
You don't see the correlation? Ash_F Nov 2012 #91
Gaza is a concentration camp RobertEarl Nov 2012 #38
I really don't care what you are glacierbay Nov 2012 #40
Do you believe that the Palestinians likewise have the right to defend themselves? Orrex Nov 2012 #41
If they're attacked, yes glacierbay Nov 2012 #45
I would be interested to hear whether they think they've been attacked Orrex Nov 2012 #50
Simply not true. Israel broke the ceasefire both times. Puregonzo1188 Nov 2012 #67
Maybe they wouldn't feel the need to defend themselves arikara Nov 2012 #86
I agree with that Ash_F Nov 2012 #42
Look glacierbay Nov 2012 #48
Then at least we have some common ground. Ash_F Nov 2012 #51
'If you were Palestinian living in Israel, you would not be allowed to live with your Jewish wife' King_David Nov 2012 #96
You can do your own research. Ash_F Nov 2012 #98
Well it's bullshit King_David Nov 2012 #101
If it was literally anyone else in this thread who questioned it.. Ash_F Nov 2012 #103
Well what you said was libelous against Israel King_David Nov 2012 #105
Gaza is a modern day concentration camp RobertEarl Nov 2012 #44
That is so much crap glacierbay Nov 2012 #46
Of course they do RobertEarl Nov 2012 #49
Actually there were more attacks against Israel when Gaza was more open oberliner Nov 2012 #54
More open is the keyword RobertEarl Nov 2012 #56
Why are you suprised? fingrinn Nov 2012 #64
Feeling the Jewish love? fingrinn Nov 2012 #63
Jewish love King_David Nov 2012 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author Scootaloo Nov 2012 #88
The Three Stooges strike again! Scootaloo Nov 2012 #88
Abba Eban King_David Nov 2012 #71
So you agree RobertEarl Nov 2012 #73
No I do not agree King_David Nov 2012 #75
Oh RobertEarl Nov 2012 #76
It is against DU rules to compare Jews to Nazis, King_David Nov 2012 #77
Not what I did RobertEarl Nov 2012 #79
You would be funny if it were not so serious , Really?? King_David Nov 2012 #80
Again, enough said. fingrinn Nov 2012 #62
Chomsky didn't claim that. The poster did. Puregonzo1188 Nov 2012 #66
Enough said. fingrinn Nov 2012 #61
That sounds like it was written by a Nazi, not a Jew. Raksha Nov 2012 #104
I want to modify my previous response to your post. Raksha Nov 2012 #112
+1 King_David Nov 2012 #70
Those talking points are tired and no longer EmeraldCityGrl Nov 2012 #87
Chomsky is to the "Left" what Rush Limbaugh is to the "Right". nt AdHocSolver Nov 2012 #39
Chomsky and Limbaugh names should not be put into the same sentence. crunch60 Nov 2012 #58
Yes. I recall watching Chomsky physically mocking Parkinson's symptoms Crunchy Frog Nov 2012 #92
Here's another brilliant idea. Stop terrorizing Gaza and Hamas will stop rockets like they have done Puregonzo1188 Nov 2012 #65
Hamas will stop rockets when King_David Nov 2012 #74
Your username's King David, like the King David Hotel? Puregonzo1188 Nov 2012 #106
Think King David was a hotel? King_David Nov 2012 #107
Genocide? glacierbay Nov 2012 #12
"The genocide that is taking place in Gaza is a unspoken horror. We must stop this assault." EX500rider Nov 2012 #52
genocide ? King_David Nov 2012 #69
I'm so relieved that no acts of terrorism are being committed during this process. Orrex Nov 2012 #2
Post removed Post removed Nov 2012 #4
That is going way too far unreadierLizard Nov 2012 #5
I do not think the Jewish people are exactly oppressed. Some bigots have negative stereotypes, loudsue Nov 2012 #9
I John2 Nov 2012 #10
Hamas is attacking. Israel must respond. Andy Stanton Nov 2012 #14
I agree. Hamas is to blame for all this. rollin74 Nov 2012 #16
I remember how angry Mexico was when Texans started forcibly settling south of the border Orrex Nov 2012 #17
Hamas hides behind civilians Andy Stanton Nov 2012 #19
There is indeed a double standard here, but it's not what you probably think Orrex Nov 2012 #21
Not carte blanche eyl Nov 2012 #82
So if a member of Hamas is in a city, Israel can bomb the shit out of that city with impunity? Orrex Nov 2012 #94
When has Israel targeted a school bus? former9thward Nov 2012 #109
Overall, how many Israelis have been killed or forcibly relocated by Palestinians? Orrex Nov 2012 #111
The reason any Palestinian children have been killed is because of the Palestinians. former9thward Nov 2012 #116
And the reason that Israealis are killed is because of Israelis Orrex Nov 2012 #117
If a group in Mexico started firing in rockets on San Diego what would the U.S. do? former9thward Nov 2012 #118
Why do people keep using that ridiculous and invalid analogy? Orrex Nov 2012 #119
Your "analogy" is completely devoid of ny similarity to the Gaza-Israel situation. former9thward Nov 2012 #120
I'm sure that you believe that, just like you apparently believe you're rational Orrex Nov 2012 #121
“May your children die, you dogs”: As Gaza burns, Israelis bay for blood in streets of Tel Aviv fingrinn Nov 2012 #68
Please don't make it sound like ALL the Israelis were "baying for blood." Raksha Nov 2012 #113
You're joking of course, right? crunch60 Nov 2012 #31
I've seen DUers (now on Ignore) argue that the deaths of Palestinian coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #60
Thank you. Exactly right. nt JudyM Nov 2012 #18
It's Not a Double Standard Iggy Nov 2012 #20
That's ridiculous Orrex Nov 2012 #22
Hah hahhh! Iggy Nov 2012 #23
Yeah what third party would do that? xtraxritical Nov 2012 #36
You Actually Don't Know? Iggy Nov 2012 #95
I think that applies to both sides actually Sterling Nov 2012 #59
I agree Superbot Nov 2012 #55
Perhaps they've tried. Igel Nov 2012 #26
"assume that the guy involved is powerless and his loss unimportant or he doesn't want to stop it." Ash_F Nov 2012 #27
+100000 glacierbay Nov 2012 #11
And John2 Nov 2012 #13
I'm relieved it was a 6-0 vote, at least. (nt) Posteritatis Nov 2012 #15
Half this board seems to cheer whenever Israelis die or attacked? Links to any of this? Violet_Crumble Nov 2012 #24
'Most of Israel's neighbors have peace treaties with Israel' King_David Nov 2012 #78
How to you get "most" eyl Nov 2012 #83
Yr right. Two out of four isn't most... Violet_Crumble Nov 2012 #84
Frequently what Israel's supporters claim is the exact opposite of the truth cpwm17 Nov 2012 #25
That is such a crock glacierbay Nov 2012 #28
You're not doing a great job of proving him wrong, glacierbay Scootaloo Nov 2012 #93
pretty much. Israel is the bully with the HUGE military and the backing of the USA against tiny boilerbabe Nov 2012 #57
I agree that the "Hitler" billh58 Nov 2012 #110
many years ago i was banned for three days for saying something simliar madrchsod Nov 2012 #6
Wow oberliner Nov 2012 #8
'stunning' that it was only 3 days? King_David Nov 2012 #97
Both oberliner Nov 2012 #102
Deliberate bombing of civilian sites can be considered a war crime fujiyama Nov 2012 #85
Why are we always dragged into the discussion just because of spoken word? Socal31 Nov 2012 #88
Because any Arab nation daring to defend the Palestinians would immediately be polly7 Nov 2012 #108
Harry Fear's Live link in Gaza JesterCS Nov 2012 #100
Yay war crimes. Fearless Nov 2012 #114
Palestinian civilian toll climbs in Gaza dipsydoodle Nov 2012 #115
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